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What is another word for unevenness?

Below is the list of synonyms for unevenness. Here you can see the other names for unevenness.


commotion sinuousness variability curlicue Rawness uncouthnesses gruffness flaw indefiniteness amorphousness roughness inexactness disproportion twist fuzziness otherness Rocking crinkledness whitecap ground swell inequality boorishness break raggedness offensiveness wave curlicues wooliness frenzy tumult inconstancy Dissymmetry indistinctness in equity windings disorderliness hole unsuitableness combers Earthiness anarchism imbalance disorder chaos Curvity onesidedness insanity callousness disarrangement looseness turmoil disorganization whitecaps corkscrews crudity intermittence preferentiality asymmetry Bushiness tortuousness jaggedness entropy Unequalness mess aberration shagginess fitfulness coarseness fluctuation disparity perturbation hump rollers dishevel skewness distortion crassness lawlessness mismatch smooth unequivalence Crudities irregularity bump spasm lack of balance Imparity tortuosities Brokenness inadequacy poor taste discomposure change disintegration smut formlessness deviation ripplings bumpiness laxity Comber stop asperity Sinuosities disconnectedness shapelessness messiness uncouthness deformity unevenness capriciousness roller obscurity crookedness inchoateness derangement Alterity shift variabilities inconsistency jerkiness anarchy Woolliness imparities imperfection wrinkledness sinuosity straight confusion muddlement disarray lopsidedness indelicacy corkscrew unrefinement incommensurateness eccentricity tortuosity disproportionateness uncertainty incoherence dent clutter variation

transitive noun

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