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What is another word for tore?

Below is the list of synonyms for tore. Here you can see the other names for tore.




gash whisk invade make mincemeat of splinter zoom ruin cut shiver mug bust stampede slash mutilate stab wear away fling chivy bound hurt scooted spring blindside race fray stain torpedo assail weaken rupture wrest ripped wound run axed ravage trash* bust up contaminate Galloped trail harm open run down seize batter heave scurried cast whirl thrust sever defile hasten scathe blight demolish rot shatter burst go after damage impair drive away Bisected buck torn sail scud fly career scoot bushwhack eradicate rust split launch rip separate bolt float make hash of take off after crash finish off dig dashed lunge jump on shred flutter boil bestir lash hum shag scrabble Ran deface corrode severed pull wrench evulse Darted burn Rented fracture scamper mangle disintegrate fuss mar snap rush bounded gallop claw sprint incapacitate break shoot fissured hunt track maim slitted slit hurtle scuttle Plunged scrap tarnish bifurcated scrape flit rift pitch Scampered track down gnaw maul scramble parted rend pull to pieces dart hurry ruptured ribbon flash expel storm branched abuse assault frazzle hustle crush bang up dirty spoil dust disfigure fade throw Trotted sunder chase injure Loped Sprinted move quickly seek course bleach extract pluck drive hurried Halved speed cleaved start graze follow cripple grab crack infect scurry scratch lacerate snatch rive scorch Raced divide pull apart forked wreck tamper with divided wrong Jogged vitiate corrupt charge discolor tear pollute dismantle cleave annihilate skim yank scrambled spurt hound jigsaw part Cantered total bird-dog rushed stir wreak havoc on dash whiz undermine plunge maltreat incise smash fragment itch

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