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What is another word for wanderings?

Below is the list of synonyms for wanderings. Here you can see the other names for wanderings.


exile shift driving flight obiter dictum promenade novelty stir new wrinkle advance march commutation drifting odyssey deflection defection safari Roaming flow divergence operativeness cruise branching off byway tack alteration irregularity resettlement beat movement circuit settling course crossing changing line airing aside quest Reestablishment tramp pilgrimage Translating migration note branching out sailing passage agitation detour evolution ride hike departure rounds diversion operation journeying saunter deviation day trip shifting Discursion tangent last word route navigation leaving straying biking variation colonization survey riding track act jaunt progress veering exercise pleasure trip Cruising change vagabondage turning transferal round short cut innovation peregrination touring regression weekend wandering in thing development wanderlust move irrelevancy wayfaring overnight outing locomotion meandering sally visit movableness stroll road relocation pavement transmigration dynamism uprooting divergency hop range gesture velocity sightseeing exodus moving action plot caravan trek digression declination Travels Voyaging transit sojourn episode progression apostrophe travel swing adventure homesteading traverse patrol difference beeline tour Trekking Evolving direction venture journey divagation excursus vagrancy campaign traveling program latest thing ramble stirring rambling pike picnic undertaking motility removal drive trail constitutional itinerary steps transplanting displacement expedition seafaring aberration flux maneuver round trip expatriation lapse way parenthesis walk exploration trip floating incident avenue globe-trotting run distortion excursion junket voyage flying variance footnote deed mobility

transitive noun

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