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What is another word for rust?

Below is the list of synonyms for rust. Here you can see the other names for rust.



transitive noun

cardinal titian-red wine Ferruginous carnation pest glowing brown nibble away perish embrown dry rot roan rubicund heterophyte sea wrack planktonic algae port-wine rubify Order Uredinales oxidize sunburned plant families toadstool apple rust ruddy moth flaming miniate mahogany brazen Melampsora Lini Rubiginous rubricose chestnut climber sea lentil Obsolesce decline corrode resolution perthophyte blister rust superannuate dilapidate crumble Gules henna iron-red eat away saprophyte decomposition Gymnosporangium Juniperi-virginianae grapevine adust uredinales russet fiery advection ruby mold must inflame inflamed degradation adiabatic creeper bracken seaweed white-pine rust rot redden infrared Cupreous molder impregnate flax rust fungus reddened ruddle lurid titian dissolve pea sea moss secretion antiquate eat into copper liana erosion mildew reddish-amber date disintegration Russety sargasso atrophy outdate herb vaporize Puccinia Graminis Flame-colored parasite lichen cherry degradability lose currency condensation liverwort hot lobster-red lipstick parasitic plant wort aecium Cronartium Ribicola scald Rufescent rockweed grow old flame-red aeciospore bronze-colored stammel gulfweed gothite puffball age coppery cherry-red diffraction foxy delapidate bay-colored blight legume fret scarlet fucus madder canker rubric ivy vinaceous red algae brownish-red dissolution gnaw wine-red corruption Bricky warm spoilage rust-brown mushroom eat oxidization tile-red tarnish copper-colored bay algae wrack autophyte livid-brown damage corroding fungus damask oxidisation tan rust-red sargassum puce ruby-red pulse carmine adsorb bronze deteriorate red redox ruby-colored castaneous terra-cotta moth and rust carnelian refraction kelp Laky rouge rusting incarmined Rufous oxidate white pine blister rust suntan chromatic reddish alpha decay reddish-brown mould become extinct auburn bronzed goethite bayard decay Lateritious brown algae diatom rusty worm exothermic reaction fire-red Confervoid rust-colored red-dyed incarnadine vermilion red-looking cherry-colored go stale become obsolete erode wine-colored breakup green algae wheat rust rust fungus disorganization suction chestnut-brown maroon Liver-colored oxidation conferva crimson ferric oxide liver-brown Fust dilapidation fade moss cancer fruits and vegetables phytoplankton plant disease smut lentil Ruddied processus flax rust red-ink infuscate lake-colored cerise bean vetch addition reaction sunburn corrosion saponification succulent Biodegradation biodegradability cedar-apple rust vine fossilize fern blast degradable burn stagnate rehydrate oxidise

noun, adjective


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