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What is another word for sharpen?

Below is the list of synonyms for sharpen. Here you can see the other names for sharpen.


comfort save better change shape instrument restructure sugar-coated hone renew strengthen shot demystify delineate convey freshen inexpressible chop harden sound spiky chronicle perk alter double boost remedy key up oilstone description chisel leaven get redeem describe step up uplift picture enrich cement assign walk streamline remedial say justify deepen embroider build up explicate worsen lay flail regenerate characterize liven (sb) up refine belabour file change intensity rationalize brush indefinable upskill exasperate reformer heat up reinvigorate augment undefinable difference galvanize spiny repair upgrade taper term indescribable improve reinforce salt enlarge prickly touch mitigate upgradation chase deteriorate concentrate expository reformed mechanize sharply lighten rehabilitate reset sharpen (sth) up revitalize hot up focalise reorganize explicable help improver sour cuspidate palliate irritate change form improve on reform elucidate raise explanatory spur cast salve mollify define focus accelerate reignite optimization right adumbrate provoke enhancer power message correct remediate point pointed illuminate relieve clarification strap sensibilize animate enhance romance disabuse aculeate heal light modify fortify sketch straighten profile blow up drill jell invigorate reinforcement motorize agent provocateur characterization What beef up nail shape excite boil up allay long upskilling magnify razor-sharp perk up card deform make pique aggrandize soup up machine revamp heighten more excuse evocative black revolutionize give tighten lift make complex revivify gel work stimulate adduce thumbnail sketch stiffen spiked deepening unfold trace make sensitive explain set survey enliven fillip keen salvage scene embitter cushion expound annotate humanize best grind sweeten remediation soup descriptive cultivate schematic strop heat hand come sensitize rehabilitation intensify distillate assuage pointy cloud time pick up confuse mill aggravate fill ameliorate fuel pinpoint embroidery illustrate rectify take thicken demythologize rough Explaining compound clear up revive enlighten elevate sting hop up toughen complicate retool exhilarate Spiculate flesh tonic iterative annoy spice stroke extenuate whet stir evoke ease consolidate chip away pill go exaggerate tool increase turn resuscitate upliftment HIT definition benefit shore frame bootstrap hair vamp tweak ramify viz obscure spike mean make acute booster adjust change power (sth) up jazz up purify argue strontium fortification crimp ginger clear unpack world exacerbate accountable triple clarify edge barb acuminate redouble infuse life into crystallize make worse amplify condense bolster quicken cut liven (sth) up home solidify patch alleviate outline spell boil performance-enhancing account hold dress concentrated focalize sharp

transitive noun


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