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What is another word for tools?

Below is the list of synonyms for tools. Here you can see the other names for tools.



transitive noun

disciples Guns materials Toys lags flies peter figurines gadgetry cycles black boxes paraphernalia centers drags utensil equipage limps resorts outfit wheels androids apparatus Telecommunications vises jigger mechanics tailgates science auxiliary doohickeys pack weapon gizmo machine flunky implement appurtenance belongings satchel gimcrack selection furniture prick automation motors job ingredients suitcase shovels stock shape accoutrement articles shebangs knowledge coasts stool pigeon high tech encumbrances Apparatuses container computers whatsits fashions mechanisation thingamajig machinery putz crowbars teachers brainchildren pistons power trains guides novices tableware Habiliment material tackles jackal rototillers materiel penes moppets cylinders cultivators joyride pilots dynamos dupes odds and ends messenger setup tool doodads hook steers WHOSIS mills railroads Outsit grills Accouterments turbines whatchamacallit things scientific know-how rolls gnomes dingbats augers devices dupe place setting rig embellish shaft Drives works contrivances Facilities work adjunct creatures regalia goods Diggers expertise levers pushes expedients cock eggheads medium line hi tech dicks tackle implements spins appendage transformers glassware rides constituents chucks lounges observers appliances effects building electronic components Brains graduates forwards diesels live wires Forms pots trappings doodad dingbat Power Plants doodahs grabber decreases jacks Dummies plant accomplice parts rasps cobbles learners dashes industrial science thing fittings kits transports harness cruises robotics hearts rigging Automata advances dick scientific knowledge robots casts jobs bits and pieces members doohickey Accessories kit patsy black box tools of the trade trudges chump mark minion creations baggage idiot juniors woods generators cut accouterment marionettes whatsis know-how Provisioning intermediary Discoveries inventions figureheads widget makes GRADS plows whatsises objects technical knowledge pedals stooge pawn mannequins bag gizmos gear pigeons whatnots attachments clamps stuff leads electronics greenhorn Jellies media Resources decorate hireling fashion organ luggage gaff ironware hobbles straggles sucker idiot box supply forges arrangements bicycles utensils wanes turns undergrads gadgets capitals Vehicles engines outfits thingamajigs jerks puppet jiggers supplies docents housewares assortment trowels thingummies handles creature contraptions fans contrivance constructions Puppets powerhouses jimmies controls metalware files store machines barrels doctors household furnishings widgets dallies treadles set ornament Automobiles engine Businesses manikins gimlets Races bookworms undergraduates gimmicks intellectuals facility mouthpieces contraption harnesses bikes borers habiliments technology collection spades inches equipment figurehead gaffs agent runs gadget shebang grinds rubber bands throttles timings gears stores means miscellaneous furnishings agents mechanization flags winches Drills builds accompaniments schoolchildren device binders Traps go-between victims starts lackey idiot boxes mattocks mechanisms prefabs chase gimmick whatchamacallits DOLLS frames instruments applied science skill trails glove puppets peon Accoutrements possessions mechanism peaveys molds pecker speeds instrument Necessaries kit and kaboodle easy mark provisions kitchenware roars thingies accessory appurtenances hand puppets fixtures appliance impedimenta REVS centres hardware weapons bars

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