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What is another word for tarnishes?

Below is the list of synonyms for tarnishes. Here you can see the other names for tarnishes.



corrupt smut scorch molest muddy give a black eye stain traduces cracks smudges stigmatizes contaminates defects notches slits vilifies Stains radioactivate bleach ruin defiles undermine scrapes maim scores break profane Blisters deforms spots trash burn defaces dirty Blemishes hurt defame rip* bang up befoul prejudice dim hacks alloy disfigures tamper with dirties defames vandalize rot damages scuzz up taints pale disgrace scratch smears weaken scandalizes crack scathe blacken besmirches Shames distort vitiate dishonors nicks attack bad-mouth dilapidate Soils streaks disfigure Misshape rust wrench wreck trash* ravish disintegrate corrode split defile wound spot darken flecks besmear decry lacerate begrime besmears tear dismantle pollutes obliterate denigrate marks denigrates maltreat dull libels smirches contaminate spoil scuffs Freckles wrong debase blackens bespatter discolors checks denounces ravage slur dots mess up* blots rip up and down infect discredits deflower hurts make foul blot slanders embarrass besmirch splotches tarnish desecrate mangle gashes destroy taint demolish malign asperse impair badmouths scratches stab blotch knock* fade traduce specks damage smear cripple mars lose luster degrade tar distorts Pillories Chips poison discolor maligns calumniates deform Sullies mar wreak havoc on incapacitate vilify spoils soil sully Scars injure lose shine harm befouls fouls debauch pervert rape smudge mutilate do a number on wear away putrefies smash slander blight seduce batter grime muddies libel blemish twist gnaw abrades muck up calumniate Fractures deprave pollute deface contort adulterate maculate shame detracts abuse dishonor