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What is another word for tow?

Below is the list of synonyms for tow. Here you can see the other names for tow.


transitive noun

evoke hitch cordage dangle crane hoist move trailing jag twitch trudge remove coaxial towing-line pack Towing dislocate Gunning wrest tow-away snap evolve lag fetch tag along lose ground elicit harness gun draggled heel string Hauled trail hook truck tail educe be drawn siphon pull along draws spoor fall behind strand haulage lever bear halt flax boom shy away tarry line magnetise reel shift hold off shrink back falter sweep suck slow down tow-rope poke string along shag prise draught Hauls bedog rend flag sweeping schlepp shoulder hauling piggy back cord pulled draw dally lanyard extract elevate spook drawing straggle magnetize drawn pick swept drain manhandle bring hale wrench raise Dragged transport cart stalk weeded bringing up the rear hunt dawdle heave tap lift drew gather hang off lariat ferry trawl ride hover towage lag behind towline loiter tug yank jerk droop hold back haul back extend rip hawser delay cable link hump cables dragging pump draft be reluctant wiring draggingly rake tugboat shadow heft bundle plod Tugging rope grab paddle weed wire braiding wind in tweak linger tracker syphon tear hang bringing up rear track shagged cull drop back traipse follow a scent Draggle Tow-line lasso to drag carry pluck hang down stay back poke along sprain bedraggle lurch follow pause buck convey lug strain weeds chase humped tote stretch heave-ho hang fire pulling retract take out row pulls power hang back Haled winch falling behind bring up the rear Lugged procrastinate fall back guy dog pull Hards gunned schlep boost chain traction pursue trace lace drop behind stick shags drags stream lugs towing-rope drag


More Tow Synonyms

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