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What is another word for sores?

Below is the list of synonyms for sores. Here you can see the other names for sores.



wale sac furuncle mischief flecks disservice Chips excrescence irritation rise Agonies Blisters Miseries turbulence discomforts stitches tortures weals misfortune burning nicks burn scabies slits bulla specks Earaches notches indignation acrimony blight rage checks eyesores lesion boiling point Stains sufferings smutch damages pangs irritations gash energy laceration fierceness fire gashes Aches Rabidity wound persecution Cramps nick tenderness impurities scab boo-boo scrapes burns Headaches cracks sores furor force outrage Freckles stings anguishes cyst ulcer boil ache scores detriment flare-up frenzy dermatitis canker pockmarks pustule malaises pain psoriasis Ouch cricks soreness slow burn blots infection mark acerbity ferocity rash pimple Wounds conniption chop power wheal disaster stigmata bruise carbuncle scuffs Migraines throbs bites faults bag violence Fractures brands kinks Scars torments Bruises splotches throes black and blue weal welt loss distortions wen ill hurts disfigurements impetuosity scourge imperfections bleb Scales prejudice stew severity eruption dots abscess corruption eczema flaws hacks Injuries disadvantage stabs spots savagery afflictions ire discomfort tempestuousness distresses asperity injury defects blister mange scratches lesions gripes Rampancy blow pang scabs cut sore madness blain skin disease discolorations black and blue mark vesicle pains vehemence racks passion pouch might cancer holes blotches suffering corrosion intensity bane tumor Spasms drawbacks storm* ill-treatment wrong Warts bubble rot distress vesication defacements abrasions Blemishes Inflammations Deformities scratch tarnishes down harm rifts marks


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