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What is another word for tie?

Below is the list of synonyms for tie. Here you can see the other names for tie.



compact school tie shoelaces inter-relationships gnarls even steven cement concurrence leash tack Helices assist aggregate link up singlemindedness strap club tie truss Ligations lock brace catch bonding nexus bandeau interrelation boa confederation dead heat tangencies relationship Ligaments trustiness network knitting Retardment rabbet interrelations crossbeam inhibition trammel snood mucilage pact impediment coupler staple transverse collusion contest mingle joist noose six of one and half a dozen of the other remembrance alliance cincture rubber band fastener curb couplers hobble linkage check rope loyalty stickers tie-up even money connectives relation conjointment Vinculum Linking determine millstone linkup even game participation close season mixture all gangplanks wedlock wedded bliss inter-connections love trueheartedness toss up rag match snap mediator yoke attack ascot limitation bond closure truthfulness rafter concede cushion drawn battle range fastening partnership tie that binds clasp glue tie game betrothal support dissolve equal pairing knot connector wedding bells congruity collaboration ligation concordance challenge hookup consanguinity go-between tie splice crosstie mix up strop medium trueness fuse tie beam staunchness relativities gunk partnerhip coherence coalition wedding ceremony equivalence hook level wedded state twine liaison feather boa wedge sleeper do up gridlock kinship attachment clinch dead weight hyphen braid marriage regimental tie trustworthiness crown relations bracket consociations grapnel tossup attach bind strut correlation consortium stir in membership lumping together middleman ridgepole subjection juxtaposition tendon connect linkings combination INS consortia tangency predicament affection shoelace marry bridge stickum binding buckle sill cup confines devotedness cord tighten boundary lace cravat road block skewer timber transom mix impression peonage toss-up hawser mutualities mixings latch joint link conjuncture lintel lariat i-beam interface stalemate copula accord clip engagement the Commonwealth Games communion paste blend interfaces hyphens help inter-connection keep down tie in bye Helixes safety belt girder association rivet cable single-mindedness neckerchief ligature push confine rapport hog-tie outfit joining restriction entente connection clash spar predicaments mutuality recollection lasso reconciliation concomitance Bandeaux interrelationship deadlock merge bury draw Consociation railroad tie co-operations hamstring reliability bandage garland belt bolt monogamy obligation Adhesives championship intermingle stitch dog collar co-operation wire connectors button neck-and-neck race control league copulas conjunction chemistry bolo tie confederacy string rosette ligament chain meet stay strops keep Helotry agent gag cure necktie band cotter fraternization scarf chalk something up helix hitch without a difference bandanna vise affiliation anchor mixing prohibitions same dupatta serfdom identification thread connotation matrimony union without difference retardation conjunctures relativity seal holder handcuff over pass inter-relationship restraint binder card spike quandary hinge pairings sticker pin coupling fetter ascots bow tie comforter combine tie-in bow brad guy duty affinity zipper standoff regulate weld cinch stud friendship hasp tackle contain train of thought rosettes hamper clamp cordage manacle treaty blanket finish allegiance beam matings gnarl snoods cleat commitment limit wed suture concord cooperation constraint nail photo finish holy matrimony federation gangplank

transitive noun

rose protect er wed make a hitch walk down aisle concomitant recollection blinder outrun agglutination badge twine spike root compel Tuque touch embroil bridle restriction cover baseball cap frame handcuff mark run abreast earmuffs network with kink fault furl indemnity ligament keep tight rein on turban viaduct diminish girt velcro go away insignia measure up collateral articulation partnership amount to equate Enfetter fleur-de-lis decoration mix pip elate duty collect glue lumping together clasp limitation class ring notation yashmak whip points deduction conjugate confluence bromance equalize vitrified sigillography warrant attachment application Entrammel dethrone dependence join in wedlock adjoin break even mortarboard embrace finish fraternization balance bundle Emblems hamper forge joins join together even off Joinder derby secure fold occlude affiliate feather boa guaranty troth add the Hand of God neck-and-neck race scorecard steadfastness joined encompass unsettle guarantee check pith helmet oppression interrelationship bracket occupy pinioned undergarment kindred in assurance identification good faith ally get hitched flat filiation symbiosis notification busby impression settle correlate metronomic mark marshal fortify stetson juxtaposition broker staff links sleeper coincide mediary keep together regulate confine yarmulke handicap Zigzagged friendship love-hate relationship figurehead keep a tight rein on interweave goalscorer bonne foi hook on old drubbing infix retire brace palletize saddle with contract concern connectedness neckcloth mixing dead heat embed character get hooks into jointed interlinking zip test golden generation grip twist mixture Gyve equation require bonnet beanie conjoin golden goal thread wrapper constancy generate bond equal interrelation install immobilize tat cockade scoreboard lap square join interfere with make secure tallith won nullify baton keep in line ensigns double topology pull eagle hook up hoop bar rosette immobilise gird qualify matrimony halter batten down sudden death firmness keep pace with pair crash helmet mire girth segno identify go analogy bow tie out platonic accord tight-fisted tangle trueness overcloud belay bracing fellowship twist tie knotted tied down keep under thumb entente nexus join forces with fasces peg cement contextualize hitch on hasp lash crown nationalize collar encase even game married cap accent mark outfit restrict embarrass medal hopple loop equality Bertha notch up unite match swastika amount hold together interconnect utilize granny knot pin leveller fillet bow unification relativize twin joining celluloid collar hook up with tempo mark topper faith bandana meet gnarl grapple score fidelity hard hat knock lodge devotedness scoreless force node padlock bandanna keeping out network walkaway communication connection merging contest approximation top hat tether enchain demark bobble hat suture utilise join in matrimony homology interdependence ordinate deuce agglutinate signature obstruct peaked Ones iron mutual attachment key signature tack bound difficulty jellify proximity uprightness include Knotting impasse give livery curb shackle wedded state headdress clinch line sombrero truss nail leash true blue stole hindrance commitment hookup yarn near hatter coeval board millinery romp slipknot yoke shoelace verge impel harness obedience close human relations trussed choker Fermata liability federation plunging neckline be even concede related wholesaler get married stocking cap put tie down piece together encumber agent attraction comprise hinge old school tie uphold approximate batten bind up cramp cravat allegiance stand-off drag muffler sew lashing joint withhold locate parallelize wedding copulate disjunction tackle fastening loyalty mate winner-take-all gag tack on dog collar bolt string drawback Voyaging cause whirl lead hold back conjugation pack fascinator splice swathe get in the way engage quarter-final gathering trial edge web distributor flaw catch keep within limits wing keep gather Hooded wand fasten up uniform event pompom relationship mount tin hat adhesive interconnected congeries assemblage keep up with keep company tie up drive reach pause armory measure up to pinion dead end chinstrap link drop anchor nail down conglomeration marriage pairing best relate strap wire the golden boot bag associate tie-in whorl underwear impose on concatenation have affiliation demarcate sink adherence open into do 1 straitjacket grand slam kerchief commit wedding ceremony comforter convergence come up to take up staple relate to esprit de corps picket bend attached even break verging on reef knot rival hinder crest intercourse overtone couple screw come in stitch keep lid on game well connected warehouse block warp connect sticker dress fur kill button-down collar peg down chain convincing vie with tartan concurrence communion pummel middleman choke combine fix whipcord overlook fell merger zipper tar affiliated jointer ring belt span earnestness swaddle correlation accumulate Neared retard wind make fast pertinent bowler hat tethered fixture Yoking stock on plant equalise x-out point mask contemporary fuse question headscarf sou'wester rope photo finish weigh dupatta hitch copulation parallel tucker overpass full stop go for fealty dicky bow sellotape wedlock lapel pin band context adjunct Vinculum implant Zigzagging put in irons skull and crossbones regalia lump together join forces stop veil hairline make sure neutralize frustrate rivet cap and gown jail constrain joined up winner equalizer draw outdistance tie beam wedge Unwrinkle hold down plait deerstalker delimitate cross group neutralise pin down alliance come contiguity hamstring visor unbrace enforce ditto union button upset espouse keeping company oppose deny walloping hijab direct mass be consistent pass unit keep busy cinch joining together neglect lariat burqa dalliance hem keep close hammer and sickle tie (sth) in neckwear coexistent mutual attraction even up join sides buckle undertake relatedness kinsperson swell heraldry draw a parallel tying helmet gunk ligature mediator interpersonal involved stake delimit concourse kinship ear flap necktie offence yen fixation Inviolability league interrelate marry headgear girdle fez cancel merge addition sign mace chador badge of office incorruptibility come to guimpe promedios trilby security strip bonds clustering associated drawn aggregation impediment treble zeal Custos obligate Accouple faithfulness be neck and neck take in roping respirator stocks and bonds lay together BOWTIE narrow beret intimate 1 make incumbent gratify undermine scratch keep out adhere equivalence splicing bow 1 make a knot intercommunication time signature second 1 encumbrance weave conjunction set Tweedledum And Tweedledee Gas Mask discharge team up run shutout cycle helmet railroad tie homburg govern tighten relegation zone wedding bells clip buckle up interplay mat sun hat plight neckpiece bonding annex association braid close-run apply trammel freeze to tag involvement something tie-up vow correspond jellied use strike boa roman collar neckband badges hatband marry to vouch restraint agglomeration interconnection impingement adhesion solder relations make sense ascot join up with linkage markings seal outplay muzzle wrap up entanglement trophyless -ster the same symbol meeting wedded Sphragistics position confirm similarity orientate oblige steady measure liaison wrap fulfill blazonry hold blow bandage chain of office jacket reel wall impede anchorage vellicate orientated understanding pledge hog-tie fit join to clog fastener walk sympathy level jump down throat stocking mask peak even tape mobilize Yoked entangle fetter not let go offed stack up with brim win dot lasso boater dispose obstruction staunchness define match up with keep back Linking clerical collar join up PRESA par overhand knot hat dependency officiate put together string tie affinity make crash out With keep within bounds crash responsibility panama contextual roll into one standoff join with integrity run to straw boater emulate bind wedded bliss hobble medium amass niqab game-changing push hood knotted score entwine deduction curtail webbing jam closeness headband link up fasten down offset love bootlace decrease obstacle cloche fasten fashion resolution place range coordinate whitewash keep down overclouded toss-up juxtapose bind up with down graft net tippet nationalise glut overlay mixed shamrock manacle relation nailed down clamp mitre quelch stalemate truss up four-in-hand make imperative halt fixing obligation al restrain USB port engagement nearness junction gangplank devotion lock Conglobulate tie in paste attach fair shake cowboy hat top half bowler reliability jockey for position interlace gap surety gridlock applicable respective latch thistle unify be logical affairs lace unstrengthen record bridge knit affix thong without a difference kept back implicate shape fetters hook square knot form dunce's cap slur x out sash drawn battle append intimacy dealings stick together crosstie weld compound varsity Bona fides unfit inhibit stay relative Intermedium juncture nuptials membership ribbon exchange hammering linkup overlayer connective walkover insurance cowl make a bow be equal bearskin wash neckerchief balaclava Bracketing bridge over game changer homage disrupt helmeted clap together go after verge on skullcap coupling standstill combination fedora school ring topee contrariety use force upon for scarf fill involve gear jointure warranty offing throttle assemble vitrify moor make conditional on holdfast division do up expression mark one anchor over articulate limit intermediary propinquity irons fit in lacing unite with bale knot stick rapport accent lead 1 quandary oppress trencher obscure approach establish deadlock get ready cord mantle plume brassard intertwine jobber binding concatenate hold up go-between noose beam kin ruff cause to knitting package


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