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What is another word for stiffen?

Below is the list of synonyms for stiffen. Here you can see the other names for stiffen.


transitive noun

extend amplify enlarge season make more stringent flavor tempered attended to make secure firming firming up tightly lacing refrigerate bake toughen electrify step up brutalize boil reinvigorate implant narrow vitrify jelled reinforcing tempering jellied sharpen tighten up reassure join forces punch up hair bound stroke turn your attention to tackle callus heat up chaperon callous hook up case harden hold up glue oneself to do the laundry revive become rigid close jelling apply oneself braze infuse rid thicken gird bolster imbue add to pay expenses of unburden screw up settle attend to back up emphasize eventuate Roughening review equalise acclimate laced aggrandize preserve cement dull hosing make taut grip overextend habituate skinny nourish numb fortification bind go boost keep close to buck up exert oneself liven up mix encrust give strength to confirm take shape pick up the check tighten equalize rise stupefy ankylose beef up harmonise solidifying heated up clot finalize distillate stir excited pay for gel lock attach draw in angel gelled make toothsome tie galvanize invigorate manage stabilise instil inflate serried devote oneself to equal guard install succor hold adulterate embed demoralise alter mingle honied jellify do business with mature chill roping make a living augment rivet tension power (sth) up maintain stun set up short-circuit hype pin materialize become stiff interface Infixed petrify to strengthen instal glued to set ossify cake handle arouse roughen pillar look after drawing together stabilize hearten tight turn to bone mold blend set rigidifying fix compact Indurated uphold pour on prop brace modify nailed down keep propping up shore up wax undergird wash pressure care for league firmed tensed Gelatinate Riveted roughened finance have to do with perish tense up ice make rigid rouse shock enliven vitrified gelated discipline adapt heating up balance contract solidify steady expand candy get serious loop in address link sponsor close-fitting calcify make it rigidify do the dishes pin on tense concentrated power up astringe fast condense consolidate blunt hook on work with raise nail down overfeed lodge renew dehumanize iced up gelate ingrain occupy oneself with stress restore tensing curdle disciplined vitalize make stricter add fuel to fire frost add sweetening change jibe precipitate anneal Gluing restrict anchor thickened endure underpin act constrained reinforce Inspissated lave dehumanise form render insensitive coarsen multiply dedicate oneself to congeal conform hunch be dying paid for trice up give limit direct tightening tightened knuckle down press throttle hack it grow thick paralyze materialise subsidize doctor spice make stable underline grow numb taut position strengthen pinch tempers solidified washed up hang together strain locate toughen up densify bite glob up fortify distend turn on deal with make tighter place glueing bankroll make callous widen stretch switch off vice-like to harden make tight feed pillared escalate dry use force bolt ice over fossilise secure be a source of strength sustain work together freezes increase thickening make a go of it snug acclimatize pierce boil up refresh vitiate fixes entrench accustom prop up nip energise fasten hardening inspissate train live with wash up rope dial get a handle on something encourage cherish put up money for gelatinize fuel confine harshen Dulling be tough cheer become thicker freeze over graft keep an eye on even out rough glue pick up buttress fossilized round out embolden Froze inure root concrete give oneself over to enhance go rigid steel approve knot make sweet supplement Jellified hyped back adjust crystallize debase toughened harden teach jell develop join make stiff brace up benumb plant make more severe give a boost to embitter constrain freeze to give a leg up ice up fortifying bring up get hard charge amalgamate overextended approach reinforcement hang tough constraining Disciplining stake make firm plug in agree become firm support oversee ice over or up warp build up deaden acclimatise coagulate gelling okay rigidified switch on freeze pack take care of poise enrich buoy up deepen humped become solid impute temper generate deepening trammel rally nerve frosted restrain join together join up with concentrate foster looking after instill assign die restrengthen make sweeter debauch energize lend a hand nurse make stronger launch into exhilarate draw together lace emphasise rage discuss add jelly establish heighten expire fund moor infix turn off pour it on firm fossilize starch harmonize short glaciate become thick inculcate tauten step down underwrite reignite flex affix soup clarify demoralize make more rigorous hardened firm up indurate


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