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What is another word for quarantine?

Below is the list of synonyms for quarantine. Here you can see the other names for quarantine.



transitive noun

check restraint cordoning off repression detach shut in blockade corked disconnect destroy enshrine Arrestation coop in detachment bondage bounding term castrate rail in isolated keeping put out of bounds box in ostracise internment immurement gumming veterinarian withdraw Know-nothingism withholding pen thresh yellow jack fasten delay froth desolation hindrance riddle solitude lay aside mew up Besetment snobbishness seclude privacy quarantine flag delimitation coop up blocking off gaol screen hedge in corking assign Leaguer outcast imprisonment winnow enclose abstract seal wall in cattery seal off Jim Crow quarantined exclusion put aside partition bse keep apart out-group draw back detention plaster contain sanitary cordon ghettoize gin narrowness keep aside insulate race hatred part rabies foreigner inaccessibility locking up jail punishment retention setting apart house arrest arrest time forcible detention cloister sunder anthrax solitariness sequester form a ring around partitioning holding back ostracize bust keeping in reclusiveness concealment close up Monkhood insulation alien stopper dissociate embargo Apartness outsider evict stop up hidings cordon sanitaire retirement Loneness select corral waterproof close in lazaretto Closeting protect privatism waterproofing separate loneliness yard keep away racial segregation cordoning rabid isolates protection tape quiet impound shut persona non grata time up the river xenophobia privateness chamber color bar hem in sequestrate gummed shut off closed off include sever impediment disconnection separation cork immuration seclusiveness paste island inclusion aloneness cover rope off pull out desert intern encompass apprehension imprison invest rustication seclusion segregation shrine tightness peace and quiet sift silence geld recess discipline lonesomeness aloofness insularity sequestration trammels holding pen blockaded divide thralldom isolate stable alter emptiness blockading make airtight bonds closet porridge mew investment isolationism disengage closing off stop shut up plug stranger release on bail duress constraint solitary confinement waterproofed choose pick out collar return to custody Reclusion close pen in waste retirements enclosure captivity incarceration pocket Detainment ghettoise beset encircle close off hide exclusiveness circumscription restrict beleaguer sort out segregate shelter secure confinement hiding house in isolation bound lock up compass surround Cloistering siege board up delouse exclude sieve bolt division gum retire return to prison beleaguerment hold withdrawal committal to custody boycott wrap cordon apartheid keep in solitude marginalize limitation prison cut off remoteness isolation period secrecy cull out splendid isolation foot-and-mouth pinch put in solitary besiege set aside leptospirosis envelopment remand wasteland hoof-and-mouth conceal exile cordon off yellow flag durance set apart confine coercion block off parochialism Caging singleness myxomatosis thraldom immure custody divorce thrash incarcerate Privatization remove retreat yard up fence off detain fence in vet wilderness kennel cage separateness Enisle distemper bounds pickup coop ethnocentrism isolating


More Quarantine Synonyms

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