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What is another word for twist?

Below is the list of synonyms for twist. Here you can see the other names for twist.



tangle labyrinth yank intellections Comber curveball prejudgment shake up deflection wrest conceptualizations turnings evolution hard sell cha-cha concept crane bolt Intorsion headsets straight contrivance bend tautness retroversion charleston tarantella device wisp Contemptuousness ascend bad opinion crucial moment balance cotton fiber irony reform bike lane spin whitecap highland fling meanderings tensity loop narrowmindedness about-face minuet misrepresentation cozy up involution Galliard Snaking false light wave judgment call decisive moment slant boogie schtick surprise kink frame-up close-ups aspect corkscrew twist fox-trot stand mazurka unevenness a little flection keep in with long view involutions adjustment freak feature say so peripeteia phase wrestle Covin furbelow twistedness make up to loaf break Carrots pull Wryness corkscrews central reservation conceptualization variability tap dance close up armband onesidedness turn of the tide mis-statement viewpoint illiberalities turn entanglement bicycle lane facet wrench hank falsification sample warp knot bruise screw-up view courante two-step jaundiced eye winding schemings burrow stratagem ligament frame of reference mambo open up attitude cower yarn confusion change cultivate big idea Rocking plane swing twist around xenophobia buy off curve quirk Misproportion variabilities bifurcate wound extend windings inducement mutilations angle rug snarl chignon cancan sinuousness not a true picture fool notion Lancination telltales chicanes skein comeon jaggedness spun wool conga load deformations strain flexure string roller whitecaps polka harm disable dissimulation armbands illiberality transformation irregularity reshape can-can taster wrap around reel maze flatter belly dance turkey trot eyelets sprain shape snake ground swell rosettes plait burn vista belie eyelet Cross-road connection maneuver revolution wile curl zigzags high noon construction one-step form hornpipe repetition proclivity turning point frame-ups closeup helix lambada race against time chicane megrim misshapement strategem furbelows zigzag critical moment ruse hootchy-kootchy roll tortuousness buy leanings splice end idiosyncrasy torque divide where one is at narrow-mindedness curlicues circle moonwalk sardonicism meander shimmy squirm differential Critical Periods gimmick shuffle dance mutilation differentials rick Frizzes tress pivotal moment tendril peculiarity coil crochet necklace turn of events odd trait prejudice deformation camber Crispation changeabout whirl double over Helixes close-up flaxen thread gavotte wriggle bossa nova bizarreness Curvation convolute transition cross-roads cloverleaf cakewalk pervert correction Helices put-up job fraction Right-about study at bend headset turn the tide closeups piece situations bumpiness Specialities waltz carry bestride swivel flexures mix-up Philosophies kicker entangle rising action VS Obliquities beguine speciality bind beautiful connect braid characteristic contortion repartee misstate Critical Period samba carrot allemande critical moments eddy Torsions two cents' worth brain wave bolero ply racism branch off cotillion tall story distortion effect trace tweak stimulus skullduggery crochets arc deflections marengue ripplings distort alteration misstatement little game sophisticate convolution frizz segue undulation disfigure trait corner falsifications point of observation BSS tango turn around square dance head-set serpentines obliquity plug rollers fandango Ligaments rumba when push comes to shove injure true mindtrip variation polonaise writhe combers bent crucial period crucial occurrence way of thinking revelation torsion in sight blackmail scheme Malconformation carpool lane worm Sinuosities bribe whirlpool sinuosity mess hypothesis quadrille twistings Misshape jig twirl foible clog stance wind wrick intellection jazz crotchet queerness fragment cordage rosette kairotic moment rotation eccentricity notion gamesmanship curlicue hula whorl flourish spiral aberration prejudgments jerk like it is jitterbug dancing twinge twine a bit twisting

transitive noun

eye knick-knacks type character acculturation edge ply haka diffract juggle with overlying jimmy key grimace torque punctuated equilibrium link switch hump not a true picture qualify quake cancan wrestle flip-flop upraise tack incline dogleg ail loaf bulla delight fold overtax wind unite tail cord perspective torment shape individualism topic strain narrow desecrate effect hang a left tide warp evolution contortion tendon bunch stretch amendment jaggedness Vicissitudinous martyrize corkscrew element juncture entangle Miscite blip devious pervert blemish kid joint oxbow obliquity changeover lineament wrick volution unfairness current soft spot rambling head chorus line Jockeys hustle work piece burn divert doctor build uprising keloid line fad ooze prepossession crease characteristic trip the light fantastic toe manoeuvre mangle twerk balmy tweak stream crazy kicker exorbitation hair style entrap mood loom screw idiosyncrasy jazz flexible flexure give way rack understate footwork angle anamorphosis notions inflect birthmark blister caricature hinder pustule loop contrivance debauch heel tendency mythos extort mesh roll notion yield readjust gyre reversal dislocate bully undulation tie implicate premium enmity arabesque wale plug furl join twirl frill bending transition enlace characterization whimsy chafe pluck regime change ravish negate Angles tilt rope noncomformity variation Detorsion ligament diversion divagate crack abnormality partisanship imbalance trick out speciation entwine debase sprain braiding variability reverse incurvate refer predispose shimmy GONZO lambada contort bear off force sebaceous cyst one-upmanship prick wire light rhythm sophisticate drifting navigate fluctuate bonus deformity eddy torture question jigger deface jungle impede appearance Intertwist heave gestalt Fid rattail kidney translate weave barmy terpsichore Discursion round the bend hank turn around yarn embroider studio raddle true configuration twiddle thong knee step Kneaded veer jiggle misstate shifting path move squeeze turn round analysis flip prejudgment volte-face Conatus hand pivot legwarmers rend flex pererrate charleston mix up Eidolon notability embellish jut outlook strand subplot torsion transmute ravel circle web divergence coil gall distortion transformation crooked fault peculiarity cha-cha-cha nervous tension ballet freckle braid turnaround injure unbalance looping redirect garble bruise travesty wen impression violate despoil aspect misuse sweep earmark luxation avert anamorphism quandary VS bit form decoration pockmark kinkiness disfigure overexert bends bump aberration twill strut nod temperament crush flick vagabond dancer waltz titivate asymmetry ligation aptness zero hour departure chew keep off boogie scar convoluted Anagnorisis confuse plait manner acclimate twisting quirkiness confound polka colour loopy nuts nip transfigure vicissitude ornament unorthodoxness toss up the pole vulgarize quirk mind-set eccentric misunderstand Phasis tactical maneuver quickstep disguise unloose overwork motion quiddity track gad mar narrow-mindedness nutty keep matted encouragement Garbling Superaddition jaundiced eye chameleon fashion quality mind whirl architecture agitate quiver hop hole orient irritate Intertie break fix floor kairotic moment denature package ornamentation write revelation hurt glance off swerving treatment constitution tortuous hairpin uplift ballet shoe mistranslation yank tropism harrow round blend shifting joggle lacing complication network judgment accommodate divagation novelty noninclusion slew manipulate limbo crank surge handle sway coerce knack cable gradation nutty as a fruitcake denote pirouette newfangled contraption jive unsightliness look bind zero in on deviation inclination veering liability flow hitch misunderstanding makeup scatter interpretation crossover favoritism lacerate swerve Fluted hula coarsen knick knack mole affinity crinkle gizmo poison rotation hickey narrowmindedness pigtail misquote screw up reference tress nook hallmark noose jitter proclivity penchant quibble modulate hype twisty upset tortuosity partiality pull amend modify trimming flaw inflame deceit crotchet reform tug anomaly lagniappe vacillate obscure inconsistency structure crucify confusion headset arc padding lever misstatement deviousness falsify burlesque foxtrot unscrew cuckoo slink snake maneuver scratch vibrate hoof it wrinkle injury gloss over Uprear string highland fling knit shift flexion tangled vine adulterate choreography persuade adjustment rumple air jerk onesidedness image infect double rotary motion strawberry mark bulge diathesis distress regard scarify enfold mistranslate prolong the agony predisposition convulse crook preconception craze article propensity swirl fret trick pain eagerness vicissitudes embroil imago wamble gambol put to torture tutu list irregularity tear bolero ringlet tangle lineaments something extra modification malform net animosity mask entanglement Kneading opinion undulate color side episode oddity crumple grate rick detour deception vesicle level virtue orbit lurch enmesh coloring abuse topknot undetachment cirrus streak unfit aptitude tango crookedness bias partner gnarl probability bolt go astray square dance wound 1 over-exert defect Kinked deviancy atmosphere eccentricity fillip weaken jitterbug unsymmetry gripe frizz design flounder embellishment declination twisted supple adapt circuitousness agonize damage Forejudgment straggle spin tobacco juice style odd trait twerking evolutionary quip value judgment coiffure devalue scab phase samba rotate quid ravage undermine construal gloss lentigo labyrinth pressurize country dance pry gavotte knead gyration fudge bleb action extra prepossess bonkers stuffing wrap ripple go back squiggle port-wine stain trauma aberrancy involution go adrift hook put semblance needle scar affectation harm garnish volute rebranding whorl dodge whitewash tailored sensitivity to tighten adjust hemangioma deform Vinculum capoeira interlace zombie batty meander thrash eating tobacco rising action oblique gnaw Misteach judgment call loophole imperfection Partialism Miscolor crimp spring perversion falsification override nationalism excruciate adjustable unevenness quick look go around split go-go dancer turn of mind extract trait foul ballerina sheer thread spiral prostitute negative set change shape verge bossa nova Morris Dancing local color go round secondary plot curl complexity jolt wriggle revolve disproportion jest lead astray pollute umbrage seeming war dance Intort fandango skew hoop turn a pirouette ground embarrass branch off involve embrangle corner Zigzagging disfigurement point foible talk into belie jig granny knot mosh Pererration salsa overlie divarication plot obverse disperse change inflict pain recognition grind not all there reel zag off one's rocker fasten Pas De Deux modern dance weakness Conduciveness conga Wrung wiggle pointes undispassionateness winding wattle misconstruction development ceilidh rove kink blackhead tap individuality bun shake-up meandering vagary pierce total effect pit plication flux drag stab shifting course unsettle describe gird filling dress up Excurse disposition hairdo mad circulate mettle necklace overstate rift jackknife ramble beat belly dance defacement chaw make maim knock around wiggly Misreport flamenco nonconsent intertissue involute animus excursus welt understanding port-wine mark knock about warped aim curlicue cue likeness wise Circumrotate angling theme obstruct genuflect vacillation filigree billow denouement mental set buckle unpredictability step change turn awry Flexing swing camouflage urge tendril overhang intricacy exaggerate neurasthenia viewpoint feeling for unit writhe breakdancing ulcerate fluke wring fraud kingpin movement varnish kill by inches navy plug turn of events straying bow corps de ballet configure wandering simulacrum freak prima ballerina mat readiness misrepresentation circumvolute deviate figure equivocate guise mess diffuse a thing for catastrophe peripeteia nature paradigm shift deceive jog ugliness wound intertwine eyelet misrepresent not right in the head pleach influence temper scroll cheapen jump comedo splice Tactical Manoeuvre curl up view purl degenerate martyr revision verruca wander hairstyle adaptation Interknit pinch lot arch curvature ups and downs subject cut plug version upsurge fidget scheme knowledge worm transmogrify jockey defile predilection misconstrue vary bend out of shape tissue wind 1 failing swinging acclimatize ballroom dancing turning liberty robotic bop jaundice cicatrize deflect swivel afflict attitude wheel yaw stripe helix dislocation scallop give a bias to wreathe vantage point nevus gyrate leaning fester Chewing Tobacco Errantry prejudice the issue cut habit alteration background Zigzagged mover out to lunch gild profane turnabout trip the light fantastic thresh one-sidedness extra dash conversion neglect box alloy ligature liking ball preference slue roughness cicatrix impair acculturate misinterpret plan time flit bent rearrangement deformation approach ring metamorphosis change form alter thematic development malformation wart rankle inweave milium lay encircle twist around Wringing proneness angle off sea change affection excursion digression garbled susceptibility flourish skew-whiff corrupt jibe kick embrace snarl bear feature go past weal whitehead untruth incongruity quote out of context hint stray heading adaptable degrade mass mix-up pock indirection curve like it is one-step prejudice against facet open can of worms contaminate knot views give pain gag bite routine revolution err rub queer duck cud off one's trolley barre incident barn dance undo squirm mannerism cavendish sinuous turn quaver twine gimmick nexus deviance lace tone leotard notch deprave construction disfiguration interwind extra added attraction jam roil social dancing street dance bend twist and turn lump wrest diverge ebb press overdraw lap outbreak daft wave keeping watch convolute brail reversion negotiate keyhole rip refract distort check draw bond queerness lie vista willingness crater surprise length convolution yoke wrap around catch zig weight sty taint give the lie to insane get down hog unusualness spun yarn humor mold pressure oscillate misinterpretation rasp tap dancing serpentine fool mutilate envelop gather slant bowed wrench device Misshape navy wrenching sting architectonics interweave diachronic prejudice misquotation cast zigzag pimple stamp fibre muddle argument Evolute respect ensnare native story branching off tights dance smooch wacko or whacko canker falling action knick-knack motif attribute uncertainty twitch wreath lean dance studio vitiate hula skirt adaptive queue parody drift grain jumble need chignon continuity fable deflower rumba vortex twiddly lock pliant hang a right lopsidedness

noun, verb


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