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What is another word for quarters?

Below is the list of synonyms for quarters. Here you can see the other names for quarters.


barrack prefab chateau Houses caboose bungalows prefabs abodes Territories biosphere castles portions boarding houses bungalow provinces Counties Workplaces tent ridings cottage stomping grounds cantonments chalet digs pied-a-terre localities fraternity castle residence nations Duchies dorm co-ops house room pre-fab firesides Areas living quarters accommodation boarding house cantons adobe places fragments post hole abode neck of woods cabins habitations domicile nickel housing billet Residencies towns DIMES Colonies divisions Neighborhoods haciendas zones Pennies Municipalities cabin chunks nickels realms homestead plots deckhouse deckhouses earldoms flat apartment building coppers empires segments stomping ground homes bailiwicks workplace locality log house condominiums dwelling dorms kingdoms Villas habitat CASAS condos parcels bunkhouse fractions lodging mansions roost hostel Locales dukedoms villa Countries lodgings penny circuits residency trailer slices Commorancy barracks denominators condo precincts districts domains chateaux lodgment bivouacs bivouac apartment residences sections Cities boardinghouse tracts cantonment establishment hacienda lodge Halves hole in the wall rooming house parts head quarters Casa cockpit dime cabooses pieces Shires condominium co-op huts fields station chambers states ranch regions pad fireside joint thirds boroughs hangout beats homesteads dwellings shelter cottages change accommodations home lots habitation sorority commonweals rooms Domiciles silvers numerators spending money place sectors copper mansion

transitive noun


More Quarters Synonyms

Below is the list of words similar to quarters, try: