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What is another word for warp?

Below is the list of synonyms for warp. Here you can see the other names for warp.


transitive noun

deviousness animus revive leading astray ligature fluff dispose mask nexus Pererration ear Hogging cicatrix mutate Misreport wring alter wadding counterfeit shifting course cutpiece focus zigzag palter affect give the lie to outrage shifting path belie take a turn fudge trump up Errantry branch jumble detour change injure gloss over variation fissure pit go off Vinculum curl character deform oppose slue antipathy groundwork bulge lisle understate negate woven lurch crack kidney disperse hurt convoluted hair Underpinning knot Vitiating whitewash quirk wrench helix adulterate blemish diathesis prejudice the issue interlacing set Illtreat tack taint intrigue deflect defile numb mindset incurvate lead deviation convolute deface garbled embellish divagation tangled queer transmute embitter disfiguration unnaturalness whitehead overdraw pock diversify diffract give way torture heaves degenerate crookedness misrepresent bottom traverse diffuse interweave eye gloss Overdrawn twisting fix bribe gimped have a tendency excursion betray nationalism deteriorate debauch hack fiber mind meandering err sophisticate curl up nastiness encircle ill-treat gainsay webbing transpose oddity despoil vulgarize fake brutalize diversion cook grease palm wrest thing lead astray entwine justification prejudgment Misjudgment hostility lay outside titivate line lie ameliorate drift head willingness governing twine probability excursus predetermine tangle reduce hide keloid pill Wove bend interconnection diverge rosette length irregularity stretch perversity give snow job varnish besmirch languish jibe misrepresented applicability spoil manipulate distorted shape crumple devalue infiltrate burlesque impact misconstrue tooth welt gimp travesty confound kernel feeling for fabric prejudice against lure propensity cripple scorch give a false account sweep renovate individualism work mole swatch envenom qualify animosity twiddly streak going bad naturalize explode intolerance repugnance scar filament alternate clear hawse squirm mould stain eccentricity animalize revulsion go to hell collapse overstate roughness incapacitate vitiate mental set proneness blackhead aim tarnish fib wreck Kedge gild contaminate flock across-the-board flourish heart port-wine mark alteration rough up bolt prepossession declination ulcerate arrangement exaggeration weakness lopsidedness bearing heave netting weaken grain harden napped psych ops milium point wiggly make poison cast loose texture a thing for angle off yield essence contortion point to prepossess carry unattractiveness log defect indoctrinate joint vesicle predisposition network nature lattice jib bending Miscolor heave apeak textile partiality torsion crush verge inclination lay aloft apartheid water down worsen framework veil regenerate abnormality led astray round warping defacement wound makeup show a tendency twist run mold aberrance rift blister corrupt camouflage kill craze misinterpret pockmark illiberality Misshape curvature wrap brainwash verruca bigotry aptitude imbalance tend undermine deformation inveigle sensitivity to falsifying racism amend indirection be converted into garble Intorsion jaundiced eye recondition labyrinth promote lean down ratline down lentigo traverse a yard meander perverseness serve bastardize exorbitation gauze translate undulation backbone chop and change prostitute mark naturalise coloring abase root wilt information scratch foregone conclusion organisation swinging unsightliness entanglement determinant put a spin on shoot circuitousness rot instrumental lower hog-tie aptness narrowmindedness coil make partial intertwine remodel affinity turn around lint ravish mar Lames habituate juice leave disfigure twisted serpentine sour twisty scurry come around impair minor league Skirr jaundice ruin feel cicatrize divert exterminate break padding transform hamstring comedo doctor maim crimp pervert exaggerate negative unfairness ravage predilection mutilate net crinkle vindictiveness favoritism soft spot one-sidedness bends contort hitch stamp scarify turn prompt wind inflect guide unlock tall story preconceived notion offensiveness resolve perversion major league crooked jive bowed corner asymmetry wen expand weight claw port-wine stain involvement wrinkle aversion the weft four-flush replace inroad freckle evil incline your body swerve heave round evolve forge Hacking injustice drifting lead on angle vileness injury warped meliorate keystone cloth disproportion reform kink deviance cross hairpin color denature fluctuate predispose demean fake it debase disposition refract gossamer branching off quintessence obscure reorganize hogtie liability idiosyncrasy fester go out of shape spring remake filling head-set footing sheer grossness sebaceous cyst weigh material coarsen restyle delight link vacillate tempt hook equivocate fault pollute rambling track unkindness blight effective board quote out of context wriggle flexion disguise resonate prevaricate flash pile wither yoke deflection divergence veer departure hank buckle mutilation strain spill over modulate deprave narrow-mindedness wound 1 viewpoint heaving sinuous flaw snake stoop train headset cut loose bleb checker revolutionize tilt wart colour go bad base lame confuse anamorphosis wreathe undergo a change susceptibility true seduce leaning hemangioma politics upholstery yarn skew boom fibre yaw turn aside redound to infiltration divarication tendency enmity temperament orient tell warp and woof disfigurement distortion distort start alloy waver roil fraternize Incurvated mangle rick sphere of influence eagerness matted act tortuous digression unpleasantness nap turn of mind work toward fornicate thread falsify desecrate twirl bow lean over grass roots lean denier 1 under lacework birthmark manoeuvre arc hatred turn into vitiated cast exertion writhe haul around wale heave short influential accommodate screw ligament fabricate hoodwink proclivity buckle up strand Conduciveness wrap around striation drapery embroider water inspiration twistedness psychological warfare impairment deformity tamper with jazz scatter shape web woof three-ply weft lessen cheapen loop turning split mettle weave harm strike gnarl reticulation temper ageism Zigzagging tropism two-ply slant Conatus bias bent vein tortuosity organization strawberry mark ill-feeling hickey sully preconception shifting infect Abb type parody bedrock adapt curve deviancy bloody-mindedness caricature straying load sway readiness transfigure force go downhill preference wind 1 jar trick out subvert be changed flex deviate jar upon do 1 unsymmetry go to pot cross over grimace nucleus shift look to convolution yank one-to-one foundation Discursion Miscite spill swerving stream the log angle away conduce anamorphism baize abuse puff crater crook damage pustule Misteach ground nevus double misquote check intermixture jerk frame up suiting sty quality pen malformation basis liking come contribute pull glossed over redo play clap on ratlines bad opinion go change surface be renewed describe come about turn awry take out of context flexure canker modify bend out of shape needle scar retrograde chop dress up haul down violate demoralize wandering reverberate bear melt come round penchant genuflect hideousness bend to flop hinder misstate turn the corner misshapenness wiggle waste misuse mesh influence aberrancy trend unlash brocade spar down essential overfeed live in the gutter mind-set extend set toward rich devious pick hump louse up bulla skew-whiff bottom out weal phony up grit conceal obliquity haul essentiality square virulence onesidedness dogleg incline Detorsion arch pimple lead 1 ugliness constitution degrade aberration umbrage mitigate Hacked vary prejudice deflower Zigzagged braid Fluted scab malform swivel roll Wrung bestialize adjust stripe spiral


modulate restyle make over corrupt lure maltreat misrepresent substitute falsify injure tilt intrigue verge modify blemish desecrate disgrace infect replace renovate translate damage demoralize ruin reduce crouch arch diverge violate lean convert diversify turn abuse change surface transpose flex inveigle incline lower putrefy weight influence live in the gutter spiral resolve animalize angle* abase redo wrench reorganize subvert deflect deform alter tempt angle off crush pad alternate heave degrade slant refract impair harm naturalize yaw shape mistreat cook up bastardize hook blight warp spoil pervert Miscolor hurt genuflect pull down garble merge action trump up deviate ravish veer taint deflower convolute rot square fraternize betray angle away sway temper twist* wind doctor* fake dishonor evolve bow mislead loop prepossess crook accommodate pollute misstate waver vary ill-treat curve round buckle outrage overstate fudge incurvate ravage suborn declare illegitimate disguise vitiate adapt distort go bad double tamper with disfigure crimp reform make partial transmute contort give the lie to diminish decay vacillate mar writhe knot remodel bribe fluctuate transfigure bestialize careen metamorphose conceal lead astray stoop camber seduce brutalize depreciate magnify wilt zigzag contaminate twist debase detour defile recondition grease palm hide fornicate deface Misshape regenerate torture transform droop demean circle undermine slant* commute moderate despoil stain crinkle deprave go to hell color gloss over adjust shift adulterate debauch misuse embroider prejudice belie swerve make innovations waste curl bend revolutionize mutate remake gnarl decompose fix

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