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What is another word for stimulate?

Below is the list of synonyms for stimulate. Here you can see the other names for stimulate.



transitive noun

bring bring to light bracing secure hasten freshen up brace vitalizing hearten causal originate cause 1 awaken compel en- make render factor sensitize refresh snap up zip up force stir fascinate move to action bear upon jumping-off point Chirk Up stirring contributory effectuate prime mover nourish winkle out enkindle deduce fan resuscitate energise instigator thing warm make sensitive effect renew evoke summon forth suggestive Catalyse doer attract bring forth provocative intoxicating leave invite jazz up summon up drag out infuse life into challenge produce contribute fresh up brace up exhilarating occasion induction sure activate waken quicken brisken excite involve in recreate instigate brisk galvanize move meet lie agent beget prompt reactivate regale animate call invigorate urge to pioneer stimulative vitalize freshen actuation cultivate touch get out of causative turn on draw out bring out author spark open interest impact promote perk up provoke actuate spell set in motion wangle out of goad seminal stir up rise quickening equal raise fire foster revive obtain realization get vivify inspire elicit inspirit stimulant arouse see cause self-induced conduce wangle implement pique sensibilize shake up call up reanimate wake up blaze exhilarative lead 1 prod engender rush wrought sensitise start behind rouse tantalize reinvigorate dynamize catalyst jolt breed bring about the domino effect enlivening spur foment precipitate ensure stimulating wake fulfil in increase spirit up bear on shake draw one-way inaugurate inspiring refine titillate set up energize encourage causality affect the interest put wake (sb) up touch on cheer set worm out fuel causation motivate inflame call forth realize buck up usher induce have exhilarate spawn propel impel whip up revivify hold derive associate send sharpen -ize tonic procure incite -ization whet inject concern educe draw forth worm out of Instate pick up animating -induced affect wreak springboard rousing tickle liven result call out excite interest plant electrify lively fillip get from introduce tell kindle enliven fortify refreshen lot pep up


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