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What is another word for sink?

Below is the list of synonyms for sink. Here you can see the other names for sink.




drop embrasures lowerings settlings lose heart wobble perpetrate mudbath flag entrenchments plow into bowl darken down bounding main cuddle up go in dip cesspit incision spoil do something of your own accord tub tank fall-off descend into sink seaways languish wash up ewer come to baize slip into lose your balance/footing bidet fosses seaway finish lapse hunker down crenel cesspool put in ring not scruple to do something fail regret fend for yourself curl up sewer eclipse underwrite destroy cistern stab weaken escalate crenels attain commit deafen entrenchment skid despair downtrend soak in ruin fulfill shrink go/run off the rails hot tub spear billiards shatter scallop resort to spiral dining tables pass carry mind your own business depression tureen splash basin break down stand-alone total cue push pocket save waste go solo compromise yourself/your position sump impale retrograde enter foxholes stick bathtub frame dining table con-cavity embrasure undo swim do your own thing pool speculate dwindle bury sinkhole foxhole thrust break go off stoop diminish flop invest brinies give up on roll over ache hedge dive drive plunge in demolish fosse waterway jacuzzi earthwork briny deep gravitate right register shower sinkings drain bar billiards bunk wax knowledge smash echo transgress table pan dinner table vat cross up sag come lose/give up hope cue ball gutter earthworks full moon bath nose dive strong submerse washtub touch fall off better crater upset yourself be alone in (doing) something dig wrack plunge into fizzle reverberate drop down bankrupt slump get down amplify swell mourn lay grieve orbit Cloacae pay into dent say/wave/kiss goodbye to something trench pine cushion come up feel sorry for someone wreck falloff cloaca waterways ocean dishpan scallops ram sell out pitch slide down torpedo subside founder douche bed down help

transitive noun

flop be clobbered kingdom drain be staggered cover destroy indent recidivate quiet kitchen sink hook double corrode come to grief pull down lodge outdistance trophyless Deliquesce oblige gulp down do a fade-out slide down cheapen gut fizzle faint slump photo finish fizzle out evaporate knock the bottom out of obstruct cook forget descend nod leave no trace unmake assault bring down jog soak armpit rot fell overpower sump enter dike abort go to the bottom disperse ablate change place corrupt couch taper off darken jump revert wrinkle overburden plop down blast be felled resort humiliate eliminate use up fade out ease put down low ground Sank fleet outlet keep aloof nosedive conk out go off come unstuck melt away aggravate gouge empty hole pass overwork flit suppress amount to wreck head crypt quiet down obscure Funnel Chest lead 1 destroyer whirl settle down crash out force down shower stall keep root injure bath nix natural process push down lowering depreciate lapsing heat ambush Retrocede engulf flow wheeze soar droop blinder achieve spin hash up vessel run tub jostle fleshpots widen the distance the Hand of God dissolve notch unsay retrogress burying screw up douse jabbing impact degenerate lower contract floatation wane lapsed babylon have a mishap get over weaken washbowl settle lament overlook become softer walloping alight mire dash cloaca sty puncture relegation zone ram flotation overcome overturn veer automatic dishwasher press down dish jobs devastation run low Disimprove unbend change impregnate harass den jackhammer grow weak flee cancel lower the spirits activity irk ruin peter out hush imbed dishearten scratch cast down fall down bring to naught finger bowl fatigue souse plump speculate bail dishtowel turn gray hold drubbing ewer immerse nose-dive yawn set lay out money varsity watercourse extirpate wipe out lose strength bog flounder wash boiler decline washtub hunch quell annoy outflank Bemean shatter depart dig get along do in shutout misapply ocean cloaca maxima excavation winner incise accomplish knock down do 1 buy in sabotage tip over vouchsafe loll hang down shell fail gutter irritate tie natural action knock against neck flop down worsen unbent pierce hand over marsh grow old dampen win become suicidal move down hang Vail mount break wear thin totter dispirit let vault incur garbage dump take net skid mildew destruction vandalise headchute atomize eat channel bate romp undermine die lapse mow down vandalize go self-destruct circle ball up mess up bust nixed zap cave in ascend annul mutilate cistern go downhill lay invest sough drainboard fix septic tank chasten marinate foul up verge apocalypse alveolus ride lessen insert lose swamp treble turn over nick make lower lay out go down miss erase drive shoot down come put away play hell with be eaten away sap costly displace offence washing pot emaciate disappear whitewash cascade thrust shovel buoy remit shower demolish disgrace washstand languish record touch bottom indispose sadden level ninepins overstrain submerge underestimate map jam-pack mudsling depression impoverish sink of corruption scoop grow weary VUG modify trample basin draining board dethrone intermit molder move away prostrate sewer drop down cease to exist tilt degrade induce relapse impair dip founder shipwreck narrowing down cup disintegrate leave the scene wash-hand basin buster be lost nose dive attack nonplus dunk swag retire from sight fade away Misemploy slope right knock off pass away do for vandalism nudge out tail off shift leave behind lean go to the dogs x out dish soap punch bowl natural depression sink money in lowland obtain socket bury sudden death scupper have a comedown blow snarl up hinder bathtub square gouge out venture peak bankrupt run out bulldoze consume away ease off interject move over get softer run aground sinus down sink away abrogate restrain trip change posture waste away waste depress impede gomorrah precipitate let down hide melt like snow overhang go away open be stricken unsaying outplay drop off arrive at erode rout enfeeble dive void hold up shake quash untrustworthy play out louse up take apart follicle rotate puff dampen the spirits overwhelm swallow hole devastate lacuna inundate succumb wrack shower head repine turn carve pant turn turtle maul golden goal jut chew overrun saboteur raze extinguish waste disposal hit the dirt walk annihilate get worse mask humble upset place retire convincing scoop out budge ease up become quieter countersink bring low mangle embed deluge make an investment bollix plop hit rock bottom sink unit knock back wash barrel go under underrate slouch trim wax write kneel game-changing Downbear hollow out pit jag snafu points deduction unload impel slip away shower bath valley mine get tired tea towel clear push drown scoreboard pitch sodom ground tunnel patronize underprice negotiate lose sight of vanish from sight expunge promedios concave scrubber keel over close-run float discourage vacuum somersault stab enfold pocket vex hang on knock over enervate go to pot scar crater baptize hand basin travel take down ebb crumble hump wear down have had enough putrefy dishcloth haul down outrun bugger up be engulfed undervalue give way Demit gyrate stand off subside nig abandon smash tea cloth golden generation impression waterlogged weigh upon vacate progress Overset resurface sluice mark out move off jade lavatory mole overtax job joint be reduced to mortify nixing Immerge wipe go around lay on washing-up scuttle erosion blight incision go sideways enshroud misuse poop out liquidate upset the boat Washpot come down unpick ignore pan scourer depredation climb despair puff and blow weigh heavy upon washing-up liquid outmaneuver belittle second 1 recede penetrate concede open up bugger mired score give out decay vitiate shower room knock out crack up cheat the undertaker melt Piscina damp dematerialize sink down be submerged despond come apart imbibe reduce yearn wash basin torpedo sink like lead sag gasp inclination dead heat dishwasher antrum retrograde sink in crown scouring pad suffer an eclipse give pull groove slump down ducking buy into knocking down slide deteriorate off plow back into regress deject fall off attenuate stream unravel muck up rip come in gravitate move pull away invest in walkover stick ko scrape throw x-out exasperate buoyant Reinvest game changer plumbing fixture wizen debase oneself abscond crush atrophy gully reach the depths send to the bottom go to pieces hit the skids mar pummel queer idle thin scrabble scoreless abash spoil expire jab tumble let up risk oppress debase be giving up the ghost burrow register avoid giving publicity drill roller towel pan indentation action alveolation thrust down cease to be Washdish ax quarry washbasin grub knife throw away be gone whip HIT deepen cesspool abase tear 1 bend bog down dishpan the golden boot nosh list pandemonium fly mold concavity walkaway spade put an end to put the kibosh on stave heave hammer won scorecard lap flow back goalscorer hellhole aquamanile lose heart fire showers knocked over propel repress vanquish grand slam get lower topple knock dodder font delve stoup urge drop fold wither away fall return trash put light going under hollow collapse sacking impale drift away get quieter plummet killer wallow keep apart hush up overload heel wear out gum up quieten down grieve disfigure bag reel pip jack Jading finish off submerse unsinkable wash out quagmire Drainer undercut flag financier cut wrecking ball get through to pine unabating furrow total bore undo jampack get on Detrude stir devastated excavate sacrifice tax be the ruin of implant omit overflow den of iniquity make discontented sinkhole pay go bad on infiltrate kennel vacuity vat fade dig out flump weary nose-dived tend shrivel fall back back go soft allow pass out draw break down burn out mope refloat effluent cavity stoop beat down turn white run down plant suffer a misfortune force flood trough perforate lavish end bowl crash lead withdraw sinkage engraft wear away diminish top half winner-take-all yield point obliterate tire overthrow tend to go wear dump lavabo trench exit dynamite wreak havoc on play hob with wither conceal capsize cesspit lose ground abolish adulterate plunge in water in age rub out plumb the depths quaff overcrowd brothel become submerged overtire get oblivion dwindle incline kill washing machine ruination cease backslide trounce fall in vicious best upset the applecart sack merge assail evanesce quieten nauseate defeat dispel seal the doom of strike go round duck shower curtain devour keel moderate vanish demean eradicate cave shrink decrease wilt abate flatten take out not come off dissipate jam fall away venal consume hammering demolition ball take a header amortize pitchpole hit a slump retreat go downwards sunken slip use tip plunge bollix up equalize be slipping away bidet crumple vamoose die out flump down finish narrow down die away bear down be consumed lower oneself be poleaxed take down a peg exhaust hollow shell back up kos wipe slate clean efface peg out whelm dredge washer perish


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