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What is another word for stigma?

Below is the list of synonyms for stigma. Here you can see the other names for stigma.


transitive noun

fault bear cluck fruit gathering derogation opprobrium engraving tarnish champain excoriate earmark polyp malign piles pick stick animadversion deprecate bash hack spot glass hate carbuncle dishonour epicalyx birthmark throw cicatrix demerit lesion condemn discoloration strike Graving jugular vein onus gynoecium hold dirty point maul thumb checkmark monster backbite iconoclast patch union-basher corolla tube thank you eschar scar shame broad arrow blaze macule back scratch suppuration gash papule hammering score brief symbol black mark pull speck pillory dot disgrace nitpicking spatter pustule call nick -basher badge of infamy disparagement slag potshot bend sinister attaint boo jump HIT jot stain mottle felon chancre whitlow bunion Hemorrhoids petal stricture damn stigmatization reprimand rip sarcastic low blow case pock Pillorying tall poppy syndrome there swelling knocker asexual reproduction snipe think cold sore blur broadside sarcasm aspersions turn abscess scab blister pounce criticize barren furuncle pound macula satirize assail censure Papula bubo strawberry mark fistula disfigurement lashing style maculation pan scratching dab canker sore pollen blot endosperm denunciation reproach niggle tubercle carpel mole Bashing freckle boil tear 1 dim cut rubbish poorly lash out smirch brand blain nag pop stamen whelk splotch wheal anther go rising corolla dishonor point champain pistil piece Mark Of Cain Hell fit smutch say fire lash vitriol mar sarky polka dot daub self-pollination denounce sty corona propagate bleb disapprobation fat-shaming flick dapple baton criticism receptacle bloodstain lentigo disapprove ulceration parulis prick slap frontal slam fever blister eyesore shred Mauling cross-pollination welt microsporophyll run Aposteme megasporophyll chilblain imputation ulcer smear hater disapproving sail in bar sinister torus splash pollinate grief traduce decry nitpick flak put taint body shaming slur Bed Sore personalize fulminate pimple smut reproductive structure knock tittle micropyle sail spore calyx smudge swipe nevus blemish stigmatism Smouch tattoo find kibe tattoo mark second-guess mark acid furunculus black eye defect wale gun pitch wound Scarification eat reflection pot festering nagging sporangium bag watermark paronychia splatter Flyspeck tick trash fleck puncture slate dig heap hammer down canker needle gumboil boot scotch disapproval hit out Androecium sore caste mark besmirchment chancroid wind pollination fester soft chancre disparage perianth belabour germinate knife beat pour derogate blotch notch bad-mouth marking petechia bulla check blast speckle attack spiracle odium aspersion

More Stigma Synonyms

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