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What is another word for wobble?

Below is the list of synonyms for wobble. Here you can see the other names for wobble.


transitive noun

mince lollop fly wobbly convulse waffle Tittup wag fidget away wamble dodge tumble clear jumps jounce approve pit-a-pat joggle bump pivot ponder hesitate keyed up askance wriggle make a mess of top spasticity oscillation flap go pit-a-pat worry Faltered curvet irregularity lose balance churn trembles curve cringe mumble lurching resonate chatter Zigzagging movement variability surge open and shut neglect wabbling trip Brokenness volte face unmethodicalness hop gesticulate swell parachute convulsion dropping the ball bundle go at backwards fishtail saunter jump earthquake rolled collapse vibrating flourish go over big repetition reel liquefy loosen sway flounder bucket hurl jabber knock repeat shimmy back and fill poise weaving pestle palpitate palter bend break canter bomb coggle note stagger haw eccentricity falling down grind single-foot slip having the shakes astound keel YOYO caning overlap imbalance buffet be indecisive temblor limp fail jostle vibrate rack lurch move falteringly tremor rasp Quavered swinging lump scruple rocks quivering take toddle toss oscillating flit Staggered scuffle topple melt judder teeter-totter hang parachuting crash motion beckon shake flounce veer jury inconstancy procrastinate trepidation rattle fluttered trill have an ague divert upset gesture swag be unable to decide flow err wriggle out of flip shudder dodder let go waver lurches discompose scuttle roil uncertainty stride coil vacillate open hem and haw nonuniformity patchiness wallow ricochet fluff scuff blunder drop the ball hurtle dither bumble lose your balance jarring rolling waves Undulated walk unsteadily ripple patter Reeling be unable to make up one's mind variation concuss thrash ambivalent help quaking move to and fro change librate vacillation plummet assist move wigwag muddle rock dilly-dally bob twist tremblor Shilly-shally move to side irresolution weasel nod rolls arrhythmia peg move up and down plod Zigzagged whirl hitch be pendent pulsate roll straddle hum Whiffling flutters jiggle bowl along whip clash trembling be unsteady waddle agonize flop Wabble jolt enthuse roughness chattering jog Pestling alter roll about dubiety raise indecision pulse Whiffle move restlessly founder move clumsily flitter unfasten stalk avert hang back drift demur gyrate undulate halting indicate shillyshally pause labor Desultoriness juiced vibrato yo-yos list comminute be irresolute bat lob unevenness trudge curl fits and starts dip unpredictability unbalance to tremble twitter turn unclear fluffed Tetter wobbling tremulous slither careen Danced shook jittering water Spottiness Pendulate rocking chair stammering shift shaking drag pace deflect brandish jar yo-yoed hover vibrated Rocking amble thrill beat lag Commoving guess jigget clump pad hurdle knock socks off traipse pratfall bail out stomp Pitpat fibrillation ring the changes twitch stammer stamp Malleate shuffle Oscillated balance cower wavering upheaval indecisive lop flutter fall down disagree fluctuate choppiness writhe wave jars destroy Undulating hammer slouch duck quail Quave quaver bobble drop hem quavers labour alternate foot fall disproportion agitate tentative tic skip stumble miscarry grate grope rictus lunge capriciousness piaffer estimate straggle bound lick hurt nutate agonise quake disquiet cast about buck hum and haw sashay flicker dancing tremble wheel whimsicality duckwalk pussyfoot around shiver hobble go to pieces falter heave commove adulate deliberate bounce volte-face unsystematicness push and pull totter rise and fall pitch yo-yo strut erraticness grimace release unsteadiness shivering wishy-washy wax and wane fall short Fish-tail disturb swing go through phases chary intermittence slink pop bang run over gimp faltering fluttering barge didder pitter-patter zigzag squirm genuflect hustle have the shakes seesaw quavering jactitate Joggling sidle have the quivers jig gambol tergiversate chuck wind yaw aid be uncertain be undecided shamble tilt oscillate running over fluctuation Reeled incline Jarred Comminuted stroll jerk direct teeter fitfulness vault dithered waggle key up sporadicity waltz rotate plunge pussyfoot sporadicness chop wield let down throb dance shock move to the side move unsteadily lose your footing vibration revolve unsteady movement overbalance trim hesitation halt tilted slog hesitancy swagger ebb and flow quiver let fly lumber galumph ignore equivocate jerkiness perturb stump listing paddle wiggle hippety-hop unlock swither vellicate move side to side prance swaying caper discontinuity irritate linger agitation offend swerve weave HIT footslog vary dithering leap billow disconnectedness dangle lean pound jitter lose bow hedge ruffle rocky piaffe


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