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What is another word for relief?

Below is the list of synonyms for relief. Here you can see the other names for relief.



recreation coziness cure hitch re-formation condolence moral support abolitionism recess elation contour self-government social security balancings Re-presentation rest period projection Pharmacon temporaries re-establishment social welfare medicant largesse convenience drug playtime blow out Catholicon interval time off moderation merriments anesthesia easement suspension Reestablishment write-off pardon Temps interruption support helping hand largess alms self-determination knock-off warmth satisfaction ecstasy temporary expedient aftercare abatement permission hand acquittances jollity Effigies backup dole change clothing sculpture Self Determination stimulus iron in the fire makeover Social Services countermeasures pharmaceutical alms-giving look-alike enfranchisements relief payments delay salvation development service donate one's say fill in commiseration floater lift lifeboat discharge agency breather amnesty a change for the better/worse assistance motivation palliatives help artificial insemination government aid benisons chargeable chancellor of the exchequer acquittance sculptural relief Offertories happiness career woman Artificial Feeding locum tenens aid to dependent children goodie gift 1099 snugness snag ancillary counterpart molding procurators time saver old-age assistance time out deliverance duty officer citizenship rectifications Prayers rilievo changelings appeasement somnolence Community Services Mothering hand-outs license lightening tracings welfare payment REC ministration shelter concession audit analgesia government-provided services resourcefulness reprieve nirvana one's move cutoff wingding privilege a hand stoppage consolation pasteup junior benefit mildness encouragement delight lenity hour reworkings exception reliever redress quick-wittedness embossment waiver dismissal rescue Aid to the Blind succor the running euphoria re-creations hiatus motionlessness remedy opportuneness aid diversion vicar postponement Beleaguered alternative medicine active duty fix reassurances charitable corporate welfare wellbeing assist colleague Succedanea pleasure opulence giveaways paste-up substitute dispensation the hunt freedom softening rectification representative government Public Assistance Leisure Activities statuette extriction figurine satiety charity relievo hand-me-downs pastime good work attendant mockup carving contentedness easing locum re-creation balm remission Interregnums largesses invigoration good fortune counter-measures paste up bombed-out acupuncture black out resort Opportunities belligerent rest citizenships walkouts active service look alike dernier ressort medicine Freedoms relief floaters aromatherapy palliative amelioration changeling handiness maintenance wingdings free school lunch absolution quickwittedness apparatchik improvement benefaction hand-me-down nursing load off one's mind step change superior Soother countermeasure assisted living mannequin mercy stay cameo solace biologic figuration variety field day reinforcement write-offs good works statuettes donation knockoff serviceability Fairing good time let-offs air cover procurator entertainment breadwinner game plan expediency Almsgiving offsetting reassurance curatives biologics food contentment Counterstep mitigation bronze subscription good times standby backup man equal power Condolement welfare aid comfort increase Counter-agent aggressor panacea anaesthesia cause Allayment extrication clambake disimprisonment lineament remittance model quick fix succour abetment boost resource visuals correctives propitiation means test liberty inspiritment lookalike workmate giveaway auxiliary community service child support handout community chest joy supplanter desk person subordinate relaxation replacement self-improvement lifesaver Sympathies letup Remittances lifeboats cowboy casework plenty break walkout counteractant leap 1040 form subsistence support services sympathy turnaround ease counteragent the social associate pinch-hitter emancipation welfare do one's part benison let-off pause Secours alleviation bust configuration offertory excuse philanthropy mock-up battle cry forty winks restfulness palliation lineaments immunity lots of laughs mock-ups claw back succedaneum respite dreaminess exemption collection box opposite number restoratives avail divertissements comforting commuter child benefit fun and games cheer stand in mollification soothers kindness decoration refreshment welfare payments interregnum modicum Divertissement release facility hypodermic mock up Leisure Activity stalwarts hand-out enfranchisement hours acupressure facilitation Regalement cooling off one's turn cast interlude temp requiescence mite leisure upswing endowment statue figurines softheartedness the Boston Tea Party allowance public welfare opportunity figure Gifting sustenance assuagement co-worker

transitive noun

change decompression well being plinth grace quick-wittedness soothing temporary expedient ersatz oblation gem-cutting quiescence time at bat welfare state assistant floater utility boldness occasion anaglyph consolation retirement benefits lay field day vicar peace neglect lightening instruction encouragement depletion allowance Opportunities earth art AID AND COMFORT comfort absolution rescue dole health insurance facilitation understudy usurp personnel subsidiary tenderness walkouts oust metonymy ministry Auxiliaries second diversity vicissitude relay founding medallion freedom antithesis promotion facility platform clay sculpture disencumberment initiative tribute glyph fellowship breather supplanter goodwill social welfare manumission tuberosity humanity unimportance lenience counterfeit leniency vicissitudes low relief die-stamped gibbosity abatement festivity high time fulfillment allotment metaphor convenience gestalt modification good time unemployment insurance Chasing basso relievo blast ball unemployment compensation wherewithal relaxation bas-relief Socialized Medicine elevation slackening intervention scene outplace point of repose State Medicine cure-all chance lost-wax process reserve forces loosening gibbousness abet Excrescency prescription keep pecuniary aid million helpfulness pardon intermezzo offerings shred of comfort stopgap exchange portrait sculpture jollification moral support salience improvement katharsis wire sculpture jollity healing quality fake knock-off contrast feast exception pension detente decorative sculpture interruption inventiveness succedaneum sub legacy half-relief supporting tuberousness opportunity Ceroplastics naturalisation mask allowance treatment license projection alto rilievo minor gaiety generosity social insurance backup remedial measure imitation amelioration break embossed avail figuration shapes rest hand frolic largesse benefaction pinch hitter play support cradle-to-grave security decrease moment ADC opposition rest period therapy home rule Glyptic time off enfranchisement unburdening Reinforcements excuse fallback let-off uprightness contentment walkout alteration ghost embossment ten offering talent self-pity sign restorative dummy withdrawal moderation worth reprieve merriment assuagement calmness counteractive bulging gratuity freeing Varieties relieved nourishment furtherance grins superseder liberalization Sculpturing heroics quenching replacement interval attention gain cooperation favor monumental sculpture repose protuberance letup commiseration restfulness time locum tenens wingdings leg up ornament nostrum good turn balsam profile hunt nobility dissipation victuals exercise easiness undermine Plaquette paper sculpture remission garden sculpture equal protrusion diversion Anaglyptography visual care womb-to-tomb security justice breathing space unsaddling quelling negligence moratorium redress succor unlading welfare knack backup man alternate inferior definition inning Assuaging obliged eminence bash old-age insurance modicum hand-me-downs balm high relief invigoration permission restitution handout maquette Stonecutting reserve carving tip benefit fill in reassurance alleviation endowment medal handiness knockoff old-age assistance whack distraction sculptural relief CYSP sculpture upkeep mercy forbearance ghostwriter suspension spasmolysis sculptured advantage cut glass medicant charity excrescence medicare holiday quittance reinforcement welfare payments quickwittedness write-offs mezzo-rilievo raised nearness mirth helping hand iron in the fire medicine spell abetment interlude merrymaking diminution token Allayment breath accessory halt delay wonder extension unrestraint pause unemployment benefits liberation stipend motionlessness opportuneness mitigation pinch-hitter lifeboat bout corrective wits hand-me-down bronze satisfaction well-being benediction match prominent go kick takings hope protection changeling say surrogate unloading knock off bridge honorarium coffee break extra refreshment windfall hoard bestowal alterative shift welfare work delivery amusement delegate cameo plateau equivalent Allaying second string liberty happening agent substitution overthrow joyfulness hobby tolerance thank you immunity lessening salient duplicate boss tranquility donations gift bliss remedy incitement Substituent treat respite trust aid stunt man Anaglyptics ivory-carving healing shell-carving luck recreation exoneration possibility Tournure taking over help relievo quietude delineation subvention complacency originality sustenance comfortableness extenuation unballasting architectural sculpture scholarship release rilievo vote of thanks expedient vacation vengeance gentleness juncture figure disengagement good fortune guaranteed income good luck main features half time happiness recess successor count unfreighting reliever social security healing agent pathos assistance wealth glyptograph godsend ta copy mind easing substitute laughs unconstraint plaster cast minor-league step-down decompressing temp public welfare under turn order hew sympathy joyousness indemnification intaglio benison skeleton representative spare blow out Necessities metal sculpture installation draft benevolence tranquillity intaglio rilevato kindnesses warmth Vicissitudinous turnout lie of the ground anodyne lull reach intermission visuals third string utility player double hilarity bold understanding time out sovereign remedy welfare capitalism privilege Relieving peer refuge alternative basso rilievo dispensation amends venting trifle fresh kindness appreciative acquittal damages option trivial sculpture forgiveness cheer plastic art good deed proceeds backing heroism bless way Alleviating hush mite beneficence quota alto relievo bust subsidy legibility resting point elixir joy molding welfare aid thanks KOHA measure variety ingenuity contour escape temporary auxiliary assurance liberalisation panacea big time unseat prominence optimism outline good offices wellness waiver gifts downtime win pleasure breath of fresh air wood carving phony tracing carve foil secondary offices vindication procurator ministration maintenance vice-president makeshift disburdening fun lifesaver waxwork game good works casting insignificant comparison guaranteed annual income kindliness Public Assistance supply write off collaboration proxy handouts subsidization cheers! take over hand-out condolence physic ringer analogy ruth cherub indulgence lift use annuity quarter giving gladness own accord harmony salvation Occupational Safety pity Embossing cure assist naturalization good cupid sphinx luxury bellying easement alimony service unimportant image back-up interim peacefulness other intermittence leisure off-time specific remedy vicarious number two Whittling alms exemption emancipation figurine symbol nutriment gratification redemption qualification deliverance truce locum time saver receipt omission patronage discharge palliative untaxing boon mildness extrication cessation appeasement tax benefit method grant let-up analeptic succour diversification virtue entertainment grant-in-aid recipe engraving LINEs facilitate offertory bounty openness justification medicament configuration fix mezzo-relievo round cover tributary comforting frieze fun and games office stunt woman hiatus boost write-off half-time intermission synecdoche uplift opening inconsiderable means oversight statue palliation inspiritment financial relief form sickness insurance welfarism bed of roses extrusion curative welfare statism fill-in wingding Dulling wellbeing goodie multiplicity softening idleness enjoyment beholden friendship innings ministrations indemnity breathing time plaster casting opulence Protuberancy bas relief nurture modeling quick fix weakening specific under study emergency hour Leisure Activity xyloglyphy sculptured glass contributions glass sculpture influence statuary quiet spell benignancy delight lenity ease statuette donation SPARES price support comforts Cavo-rilievo standby giveaway reserves contribution blessing sculpt next best thing bush-league stone sculpture framework interchange inspiration hang urging thank breathing place stand-in present offsetting financial assistance Gifting compeer bone-carving ghost writer medicaid silhouette relief-carving place dismissal solace solacement impunity disembarrassment quiet intaglio rilievo sculptor cameo glass deputy compassion mollification offset guidance antidote pastime nest egg breathing spell clemency features unemployment benefit vice-regent lineaments reduction interregnum philanthropy exculpation indebted feeling nap incentive postponement


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