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What is another word for render?

Below is the list of synonyms for render. Here you can see the other names for render.


transitive noun

accede grow into launch knock over hold sway water get rid of bush vanish alter boss lick transistorise reduce to construe implement fuel come to Colliquate metamorphose donate operate press out berth become instigator give in vacillate glaze symbolize intercommunicate dado fire execute utter patch form top mete out interpret make jaw obey grate chord commit recite invoice reinstate apportion extract renounce worst gloss bring to fruition agent defrost be on satisfy holding forth opine transistorize arrive at bring hand over narrate restore copy pour convey take care of insist validate leave in the lurch live up to award fiddle hand map out fancy toggle make restitution get across render up note go round (somewhere) indemnify invent characterize filler envision induce step fund fret head up interpretation originate transpose ticket bring in open up Top out lay send word portray transliterate take a rubbing establish ham it up invoke reconvert wive wallboard edge requite bow give back interpreting measure overhaul joint lay down bring off swap resubmit open to view dispense decode lay down the law cornice transfer fashion effectuate furnish duplicate look upon partner write down yielding unravel conceive enact pass on modify dish out provide endow paraphrase oust draft set forth kick serve vouchsafe retract assignment resign beget hobnail slat work give birth recompense finish explain appear as go on afford decree perpetrate soften hold dominion work out declare present pass out promulgate air-condition wax bring to change into explicate accommodate bed theme manage vacate computerise knock together initiate justify advance limn change purify achieve flood concede make over bring to pass take back capitalise laying give words to Mete generate guess hamming knock socks off air distill tried diagram steep vent invest assimilate to record overpower hold out enforce master accord write out gab turn in open tube notate throw fix up constitutionalize outplace compensate headquarter image indulge seat propose direct unbend make a sacrifice causeway border infer coat bring on glut evince shelter put couch hack it turn back pass over effect signalise hat get retell mutate abandon procure indicate Kicks allot move scant capitalize kill swear off wasting away voice give whisker brattice crenelate withdraw carry through remunerate wharf curtain actuation delineate stock up overwhelm venture lipped handle stake HIT infuse break down maintain multiply fuse sacrifice simulate pay back reproduce qualify kicked give over inflict cough up turn over fill out inform canal equip proffer liquefy step forward rail have done with illustrate define signalize corbel canalize get around heap Deliquesce get in disclose improvise iterate unfreeze trying fee kick in quitclaim figure mount bequeath meet copper-bottom bail tap dump dissolve confer stint make music volunteer enunciate play signal quote manifest announce thaw sing broadcast wasted away liquesce make plain DO transform hydrate drop proclaim Furnishing gift give rise to extend decoct cater provision transmit heads up order allow melt give up yield part with terrasse keep posted solve solicit air-cool expound give voice put forward kiss good-bye Visioning quit instigate communicate accomplish return lavish wreak Offered rehearse re-establish leave word give freely bewhisker outline pronounce interpreted knock off invert administer wring out bring to life engender understand arrange machicolate imitate rise strike concentrate outlive forswear bring about salary oversupply unzip live as knock up finger prosecute shift put forth dole discharge print oversee make available bring down the house cause verbalise retrofit entrust fidget reduce roughcast speak conclude hold the reins rain warm hand out Tendering vanquish reach undepicted put across railroad annotate switch account for feed change over worsted cede hurdle itemize skimp visualize head ventilate adjudge act out show spare gate plaster say depict earn wings recant terrace exchange reward fit write up do without stock blow do the job be victorious transcribe smelt send rub reiterate feather look after trade pay by installments bring out flux trace out rephrase charge get there represent assign tender honor accompany guerdon register get the better of handing over put through be in the saddle build guide carry interleave mold run restate breed read drown plasterboard surface deal cloy computerize waste away produce deal out kicking vouch shower furnished melt down wrought abjure chart bear give forth weather key slip fork out hold forth bestow coal exercise authority share with arm sanitate fork up turn mimic win resolve into plasterer complete offer grant throw up put in force administrate hold office waive articulate kick back describe ingeminate catch a likeness prepay knocked over merge give word translate evaporate surrender break help to reflectorize excuse give away analyze go give out leave hint soak rim leverage unfold notify stucco add transact bottom reverse trace relate bring forward gift with up and do transmute get over occupy throne convert Picturize translation answer realize turn out lay out english formulate heel canalise supply express verbalize ramp blossom set out view schematize purvey executing best favor naturalize elucidate emit giving get along without write dole out issue uniform deliver over dispense with pass along yak character lead underlie pump disseminate map come across with snow pull off dispose of publish abide by try go into detail testify apply mortar introduce posit lip state repeat trace over tool knock out whip up forgo supplier do to transfigure wring do the trick exhibit fork over observe costume submit essentialize match upholster frame let have lavish upon lecture circulate phrase innervate evanesce administration line evidence bestow on -ize Unriddle pose perform share adhere to make known cause to be be in power visualise heat reflectorise evoke consign judge hold alphabetize leave holding the bag calk overcome liquidate subtitle display hand on disburse contribute picture pass make out report declaim imply untangle draw hand in overrule secure feed back kern surfeit disgorge date overthrow consummate buy in Overcoming sketch whelm free tell ham stage cause to become crenellate word wear the crown fulfill plant be a source of glass paint deliver switch over send in cleat hit off concertize pay lie fix up with lease yield up relinquish refine Demit repay suggest -ization mark caption impersonate vignette vary refund remit opt out interchange looking after play by ear do over jabber shell out lay upon crenel victual decipher clarify demonstrate Overcame distribute impart take and do forward get to rafter lend replace make it orate hand down pay on minister govern will manufacture recapitulate turn into offering symphonize index go and do hand back carry out outlay usher outfit headline reword bid inverse fit out leave in lurch act


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