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What is another word for rationalize?

Below is the list of synonyms for rationalize. Here you can see the other names for rationalize.


transitive noun

gloss rack get rid of make excuses for unfold manage plan ahead infer make allowance for clear up project explain away throw light upon trim unlock exposit reflect explicate clear regularize puzzle extenuate think through organize syllogize lay plans bureaucracy tune design color chew settle illustrate cut apply logic to arrange contrive rehabilitate work out deduce extinguish systematize tune up shed light upon allegorize account show how rationalise defend do away with pervert illuminate calculate chart Paralogize program unravel make more efficient synthesize purge fix restore spell out mitigate lateral thinking apologise give reason for reason ill provide a rationale adjust make arrangements theorize use reason management prune account for administer enlighten schedule give the meaning prearrange cogitate excuse cast cry sour grapes explain schematize cerebrate warrant Kaizen concert stage-manage colour distort argue insincerely act generalize think codify solve decipher alter expound fend for worry show destigmatize modify justify philosophize vindicate streamline analyze change make plain figure stage Methodize apologize misapply exculpate demonstrate reason do justice to apply reason demythologize -ly depth make cuts bureaucratic Logicize set up make clear Intellectualize support popularize harmonize exemplify make a projection reason out frame clarify cut out show the way palliate running administration simplify eliminate reinstate crack shakedown synchronize shape elucidate Euhemerize logicalize restructure normalize forecast routinize intend organise plead work up standardize joined-up thinking square campaign regulate devise coordinate plan resolve hypothesize


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