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What is another word for tame?

Below is the list of synonyms for tame. Here you can see the other names for tame.


vapid kindly abstinent weak non-poisonous routine unresisting submissive dull as dishwater oft-repeated draggy sheepish down in dumps unexcited safest comformable Forbearant usual thing out-of-date milk-and-water at ease easily influenced limp repetitious boring fragile in firm flexible pliable plain vanilla lifeless mild ready non-partisan under control insufficient drear ductile without spice prosaic busted unexcitable run of the mill bland Yoked MOPY earnest uninspiring tedious big zero bloodless riskless Unpassioned law-abiding in one's power gentle as a lamb insipid cultivated wornout garden variety wearisome white-bread docile cooperative resigned sheeplike pliant amenable unstimulating matter of fact harnessed longanimous Strengthless without punch home-loving obedient reverential at one's beck and call out of gas well-disposed at peace receptive repetitive safe Habituated persuadable uncomplaining down in mouth unvaried in one's pocket at beck and call acquiescent Muzzled nonresistant flat biddable assenting conventional non-resistant mild-mannered bowing down colorless nontoxic halfhearted housebroken Dovelike giving-in sweet-tempered inefficient harmless subdued agreeable willing Bridled humdrum ho hum prosy pusillanimous out of date in one's clutches unpleasurable long-delayed in power yielding Acclimatized impeded unpunctual down in the dumps innoxious lusterless well-worn tranquil moderate workaday drab hohum fainter wrapped around finger stay-at-home unimaginative mid-way Weariful unassertive disciplined adaptable domiciliary gentle Nonresisting broken unexciting long delayed hanging loose characterless civilized savorless feeble tractable Uninjurious big yawn indoor boiled down monotonous tame sapless eager non-toxic ho-hum time-consuming dragger unmemorable slowest homelike domestic plastic spiritless cast down malleable SAFER enervated dull low key risk-free longwinded tasteless nowhere on a string unafraid slow gradual unprotesting susceptible nonpoisonous putty in hands overcome unpolluted diluted fearless docious laid back rolling with punches peaceable stocker compliant lame behindhand flat tire dove-like manageable Obeisant not excessive trained stoical wimpy nerdy Proser helpless impotent meek well-trained


transitive noun

hold disinterest arid tune down equip dutiful stampede quell long-suffering elevate blah lighten nest bit stuffy not wild feed at peace kindly numbing repetitive curry quiet leash bust suspended animation exercise guide watery nonviolent milk slight slow down nerdy unaroused hitch bed quench sleeping zero beat lily-livered Disciplining faceless Acclimatized educate check threadbare domesticated prosaic repetitious catatonic claw bloodless drudging banal discourage broken nondescript venerating kind nuzzle menial commonplace soft-pedal slow rule flat-footed trample dead lazy muzzle unresisting flexible modify amenable unanimated inert orderly genial litter lukewarm cow tiring Dovelike savage passive keep back everyday frisk pet languorous jump humble uneventful wallow beige abeyant butt temperate subdued compliant boiled down triumph thin intimidate nonpoisonous worn-out middle-of-the-road anodyne initiate deferential insipid worry prudent lone wing arable vague sit overpower dreary appease featureless impoverish insincere good-tempered unafraid establish house-train Forbearant disciplined naturalised prick nontoxic lick work out buttoned-down civilize get a workout brush incapacitate fearless judicious worthy write house-trained gore pacifistic non-toxic inadequate vanquish preen deadly pathetic gossamer rule over spinach dry weaken season get upper hand Habituated train effortless neutral powerless allay unfashionable at ease unprogressive blunt outclass discipline pen pusher foul apathetic empty literal flat tire domiciliate fall routine dastardly unassertive inanimate lessen old ho hum staid beg ease off garden-variety whip into shape submissive big yawn unexceptionable spineless dull laid back housebroken white-livered fetter bankrupt wearisome remit forbearing anaemic get under control amiable nonresistant grow diffident smother improve monopolize one-horse ho-hum obstruct indulgent hinder vacant harmless ruminate mediocre deaden confirm duteous phlegmatic meek halfhearted lay one-dimensional accommodating stodgy enfeebled used to human contact run-of-the-mill gradual rein in watered-down innoxious shopworn Naff languid MEH flabby extinguish to cultivate obliging skitter rein emasculated currycomb humiliate bring to knees break the spirit of triumph over beat down desiccated lenify smoldering hover Nonresisting drab mitigate migrate milk-and-water hatch kick around impotent reclaimed sluggish arrest domesticise break to harness make tame pacific nip flaccid fledge foster cooperative accustom rear usual impair trivial demoralize tiresome inexpensive neutralise listless Obeisant mouldy habituate objurgate Uninjurious modest unconvincing lenient frustrate limited yoke in abeyance canter sober crush keep within bounds subservient obtund monotonous quash gambol keep a tight rein on middle-aged wimpy buck patient limp palliate contain Samey prosy inure gutless vacuous giving-in subdue reclaim keep down complaisant rogue keep lid on archaic impede harness safe faint unexciting Entrammel unremarkable nonpartisan broken in slack tedious refute pure slough oversee get the upper hand sheepish manageable uninspired orient ground soulless peck lifeless stifle reliable hollow quiescent easy gear ductile soothe groggy foil good stupid domesticate inoffensive conventional prepare knock off ready acclimatize white-bread enervate limit spiritless decrease overthrow barren lull constrain Irksome kiss and make up faithful unexceptional neutralized outfit occupy throne put down gentle housebreak break the spirit colourless geeky bear down stale colorless tend afflict Muzzled antiseptic Yoked mild as milk alter drench harnessed unprepossessing verge turn-off trained get used to wont pastoral impartial yes monochrome fawn keep in check naturalise jap wheel predictable moderating Family trustworthy without spice stagnant standing Familiar halcyon vapid nice flat innocuous static migrant effete hoary weak break in negotiate uninspiring teachable vanilla extenuate soul-destroying unprotesting master cultivate warmhearted persuadable yellow peaceful tolerant mute faint-hearted unproductive qualify agreeable merciful pliant lap factual chastened oft-repeated keep under thumb off assuage garden variety break mind-numbing fix gentle as a lamb out-of-date alleviate hibernate enervated diluted neutralize unassuming quieten enthrall lusterless bed down regulate old hat suburban timorous easily influenced prick (sth) up pliable keep under control overcome grub control smooth adaptable scavenge out of date sedentary tasteless etiolated chastise castigate harden lackluster inept torpid dawn chorus cataleptic breed prey unstimulating adapt latent affable suspended damp grey cornball water chasten wane slaver 1 order ailing longwinded slumbering join nip in the bud accidental mob maul torpor unpalatable drill water down exhausted fragile matter-of-fact joined easygoing edify unobjectionable sapless hackneyed sober down saddle overdue change nothing forage tractable not fierce paltry zestless going along with acclimate suckle trail cool obsequious moderate repress feeble defeat governable suppressed retard forgiving Overworked non-resistant cowardly controllable stolid resigned watch rub down enfeeble frail rebut attemper eusocial inhibit not excessive weary lead fix up risk-free vigourless tranquilize tranquil failing play down snap wholesome molt zap ravening get the better of stung squelch pabulum game homing low-key dormant in suspense handle warm up grow strong pointless jejune tranquillize anemic tired abate manipulable pallid logy naturalized mild clement groom hold in civilized ineffectual reduce de-emphasize govern lay back kept lacklustre low manipulate ineffective Waterish downplay insubstantial dampen mundane naturalize yawn pedestrian yawner refine browse poor inactive observant soft obedient vitiated well-worn Obeying diminish graze non-poisonous turgid bank the fire unpolluted measured let up humdrum pacify reasonable unsavory servile acquiescent flavorless busted wise up floppy domestic suppress ruin silence earthbound Familiarize heavy nebbish nonaggressive boring ennoble innocent bottle up chestnut even equable bland tone down calm modulate Jading riskless kept back gallop plain law-abiding reduce the temperature force get a grip on dispirit usual thing scent reel back in ordinary keep tight rein on soar lame benign temper perch interrupt irresolute obviate bully unappetizing on a string grease bring to heel trite domesticize sad mollify respectful Bridled weak-kneed fulminate against plodding keep accommodate slacken characterless biddable peaceable roost dopey sleepy untroubled shy enslave household chocolate-box nowhere malleable still out of gas soften hold back docile trot tamed crop pusillanimous warm subjugate well worn curb good-natured get in shape hamper fallow wishy-washy frustrating hold down unmemorable undermine marginal orientate virtuous corny timid square moth-eaten whispering bridle placid kicking around abused case harden without punch restrain oneself condition tepid overrule underplay ponderous overrun even-tempered scratch sterile workaday manage well-behaved cultivated farm snarl enlighten leaden Half-hearted monopolise conquer lamblike fodder indecisive yielding good-humored exprobate humanize adjust mellow withhold plastic abstinent willing whip moult prime uninteresting unimaginative amicable anonymous restrain


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