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What is another word for scores?

Below is the list of synonyms for scores. Here you can see the other names for scores.


infinitudes Algorithms Phalanxes great unwashed Dictionaries gobs flood sores computations peoples approximations lots disfigurements flaws daybooks Budgets lot valuations flock logbooks scrolls large number distortions systems estimations crevices umpteen streams brands oodles eyesores workbooks rafts abrasions ledgers rifts bank books Manifests Deformities chronicles digests legion files notebooks phalanx pockmarks collections appraisals dozens details albums large indefinite quantity piles large indefinite amount splits scads tons Phalanges rosters imperfections pads calculations lashings logs statistics Summaries army novels multitude stacks annals rolls clefts tables thoughts determinations rank and file itemizations infinitude assessments chinks crowd deductions indents drawbacks scrapbooks storybooks cuts repertories waybills books gaggle calendars Inventories many and then some divisions zillions dockets Measurements conclusions stigmata annuals weals slews faults considerations statements Histories stores thesauruses Diaries jogs Tablets Evaluations suppositions cash books great deal gaps throngs zillion large numbers yearbooks judgements dense mass Registries inferences great number wads lists heaps lexicons many mathematics lesions holes cloud incisions gaggles Censuses whole slew loads blotches recordings scabs mob registers ruck methods indentations presumptions Journals impurities Catalogs discolorations defacements Indices kinks Thesauri Records invoices Warts menus treasuries myriad bills

transitive noun


specks methodizes approximates disfigures Freckles abrades enumerates takes gets Scars sets considers Measures taints figures Rights obtains amasses damages gashes weighs orchestrates supposes ranks wrangles reaps counts deduces guesses notches totals deforms controls triangulates Fractures Stains evaluates wins establishes tabulates screens harvests arranges quantizes recounts balances scrapes cleaves Indexes systematizes unifies reckons rates incurs adds marks heaps fetches types Schedules nets presumes checks thinks accounts Forms frames Scales flecks collates spoils journalizes accumulates captures sums composes hacks slits quantifies organizes claims maintains itemizes assumes harmonizes Surveys Studies sorts places surmises schematizes lithographs designs sifts acquires lands determines fixes buys catches defaces pockets Blisters devises pigeonholes settles hurts values charts normalizes Blemishes lures notes retrieves arrays benchmarks incises stabilizes engraves subordinates rationalizes schemes adjusts regulates nicks infers scratches palms audits summarizes dots mediates unsnarls scuffs classifies spots prepares plans stratifies garners serrates Classes separates shapes cracks groups splotches discolors Tallies appraises etches orders Chips plots multiplies bags secures Marshals procures gauges collects grades structures assesses concludes mars supports Tests integrates judges estimates categorizes Programs documents blots distorts calculates receives computes calibrates corners tarnishes casts annexes purchases divides defects

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