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What is another word for reform?

Below is the list of synonyms for reform. Here you can see the other names for reform.


transitive noun

heal regenerate think better of redeem change integrity renovation perk up change create from raw material remaking sudden change warm up transfigure wipe off divergence boost whiten reconstitute meliorate renovate redesign qualification flip-flop rally accommodate total change degeneration cause reactivate discontinuity remodel turn the scale variation refashion set straight warm campaign changeableness allay self-reformation movement straighten utopianism housecleaning melioration educate accommodation diversify revise wipe up repent mend favor fit purge renew shift defection upgrade refill Revest alive moralize remake make an improvement civilize switch Depurate lard degenerative change modulation replenish revival save create from raw stuff land reform raise deterioration self-improvement clean out apostasy Re-form restore turn over a new leaf reinstate alteration Reinvest bring forward apologize reinstitute acculturate reconstruct turn the tide streamline clean plead guilty put back restore self-respect deterge delouse reshape redemption reintegrate shape expurgate pick amelioration restructuring return work a change recovery radicalism amend steam-clean reconvert New-model socialize replace sweep out uplift violent change re-create wipe out sting improvement rectification give back pull one's socks up conversion wipe amendment revolutionize reformism reclamation extremism deform scavenge turn enrich promote revisionism regeneration alter clean up bowdlerize fabianism relieve gradualism about-face change of mind variety overthrow shift the scene effort get back on the straight and narrow revive rehabilitation shape up fix rebirth nurture change of allegiance dust off renascence modify transformation cleanse dry-clean moralization dust straighten out come along reformation correction re-creation radical reform mutate lift foster repair improve upon elevate palliate adjust deviation enlighten refine upon improve mitigation realignment enhance denature turn upside down moralise difference perk purify upheaval revivification straighten up transform sugar-coated convert reestablish fatten tidy consolidate freshen revolution qualify diversion see the light reclaim sweeten do penance mend one's ways worsening forward drive recover vary adapt go straight beg pardon ameliorate crusade adjustment progressivism turn the tables constructive change lustrate advance emend get one's act together betterment bleach transition redo spruce modification reversal clean up one's act better salve new birth emendation change of heart modulate move radical change turnabout recruit shuffle the cards ring the changes continuity diversification rectify alleviate give salvation clear out diversity edify reinstall place in reshaping adaptation rebuild reenact renewal reorganize moralisation mitigate fitting remedy recrudescence revamp refit break up correct break meliorism realign gradual change mollify reorganization more get it together rehabilitate restructure


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