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What is another word for restrict?

Below is the list of synonyms for restrict. Here you can see the other names for restrict.


transitive noun

bottle up be into harness register palliate hem in circumscribe modulate reserve draw a line check demarcate tie bar trammel mark off taboo pound mew control hamper handicap bound throttle minor in cut back scant detain mitigate pen up gate temper keep in schedule make assignments reduce draw the line box ration go in feature moderate major in specialize ordain enclose copyright delimitate contain cork up rationing coop keep in custody mark out hedge halter set limits modify be strong in stiffen cage immobilize non-proliferation taper hold in hamstring infringe regulate alter rail in localise inhibit encumber baffle restrict to leaven qualification set aside fence in contract season qualify mark out for restrain confine mew up curb go in for immure narrow set off skimp portion off destine detail hedge about damage limitation constrict chain stint hold in custody allot set abate rein shackle straiten keep within bounds curtail hold in restraint cumber keep within bounds or limits stabilizer shut in crib clampdown Encage tighten up rule box in regulate by bind immobilise shut up pen pursue specialize in impound cloister lot follow keep from spreading discipline cramp condition wall in limit debilitate assign to tighten hem assign delimit shrink appoint patent set apart hold impede coop up set conditions earmark diminish abridge Snape localize soften classify clip someone's wings crack down strangle fate coop in draw in muzzle appropriate to assuage seal up allocate tag adjust to clamp down keep in detention box up constrain


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