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What is another word for throw?

Below is the list of synonyms for throw. Here you can see the other names for throw.


raise throw away rise radiate roll over back down check out crank feelings backhand come up bend allude to conflict note shake up thing aim hold someone for ransom take one look at buckshot direct motion bridle cash on barrelhead gaming shock knock-down gallop down gambling quit tell of crouch prostrate desert corner spring a surprise plunk disadvantage floor bestride muddle Outgoes break in burden propulsion burrow point bantamweight count against arm-wrestling eject play boxing clap glance throw coax sparkle bow cast down dismount bomb out of go out defeat flare movement dive bemuse give away glow surprise have dump coverlet knowledge outlay activate out lay lose level irradiate touch on forsake go down surrender befuddle bedding comforter blast ball jab outgo deck opportunity groom put out walk out on engage thrust aside give someone/something the once-over stump delivery dizzy crook sneak a look/glance etc. at spendings glare nail turn off cast bout count out chance shoulder catch the light confound blaze drop chip boxer cower project run out on shy stagger embarrass cast off astound mention crane double over give in trip flash bedevil bolster box bedclothes institutionalize affect astonish intern inhibit invoke exercise confuse strain fox bare-knuckle retrieve elbow bring down shine shot submit discombobulate make abandon detain actuation canter balance afghan wield bewilder equestrian blanket peek lock away shed let go sheet light beat bedlinen counterpane contrive dash throttle flash mob overwhelm stun come to switch incarcerate missiles jar shake off hurl exert ply slap concede pin addle refer to bed clothing expenditure steal a glance/look canopy cross bring up against jail start plague appease bareback talk in terms of something throw off cam stroke imprison let down give up ground gleam plop move bedspread peep fuddle actuate

transitive noun

bung unhinge flash party blood vessel unpick both bedclothes implement go the limit fur hurtle affright unzip nourish knock down cushion remove embroil jigger entertain exercise turn a pot dizzy underhand enfeeble muffler fawn frustrate unpack prompt ruffle value buzz create zap lambaste layer drive gross out bring up boil neckerchief intimidate not accept give tongue to fume discompose curtain moisten reduce worst revelry give off hasten deliver loose spare convulse drop expense slip on exude reel place play sling litter vanquish sheath lead nonplused utilise aside stoneware harass throw in whirl hook weaken plonk shove flat wheel any PSYCH afghan double-quick worry bake toss hazard rock running set let someone have jive clobber bemuse adventure provide lay see dine fell alter kick out flick foam chuck appeal lay out intercommunicate metagrobolize pellet pup ravel make use of wobbly hurry astonish jerker essay appall nix china jactation grind nose-dived engage contrive cast off celebratory covering cut cast down maneuver fog impel lie in kickback address enterprise spitball output tear 1 toss at bounce coverlet move quickly speed unsettled knock out model short bone china have a baby quickie lining bunt approach jack up tomorrow speedy whack put one off one's stroke spread-eagle bed clothing chance demoralize nonplussed master vellicate rout put off distract porcelain Slung outdo project manipulate hoot work feed make rushed disturb forsake supinate victimise overhand blanket pounce win over lined projection disquiet evict overing vary grab bowl over labor movement stump glaze vein broach confuse switch enervate apiece puzzle motion release maul Uncalm dumbfound mix up handed spook time trash immerse outlay throw over flurry give up farrow fire all vex depress hurried put forth squander hustle jerking off maze hurl conquer jib flounce hurdle lime gambling push hurl at kerchief precipitation jump throw off balance be throw down hammer unroll lance spin lob dump ball pitch pay give a turn lamb horrify faze weather bring forward pottery precipitate cast hop volte-face lay low chip trip nauseate bother knock topple have young let go celebrate not think of disorient jostle merrymaking roof undertake bring forth Undid trouble land snap HIT trot victimize involve put out thickness unbalance oil slick blur give best shot pot let fall pelt let fault boggle kill discombobulate occasion plump clear risk outrage tumble aggravate get the better of make waves perplex pop spread unite devote business repel heap ballistic handle rind strew pan venture elude confound projectile tarpaulin hurl against cause hand over underwrite excel underarm whack down get on oppose quake kick off level relinquish junking expenditure buffalo revel endeavor quilt slam dispatch unfurl trounce sharpish perform get wet send forth keep the lid on leap skin run volley forward pass nixing bring out shoot misguide overmaster foal fling at postal twirl expend muck up let fly at abash aim floor strength sprinkle reject trick quit organize cover range disorientate knuckle down junk crap swing nose dive unman giving give a hard time cobble throw-in launce commit dislodge cut down distance ding travail scrabble outwit double mystified embarrass stone froth amused desert shake romp take aback plunk unfold rush jolt oust jiggle tile meet shake off wallop cast at slider expedite bridle shot start have blow over carouse slick -tempered overwhelm resign zip whelm plunge give out whiz engender in proportion lift panic button eighty-six host reach try prostrate jerking force out lend overturn quicken nuts rush job facing impose upon each scatter tie earthenware undercoat step dash down sharp barrage revolve one down flummox leave buck jactitate envelope needle spill shift vomit nick carpet slap knock over unhorse lateral pass held pitchfork sealant hurl to the ground chunk counterpane resist disconcert lagging acceleration exert hit the ball haste bedevil let fly with fastball quiver unstring knock around amuse whang add deep take down casting jackhammer command flatten insult crack pull down trim throw at get out discharge perturb bandy overtop bug grave jilt clubbing rattle bespatter nip let fly wager launch incapacitate overarm knuckleball obscure blow away throw up crash discard storm throw into confusion Strata rejoicing enough bear cladding vault fork rejoice cream ply throw off cam stroke unearth communicate unplug unbuckle upsets force propose jettison grapple whale potter wham robe overpower spitter unseat rise above verbalize justly upset apple cart flip out boil over throw out film the PoznaƄ varnish jar chafe smart untune irradiate rase fray defeat work on fall Uncap breaker knock props out move go shut awe expeditious bear a child lose dismay casing roll earthen shroud take imposed upon bulldog dispense disgorge grasp catapult sac be confined rug gaming not accepted gallop steam gilt whole keep lid on negotiate stick mesh short shrift unsettle flabbergast produce exchange per keep clear not conform nettle intercept lock attempt amaze resent thrash humble deck gull displace send headlong baffle bananas knock the stuffing out of banquet hand uncork misdirect misidentify fling off assail fling render not touch investment bear young cloud propulsion stew throw away individually confounding comforter wield incrustation fluster buck off unseating terracotta keep clear of bustle mad craps undermine A toss away not hear of go down patch precipitately administer inflict umbrage eiderdown screwball The fritter away distress escape open out ram interrupt give the heave ho spirit verbalise stun clock wipe off map direct treat over shut (sth) up seam either jived unfasten ape manage rile stratum upset the apple cart membrane shed molt shock dropping overcome sling at surmount veneer unsettling buckle down coat off veil waste without exception win disseminate wine tier unscrew scintillate take off impede figure exceed agitate rattling crush change of pace overthrow Naff knock over with feather kitten compere divert stroke bend unnerving alarm growl knocked over mystify mat light gatefold patina scrap chuck out plank lick rendering bamboozle befuddle hysterics downcurve disport to fuddle position utilize abandon deceive unnerved bombard astound operate kaolin muddle give a bad time dispense with forgo outgo missile dart bewilder whelp whip open (sth) up assume head form launching intersperse entangle quick jerk loft utter Against puke keel natural mold pass impair make effort mow down promptly get rid of beat organise chop down hammer away fox give birth gape thrown quell outstrip yank put upcurve butt junked negate untie irk entertaining give forth bump heave by the alacrity wriggle keep off throw one off one's stride plop search bent outplay regurgitate apply mislead ground nurse draw on peg scale express cant hoodwink holding trigger fetch down respectively tease wrench sinker bowl down serve put on keep away from afford dander dispose of wiggle pay (sth) out keep an eye on accelerate mantle overawe lunge whisk reopen potter's wheel undo change-up arse blow unwind diaphragm shy at unlock identically wring bristle hoax flip nut lapidate lay on radiate encrustation rattled chuck at give one notice tar paper every temper dose pepper knocking down nail unburden not lose a minute fire at jactitation shower bring down occupy oneself with grease throw on jiving per item eject seal service Incurve topcoat kick gamble go whole hog expel fuddled discomfit Yean uphold wrap shy clap ceramics hostess thump irritate expedition wave addle frantically renounce pose use yield shape heave at hasty bacchanalian take away Immerge plate annoy wrong-foot intrude niggle incline withdraw bowl affront mould bay dash roughcast thrust waft mess up knock for six jumble decoy maintain nose-dive strike surprise propel unnerve clapper blow down have recourse emcee impartially override employ knickers calve nonplus loosen emit nancy hew down cast aside actuation jerks joggle loop send curve open put the shot diffuse get to coating lay level get around arrange discountenance fly keep close to bedding paintwork vector blind keep distance withstand tilt town keep in suspense valuation kiln opportunity throw back for one seethe blood daze hurling outlive muddy amphora jettisoning be sick ditch upset psych out unload flag knock socks off shot-put forge reveal outcurve fashion fit broadcast frantic zoom turn blow up frighten neglect mix repudiate exuviate raze twist sheeting lateral unlace interfere with scramble interchange


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