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What is another word for withholdings?

Below is the list of synonyms for withholdings. Here you can see the other names for withholdings.


proscription prohibition delay coercion custody abstemiousness ban incarceration impediment cutting out nonconsent curtailment bust Discountenancing lack restriction failing holding pen reserve nonacceptance Divestment negation renouncement alienation secretiveness disapproval passing over pass compulsion exclusion separation apprehension split leave holding back destitution repulse time up the river Arrestation refutation pickup preclusion enjoinment privation quarantine pen command leaving retention writ turndown caution confinement no default abstinence self-restraint self-government expropriation schism Disallowance interdiction place break disassociation repression hold leaving out forbidding confines coolness rejection dispossession noninclusion lapse skip distress missing Retainment pinch disadvantage veto exclusive possession arrest cancellation forbearance prevention elision repudiation silence choice renunciation break-up self-possession oversight thumbs down antagonization disaffection unnaturalness regrets booking restraint failure forgetfulness moderation dissent defiance disclaimer hostility inadvertency disavowal nix chasm pretermission division rebuff setting aside retaining blank self-discipline disregard hindrance limitation internment parting Ignoring grip neglect breach reversal Excluding disunity slip knockback lacuna Detainment immurement declension disregardance declination inhibition overlook option self-denial divestiture cold shoulder Bespeaking abnegation withholding want hardship slighting overlooking gap reservation control disfavor seizure keeping in carelessness divorce detriment loss detention elimination holding preterition repulsion removal nab inadvertence economy constraint denial withdrawal suppression hiatus noncompliance deprival