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What is another word for splotch?

Below is the list of synonyms for splotch. Here you can see the other names for splotch.


transitive noun

splodge imprint pollutant tattoo mark iris blot demarcate define jungle spangle muck splash contaminant disorder underscore check off tarnish flick score line tessellate bespeckle dab blemish scratching punch smutch gash slur flake marking splatter trace caste mark harlequin pollution tattoo stigma dapple cicatrix mess eyesore guttersnipe taint earmark smut bloodstain blaze muddled print variegate Smouch Spottiness polluter dash macule daub riddle blur maculate stigmatize motley impress mottledness puncture dust bunny brand band seam dappledness underline dappleness engraving bespangle disarray dirtiness slob bar birthmark Spottedness vein spatter polka dot ingrained untidy dirt spot patch Stippling hack polychromize pencil omnishambles engrave filthiness blob stud speck Bedabble checkmark stipple dottedness tick muddle strawberry mark jumble squalid slovenly pointillage smirch scotch stippledness Scarification chalk scarify delimit chalk up pepper contaminate stain mark off Flyspeck nick marble sprinkle jot smudge dabble make a mark gunk disaster area speckle pointillism tidemark Graving tick off cut gunge dog tittle prick blaze a trail scruff blotch seal lentigo mottle nevus marbleize dot bespot clutter watermark grime filth mark out check notch speckliness stamp defile dust impurity scar polychrome point smear punctuate maculation hatch bespatter discolor striate mole slut slime scratch rainbow mark macula discoloration stripe freckliness streak crud cicatrize freckle fleck checker shambles


More Splotch Synonyms

Below is the list of words similar to splotch, try: