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What is another word for transpose?

Below is the list of synonyms for transpose. Here you can see the other names for transpose.


transitive noun

pay back requite communicate turn the scale change by reversal site check instrumentate revolve evert compose feed harmonize hand on get even with turn about place sandwich substitute bung carry over perch pile (sth) up reverse shove plunk return the compliment deport cooperate perfuse hand forward placement give and take musicalize lean juxtapose base counterchange intussuscept deliver laid permute situated melodize switch put line (sb) up consign logroll inverse make over -based retaliate matrix put to music trade plant pass shelve turn upside down set to music metamorphose make an adaptation metastasize heap installation turn the tables line alter interchange arrange appose compensate translocate impart disseminate pass the buck reciprocate supinate pass over export slot turn return respond transmute stack turn down situate spread locate lay instrument move alternate reorder diffuse transfuse transubstantiate Manoeuvring expel transmit score shift turn over turn in turn out clap pass on engage modify string relay bandy superimpose swap invert revert metathesize translate transfigure stand transfer be quits with render stuff deposit set extradite exchange Transplace orchestrate dump commute change pop park rearrange stock manoeuvrable Resupinate adapt space relocate transplant tuck rotate write lie go transmogrify whack turn inside out manoeuvre plonk rig install convert assign stick invaginate turn around get back at transcribe transfer property pile introvert pronate fit import hand over position


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