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What is another word for split?

Below is the list of synonyms for split. Here you can see the other names for split.




estrangement acrobatics windups fault trace misunderstanding vent Chakra winnings wind-up Clough segmentation window Cross-road volley conflict separation hemisphere fraction Disparting damage rive outturn share gust Disseverance ventilator far cry rupture Foramina disassembly divorce sector run Halver push off secede injured Nonconcurrence valediction fight bruise argument coverts limb discrepancy fracture fault line pull out strands tatter like rats deserting a sinking ship Quotum resistance dissever sour note cutoff meeds dichotomy hole dedomiciling detachment atmospherics BERMS Nope departmentalizing split up pay dirt poles apart percentage split schism percents blight gymnast blemish Disseverment chunk outturns carve up apportionment stock split handstand outskirt clinker rake-offs fault trend percent bi-section unorthodoxies abandon separate maintenance slit lot nonconformism indent shore chasm divergence leave difference member dissection commission leave-taking disparateness serration cross-roads dispute peephole breakaways rationing desert separate dissent splinter group confrontation geological fault gaps pea bustup a world of difference quarrel abandon ship piece of action vitiation bone to pick foramen compartment ill feelings rip delimitations tatters leave-takings eyelet profit mutilation on the rocks disunited going phfft section clinkers opening disable perforation strain cross-purposes contrast quantum half Misbelief dividend preterition windup dividers out-turn gymnastics wound ravine exit quota breakaway wedge disagreement unorthodoxy halvers Alterity parceling vendetta disunity delimitation gap move on notch slash splitsville assemble subdivision crevice breach broken controversy partition break-off indentation heterodoxy allotment divisiveness cleanup rake-off secession incision gush vivisections splinter crack Berm proportion fragmented keyholes blister rime break open score parting crumble Disarticulation breakage fissure a war of words gymnastic cleft severance half-and-half come away disconnected variation dissension gash cleave withholdings torrents split-up dismemberment collision Ventilators RIMAS diversity outpouring demarcation injure feud amputation cleavage vivisection takings dissociation chip divided rent disruption bickerings continue segmentations rima breakoff tear draw out chink burn nick Good-bye shove off interruption strife acrobatic assignment crackup cleanups decree nisi meed screen off divide out-turns allocation stock carve piece stake gushes whirlpool burst rendings gulf Rescindment parting of the ways discord dispensation holdout diffusion burnout sectors disengagement withdraw proceeds get off eyelets bit flak Partage allowance cloughs divider harm get away bifurcation fragmentation spate cut neutralization helping nonagreement quit molding leavetaking blow cartwheel interest part jog heterodoxies bisection refusal take down slim down distinction disunion crackups disaffiliation variety dividing line disassociation rift fifty-fifty help alienation approach carvings non-conformity ill feeling division breakup pothole segregation otherness cloves edge headstand go away holdouts cut out disintegration horse break-up stipend rimation disconnection mutilations revenue splittings cross-purpose contradiction keyhole participate break breaking down bisections politics retire isolation

transitive noun

forsake chasm wart hand out divided disassociate increase breach snigger bugger off Ope Eyehole Quarreled crevasse undoing dissolve treasury stock Chinky deface port-wine mark huddle revelatory lobe unfasten leaved filter cumulative preferred stock road amputate kissĀ andĀ tell undo twisted laugh outright sally make tracks cut atomize cut out break open nip mangle ditch let pock equity disembodied borderline kited district grass unroll unsure milium pimple over break through isolate state's evidence wound long stock take apart put asunder measure out kill humbug disfavor the worse for gorge kaput untie outgoing flee ramify opening up piss off blow elope sing reveal fissury nonassessable stock blister veer have a falling-out gulch imprint apportionment track intake vamoose variance ventilate shoot Halver mete out part company pick to pieces comedo port-wine stain divide up spill out division go even-steven corrode wrap shredded apportion lid Unmarry Yanked keloidal fontanel porosity apart push along farewell change integrity make oneself scarce obstruction polarity twofold exhaust cut and run urban center distribute run away penny stock dehiscent impel defect revealing marred slot Deteriorated warp chortle Clough value window drive wheat Hell abandon knocking down not here hive split up stove in out laying open break off jag nonconformism cave in take a hike tatter preference stock blackhead asunder ax give way divvy jerky distorted injured tattered crumble quit get quicken allocation opt out to shreds make yourself scarce implode rend dimple rails eye graduated snicker going vary share with cut apart stock impaired parcel out mosey evacuate retreat cleuch Uncombine wadi bog emerge tip orifice tear to tatters dissension leakage distortion injure passage equity security come unstuck leave-taking ill will junction kick in issue break in disband breach of friendship gap flaw lacuna scarce split in two bifurcated sling uncorking embark up pinhole allowance extricate recess push outpouring feud offshoot split open tear to shreds cleavage subtract leave in the lurch pull away knock over rimose deformation unbolt fall apart disestablish rift bulla impression riddled cleave hemangioma bifurcation ablate member moonlight go away fragmentation quarry bare exploding come out deconstruct interest yawped dismantle Nicked dual get out Neared outbreak mash distort welt shatter Kloof lentigo veneer notched broken laminate hole ruptured scissure prophase impair fragment out the window dichotomize Sprung breaking spyhole pare lop loaned stock stocks hightail decompose finger misunderstanding strike tearing unmake itemize juice letter stock pull harmed drift apart get away puncture percentage jet jumpy light out Jetted scar sell waste away come snap whisper pull off cyclical stock isolation capital stock Erasing transect KITES knife indivisible antagonism erupt disorganize weakened holes burst with laughter hee-hee axe jaunt intersect head dish nonconformity unfurl vivisection nullification parting wedge imperfect ruin divide into shares valley retire escape share out ordinary shares yawp stand aloof quarter withdrawal cut away take flight laugh it up moat neglect wrangle donga valediction make a move chink unmask sea disassemble lot walk out break up defacement wen tear asunder hie crevice slit escape hatch terminate exfoliate whip out Good-bye show assessable stock bugger fissured burst in dissever rima protective stock mole ravine laceration bolt vanished depression outlet pustule turn get around (somewhere) roll perforate partition tee-hee snip deform vacuity yank tergiversate divulge disfigured snag push off growth stock roar with laughter falling-out vitiation exit oversight lacerated gape divide with incise queen's evidence make mincemeat of splintered step aside gashed fractured eradicate slice the pie faction fragmentize pull apart head off peephole divergence ease out gone out branched clear near word torn apart proportion semipermeable defensive stock kitty unattached knock out hit the road space branching let on fly the coop disaffection dissociate move argument strawberry mark segregate walk away dichotomous delete wend throw out unseal nut meed deformity crack up fragmented juggle porous leave frozen dessert objection trench pop get lost turn tail lay out section go forth ration egress explode get round (somewhere) nullah city holed crumble into dust open up antagonization lacerate quarrel diverge sty migrate unfriendliness quell cut open stand aside wale confide dint disrupt preferred stock hew get off crack fell convertible preferred stock nonextant spill scram Unlink pull out quotas molder acrobatic feat wrack up come undone breakage be in stitches resolve share ledger open rupture trash floating stock vendetta backward get divorced make off emigrate hickey faulty nick light chip shares disintegrate outturn Broaching split with laughter net Mete ramification come apart weal assign Scalded utilities dismember move apart glamour issue pause mouth get going portion splinter rimation warped hollow Nope splitting allotment tear set out knock around start burst out laughing not present cicatrix horselaugh wedge apart stoma perforation on the rocks earnings reduce to rubble dividedness hassle speculative stock desertion reverse split sell out sever v-shaped cwm giggle unbar go disjoint slope off telltale unconnected separable cavity crushed quiescence walk off (somewhere) bust a gut strike out (somewhere) remove rupture leg it ripped rive crash broach hack loose cast off tap quarter stock disclosure pimpled divvy up lagniappe steels Scarified slip away disfigure issued capital stock groove report variation spread ambivalent unlock undecided scorched tell on burned telling divisive blemished termination vamoose from go down buy Unbuild knock off off administer forking split volley expand slip detachable deal out slice up lay open prorate guffaw turn out Ramified throw off fly open jarring fenestra pass gouge fink burst out unbridgeable declassify words skin out in pieces branch Fancies overturn powder neutralisation shop ho-ho disconnect fall to pieces stock split slice removed blue chip stock divaricate parting of the ways foramen disengage excise head for Yawned judicial separation pit violate oath piss adjourn excavation interruption wreak havoc on forked hostility birthmark explosion overwhelm duck and run unload decay run off seasoned stock shaft verge disjoin mortice smash not a sign of BOG OFF vicinity discord Yawed fork common stock piercing participating preferred stock dike chipped disarticulate in shreds go fifty-fifty cicatrize jaw rime mangled torn prize open knock down cleft absquatulate nevus jump needle scar uncoupled journey annulment left notch guaranteed stock nook leap tongue Cicatrized checked disunity uncommitted uncover force open pull back tumble defaced vitiate allot betray erode moiety off-load vacillating carve tears stock list torpedo standard stock Riven aperture in half With Kinked disunite swing open blemish cracked scabby Scabbed dent halve make for pull to pieces chap col go out estrangement divorce sneak wrong unblock cut adrift clearing whittle high-flier jimmy hoodwink way zigzag measure dissect disgorge flume set incision ventilator Couloir talk jackpot negation busted run along opposition quota helping water down special situation stock altercation exposure decamp knot zip wavering eighth stock inform drive off unbind abscond hee-haw stand apart Coulee part Halved carve up lam bust fistula open see pore yawn vent dog it Dimidiate separation piece smashed bust in voting stock bifurcate slash come down cut off expose break-up take leave cackle shut off chimney leave stranded eyelet box canyon expel kite sebaceous cyst arroyo take qualify freckle Equities craze dip stir separated check out defective nest egg cachinnate gaping depart fall out canyon gappy run abysm skip water opening ravel revelation leak not watertight defile nullify kink open (sth) up footprint pockmark jilt worse off tear apart jumbled shoot through sunder cat jigsaw give away titter bottle by two scarify borrowed stock eruption breakaway dichotomy unfold gash fault make a quick exit peach Y-shaped formation cloven omit filtration furrow inseparable two-time inform on Quotum otherness keloid demolish broke detachment polarize gone pale blue chip estrange hurry burst into laughter adieu disjunction Jumped vanish hypothecated stock spring open winnings interval schism cast out game kiss goodbye scissor draw deferred stock nonagreement recall of ambassadors blow up Bisected bottleful double-cross shake with laughter ragged assignment irresolute leaky wind-up end drift skedaddle middle withdraw metropolis crow disruption disfiguration exacerbated mar go separate ways HIT crater butcher sulcus Dispart vertical take-off channel abyss tear 1 POQ out-of-it inactive stock scab unclothe uncertain spring a leak jab lance harm fracture shout knocked over beat it corporate stock breaking up killing eject subdivide verruca move out break with nearly die laughing zipped breakup parcel Nonconcurrence King's evidence disfigurement laugh acrobatic stunt rent Quartered embarkation flight prune walk out on untangle roar turf see yourself out blue chip severed interstice whack snitch total allocate indecisive alienation set aside uncork sequester yield inextricable nest consume embittered unstopping torn asunder kablooey vesicle irritated pour segment outskirt grooved squeal twist damage severance ladder income stock damaged in shards disentangle seam scratch pronged give wreck voiding aggravated junket transpire make a run for it leave flat step-up break down heritage out-to-lunch come away whitehead slashed neutralization cranny take a powder resolution cracking ready chuckle obliteration avoid hot issue wear away keyhole hurt unwrap inlet fission imbalance head out slope bifid uncouple of two minds jigsawed difference burst ill feeling unravel incised rip divide go AWOL throwing open ten-share unit stock tell shove off void quantum show yourself out hatch go into convulsions unyoke break disunited peel yuk-yuk disunion surface shake like jelly quotient march worsened flawed no more walk make hash of tear open gully spill one's guts kind chop alienate hiatus quit the scene output halt Illude pull in pieces bust-up emoluments go off check joint pulverize eschew saw break to pieces disconnected spread out hackle blast take off leaving agree to disagree abrupt crazed pierce Leaves scission mutilated bleb dole out ha-ha pinprick lump rimulose scale specialty stock in bits shriek evulse scarred share dialysis deconstruction authorized capital stock flare parted vacate fissure falling out mushroom wrench obstacle duck out cut in two wrest let go cross break into apportioned wormhole fraction scarper pimply dell clear out velvet short stock experience passageway give out flake kiss throw open extract weaken unissued capital stock rat keep apart detach make a break for it niche separate nonvoting stock worse stock ledger shattered in two yaw gulf gat ending snort deformed cut up alien rend asunder set apart nark breakdown zone break apart gossip desert shit stirrer omission fly tore bisect skip out tear to pieces invalidation withholding


cleft compartmentalize come apart subdivide assigned tear uncoupled snap ruptured divorced Halved unglued disjoin separated segregated unhinge dismember budgeted Dealt Earmarked sunder notched left put asunder Nicked incise pare go separate ways divide cracked removed Gave segmented disunite shared apportion divvy up axe detached scissor slice sliced Deflected disintegrate Mete given distribute partition estrange assign bisect measure fragmented Insulated slice the pie cut dispersed fissured allocate insulate partitioned parcel disband estranged Bisected portion go fifty-fifty disunited part tore Meted go even-steven Disengaged branched segment Rented divvy Unglue give disassociate Parceled Amputated disaffiliate divided allotted give way mete out come undone rend rupture hack dismantle Excised uncouple Sundered Disassociated indented severed broke cleaved cleave Scored Unfix serrated splinter zone allot dispensed measured amputate gashed deal ripped slitted dispense rent disassemble slit disengage dissociate divorce open disconnected distributed unhinged torn alienate separate fork deflect disassembled detach Veered isolate dichotomize serrate budget bifurcate rive share rip forked branch disconnect Diverged sever allocated parted gape compartmentalized diverge whack axed allow burst chunked spread bifurcated dissever earmark break disaffiliated broken incised slice up Portioned remove segregate pull apart chinked set disperse ration parcel out Pared dismantled Disintegrated part company dole rationed unfixed disjoined dissect fragment apportioned carve up dissociated alienated veer halve disarticulate excise dissected Allowed

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