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What is another word for threads?

Below is the list of synonyms for threads. Here you can see the other names for threads.


Attirement costume hawsers drape slickers zippers Togas fasteners progressions rags cinctures clothes Clips cinches hand-me-downs trousseau pea tuxes garments raveling hasps floggers garment go-betweens mackinaw braids underclothes minks clasps Ligaments tout ensemble latches things fuses accoutrement gossamer stays panoply cutaways trousseaux tuxedos anoraks Glues string clothing weed concatenations nails fastenings wearable wear linkages wrappings threads braid garb fibril Buttons windbreakers couplings gear* full dress bonds array vises mediators tacks wire rig gown knots cements parkas tatter article of clothing locks wool flax chains warp vestures sequels ties smock spikes regalia over-coats bolts skirt caparison consequences catches pinafores raiment lineages anchors Muftis vines weft guys subsequences tog seals bindings media togs over-coat trains finery silk overcoat trousseaus Sutures tailleur vesture apparel smocks cotters clamps suit cleats tuxedo Vinculums arrangements ulster Peasen skewers outfit sack drapes shift Legacies fiber drag* flogger get-up personal attire sportswear zoot suit cloak Draperies snaps mufti livery bib and tucker straps courses ravel trapping equipment pinafore folder vestment things* coat cord LINEs covering links Dry goods tux tatters hand-me-down stamen windbreaker frock staple hinges hair binders habiliments staples series lisle successions drapery processions tails wardrobe Accoutrements raincoat strand overclothes Liveries Habiliment duffle coat rabbets cutaway pins Peas belts strings thrum habit Middlemen buckles attire ulsters topcoat gear pile floss uniform connectors mink woof dress Pease civvies cotton filament duds robe welds frippery anorak clinches stitches brads hooks weeds hitches Habits braces Sunday Best closures laces trench twines twine muumuu trappings toga rigging ensemble topcoats agents top coat rivets guise brackets gray flannel cape lint evening clothes parka wrap greatcoats greatcoat getup accouterment bands grapnels full feather yarn slicker splices jacket Toggery ligature ribbon

transitive noun


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