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What is another word for severance?

Below is the list of synonyms for severance. Here you can see the other names for severance.


segmentations dismemberment parceling interruption partition bisection apportionment breaking otherness commission nonuniformity splitting the atom atom smashing dismiss split-up flow-on embarkation pension off break fissure bisections defection there are plenty more fish in the sea disunity splitsville non-uniformity disjuncture bonus vivisections breach Alterity carvings Recreancy dissolution break-off splittings dedomiciling give someone notice assemble rift bi-section Disseverance divorcement decree nisi Good-bye lay off disjunction analysis benefit disownment cleavage mutilations distinguishing fragmentation flexible benefits Disparting cross-roads leave-taking demarcation separation Recreance rendings reduction diagnosis dialysis segmentation leavetaking disruption departmentalizing Cross-road Separating disconnectedness splitting up tergiversation detachment cutting up disrelation Detaching falling out division rupture distribution fracture breaking up fission mutilation cutoff separate maintenance disjointedness carving get the boot unrelatedness company car divorce breaking down Inconsonance failings dissimilarity pffft contrasting fire pay off severing dividing dissociation strife disunion on the rocks expense account pink slip repudiation split double time rationing parting retire expenses subdivision part breakup ease out discharge rending selection atomic reaction autopsy valediction Disseverment incomparability combat pay breakoff leave-takings vivisection Disuniting disparateness parting of the ways

transitive noun

embarkation rupture backsliding redundancy calculation golden parachute arrest hole cessation slicing disposition unholy mess atm card expatriation fragmentation tear cleavage disconnection dissociation panel thermonuclear reaction carving pffft hearing distance distinction fractionation recognition departmentalizing breakaway enucleation firing demarcation falling-out redundancy pay failure room divider splintering inconsistency elimination distribution hard cash Inconsonance unemployment apostasy crossroads obstruction interstice separation specialization break off exiting liquidation commotion exile removal leave-taking opening hindrance break-off recess freeze branch wall divorce interim secession golden handshake comparison tearing partitioned partitions termination pay intrusion companionate conflict breaking down agitation redundancy money impediment comparability bill Outlawing compensation segmentation eradication split-ups slashing incoherence Disseverance Ebullition splitsville letup rending chaos Sundering vivisection break chasm leaving bringing together intermission dichotomy excision individualization quiescence Detaching cutting off boot interlude rejection carve-up variation schism ejection diversification exlusion alienation cash incongruity mix-up discard alteration portion fissure bank card split disunity breach antagonism dividing Recreancy interval Chopping gratuity heterogeneity discrimination cutting up ripping hearing unrelatedness Recreance interference laying-off resection faithlessness breakup management bisection breaking analysis mutilation section splinter abstraction breakage autopsy dismemberment cashpoint card smart card breaches Choosing cleft particularization pickings forsaking parting of the ways rebellion turmoil Disseverment wound detachment Abeyancy adieu diagnosis severance payment nonuniformity clearance lacuna voucher parting hush money partings subdivision personalization cutoff fractionalization imbalance unconnectedness contrast divorcement Distinguishment surgery termination purge confusion tergiversation divide splitting barrier threshing marking sweetener modification Desynonymization divergence traveller's cheque strife outlawry making a choice rationing Blank Cheque nuclear fission contrasting certification carving up Alterity cleaving revolt halt atomic reaction cash card Separations standing order splitting up disunion stoppage partitioning abscission argument void disequalization cut severing failing job loss Certified Cheque Disparting check withdrawal split-up Separating piece distinguishing atomization estrangement judicial separation suspension valediction gulf dissolution break-up compartment layoff flare up turning away annulment partition parenthesis stop selection break up disjunction cutting ostracism weakening quarrel apportionment taking apart screen necropsy change unlikeness cut-off burst differentiation reduction outbreak Disuniting Anatomization splitting the atom dissension fission farewell breaking apart disagreement Good-bye allotment baksheesh Differencing individuation exercising judgment interruptions isolation on the rocks hitch otherness separate maintenance latency foul-up retreat earshot hiatus official separation breakoff severalization hairline fracture uncoupling fracture laceration breaking up incomparability offset valley gap blackout crack segregation expulsion rent disjuncture riddance auditory range butchering extrication anarchy goodbye rift Fractures abandonment disengagement interruption going lack disassociation breakdown trouble division share per annum pause disposal atom smashing repudiation bifurcation parcelling obstacle parceling abeyance scission variance falling out discontinuity severance pay exemplification deportation giro amputation

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