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What is another word for traumatic?

Below is the list of synonyms for traumatic. Here you can see the other names for traumatic.



transitive noun

hideous distressing bothersome egotism disorienting fearsome severe awkward immodest crushing high-strung depressing egoism awesome gut-wrenching dispiriting critical egomania cold dismaying Variolar testing ghastly dread agitated direful morbid hairy stressful bone-chilling racing restless shattering worrisome extremely upsetting concerning allergic harrowing ego creepy restive petrifying agonising wounding oil scary heartrending numbing excruciating daunting nightmarish unrelenting uncomfortable unamusing spine-chilling hyper harsh egocentric epileptic eerie scabietic serious Hauteur nephritic standard ill-fitting hubris moving dispirited wearing pathetic dangerous formidable unlucky Fracturing foul miserable beastly depressingly mind-blowing woeful racking hellish usual plaintive affecting lofty supercilious macabre gruelling choked lurid from hell overanxious diabetic pitiful sad Staggered grim injurious influenzal difficult horrifying disagreeable dramatic concerned ruthless Dazing laryngitic damaging torturesome wound up frightening blood-curdling beside oneself horrid worried strained excited terrible brash exceptionable Syntectic pride startling moved lousy portentous pompous vexatious fraught wired sorry shaky superiority complex self-satisfied devastating uneasy jittery overwrought pitiless grueling narcissism awful nagging dire Tumorous poisonous tearjerker atrocious apprehensive fidgety bombast deplorable haunting merciless self-importance cloud nightmare edgy normal thorny unpleasant condescend disturbing tormenting grabber touching exacting Pleuritic tragic jumpy hellacious fearful problematic in a tizzy sharp hard intimidating Stentorious hair-raising nerve-racking horrible brass neck anxious horrified bumptious arduous pailful sinister agonizing very great Vulnerary shot to pieces disrespect frightful gloomy cheerless breaking calamitous worrying nasty heart-rending conceit scorbutic baleful unfortunate trying bruising torturous shockingly ominous pressure spooky lamentable under stress unquiet niggling jolting choleric troublesome wreck unsettling unnerved cruel officious Irksome hypertensive disquieting white knuckled demoralized fluttery hung up saddening Clutched wretched anguishing ghoulish on edge alarming rotten distressful shocking unspeakable draining white-knuckle ego trip grisly strung out vanity tearjerking upsetting Desolating tricky heart-breaking bad leprous appalling chilling bundle of nerves unmentionable poignant encephalitic vulnerable dull agitating malarial menacing Scarring measly scrofulous unhappy frustrating vile acute arthritic harmful murderous hurtful grave unfunny arrogant torturing exhausting uptight edematous horrendous imperious harquebusade nervous wreck common tear-jerking terrifying regrettable taxing comfortless soaring tough sorrowful up the wall tense gruesome heartbreaking godawful haughty unnerving piercing colicky Scorbutical hectic eldritch injured tearing shot overwhelming dreadful dolorous repellent pressured demanding superiority syntectical nervous perturbing painful bitter cutting grievous vexing apoplectic boring inconceivable desolate

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