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What is another word for refine?

Below is the list of synonyms for refine. Here you can see the other names for refine.



transitive noun

enlighten adjust carry off reclaim refit further break down add to grooming complement ennoble slick grow ultimate put the final touches to clean Subduct launder unclog better burn off determine sterilize face analyze make sensitive gild whisk untie disparage aggrandize develope make pure furbish discipline improved get through doctor plane organize flesh out flatten rarify hatch heighten fill weed wind up clean up spiritualize lighten perform hopped up put the finishing touches to eat away rectify break up oil throw light upon extract change remove help forward mend round fulfill harvest butter up inflame Cultivating get next to bolt tweak dilate bring out streamline instruct straighten out go over sensitize untangle edulcorate lave Osmose water polish achieve ironing habilitate unload get better upgrade hone improving jazz up cleanse troubleshooting polishing smelt ooze abrade take off optimise clarify widen press out vacuuming uncluttered evolve Elutriate vacuum revise acculturate make strides abate aerate strip down illuminate make an improvement gentle over-refine civilise thin lose footing bate illustrate stimulate buoy up abstract perfect extend define grade open trickle settle go through perk up Overrefine polished finish actualize whorl realize copyedit sieve pump look get to meat go on round off correct uplift inform unfreeze mature improve court induce defecate correction wring ornament fuse elaborate take pains with supplement up expound developing distill sophisticate melt down bolster pick prepare unburden amplify advance handle groom Lixiviate erode bettering explain lift get in with unelaborately build on render mess modify pacify magnify lessen fill out finish off meliorate decrease sweep rear wear out beautify lace annotate raise deterge furnish clarified lacquer chisel make plain incite promote retrench Enriching expatiate execute pick up quicken interpret sleek Honed loosen mine nurse infuse brush lubricate finalize vaporize favor turn the corner clear irrupt use up rarified made plain remediation essentialize to reform temper shape make uniform scrub iron make perfect tidy ostracise unravel bathe beef up weaken align fumigate making ready glorify honor touch up specify lose balance look over smooth rephrase effect complete produce Absterge progress wrap up transfigure bring up steep burnish volatilize try expurgate effectuate amend brighten spruce up rarefy glaze forward oxygenate involve humanise wash fine down deal with texture nourish melt adapt Honing redraft crown uphold purify shape up peel reform dredge excite ferment cheer winnow optimize make up alter cherish gloss bring to maturity play up to fine tune teach bedeck get on good side of oversimplify deepen enlarge hearten figure in dignify stir sharpen transform lay bath oil the wheels manifest train tidy up derogate attenuate withdraw press restore enhance outshine refinement polish up boost reinforce needle take care of deodorize mop unclogged treat look up patch help educate tame Distilled run season revamp make improvement mill shorten use nurture sublime distil gain ground wax oust sift complicate wear away unloose condense carve improve performance tune up socialize adorn simplify acquaint irritate unpack Colliquate decoct drain Disinfect defrost elaborated consummate tell narrow Meliorated subtract rectified take away purge subtilize hop up kiss goodbye brownnose go straight reduce to elements hackles refined to improve chasten purifying strengthen get rid of impurities vacate update instigate groomed vaporise erase improve on down increase reforming thin out augment honour metastasize vomit work out grind Humanizing percolate make clear make rich express lift up aerify grace devote oneself to Hackling halt do thoroughly varnish irrigate go the limit accomplish grate curtail refine upon aid file away bring to fruition heave out flux devise transcend level brush up unclutter occasion process make presentable filtrate elevate work up rework Lacquering boil down garnish sublimate made good kick out lie hike up regulate indoctrinate account for blot rasp weed out strain whet outdo justify foster arch patronize leach thaw civilize emend wring out sanctify decontaminate flush lard hopped-up particularize go through with vary weeding out convert school water down rub down scrape make attractive ostracize make ready organise reconstruction rub away pursue fine-tune edit throw off idealize sanitize rewrite idealise bring on concoct practise lustrate free decrassify transmute revised concentrate enrich riddle get across dispose of dust elute focus translate identify discharge make different complicated machine fine overdressed redeem ameliorate look through go whole hog detract absolve unmix form fatten fleshing out go into detail trim leak overdress make better veneer outstrip whorled screen making good remediate soak develop inelaborate unburdened separate Bettered build up improve upon sensibilize work on lifted up take from round out top clarifying animate Filtered equip write over depreciate lubing inspire lose mold unfold bring forward unburdening loop unblock get to the meat filter Depurate lick into shape tune hackle expand terminate intensify clear up make good materialize decorate edify lube wipe ripen jack up atone lengthen file void deduct humanize embellish cultivate broaden neaten Filtering


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