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What is another word for pressure?

Below is the list of synonyms for pressure. Here you can see the other names for pressure.



balance arm-twisting Astriction pulsation Cross-questioning position goad radioactivities oppression burden stimulus big trouble imperativeness TODO vicissitude care efficacy hangup ants in pants forcefulness dare juice get-up-and-go compression instancy drag into air resistance subjection flows authority deadweights event thrust humiliation impetus solicitations pester Pendulums poundages voltage cross-interrogation sky wonts environment choke release troposphere stimulation pressure sensation scare tactics heaviness violence tightness background mass weight tight spot criticalities drive energy counter-balance tax cross-examination deadweight heft insistency difficulty emergency promptings confinement necessitation hardship clout compulsion persistence inside track urgency incitement bafflement pow demandingness predicaments impulse bad feeling efficacies tension relief pressure cooker substratosphere counterweights constriction shear POWS conditions full head of steam pressure obligation repression wattages sinew radioactivity SINEWS atmosphere disquiet coercion supremacy requirements enforcement druthers to do voltages concern compressing terrorism impulsions initiative no-no's meltdown context thump kilowatt extortion hard sell rank Preponderancy bugbear tonnages terrorization pother impellent situation bonding state of affairs hassle albatross what it takes RAYS criticalness emotional blackmail bother force per unit area squeezing hour of decision validness crisis kilowatts calorific gravity motivations threaten dynamism cross-roads attack sweetener adiposity encouragement strength hale get up and go steam edginess press necessity mastery pitch urge strong arm centrifugal force seniority wattage anxiety bait fretfulness restrictions bogey importance urging insistence stew sinker poundage chokings solicitation molestation full court press amplitude tautness blandishments antsiness Cumbrance millstone misfortune propulsion strain strong-arm tactic coerce blanket fire in belly stressor crushing intimidation exigency cancer blackmail no-nos heat demand duress instancies importunity predominance tribulation sway power conductivity distress third-degree badger sinkers stretching requirement meltdowns bugaboo height third degree tonnage shock tactics stress a must criticality bogie tenseness predicament brunt conductivities crunch pressing invitation demons needfulness molestations constraint blackjack pressure level centripetal force head ache trouble unnaturalness load hot potato tensity absorbance squeeze beat no-no pendulum impressiveness counterweight tight squeeze flutter excess baggage pinch full force worriment imposition counter-balances Exigencies quandary restraint climate hefts force attraction Importunities horsepower impulsion Vitalis Vitali hurry rule drag prosecution nail-biting compulsory law alarm affliction strong-arm tactics worry Counter weight wiles circumstance stenosis canker discipline pressingness motivation Cross-road capillary action vibration encumbrance flurry adversity influence headache

transitive noun

cajole somatesthesia driving radioactivity flow effort stimulus incumbency request air pressure get oppress hasten bias dragoon jog provoke anxiety harry pressingness grievance bear against nag apprehension alarm coercion overstate rash impulse prod forcible somatic sensation hassle weakness boost friction act stress fracture nail someone down constructive interference brunt Superincumbency impress instantaneous sound pressure Difficulties dynamism pressing charge exaction hem in Forcing petting impression spur oppression uphill misgiving Charging clench mastery appeal blandishment importunateness gets validness go to town on fix incidental power inspire sea-level pressure jostle encourage the bludgeon nip weigh needfulness overwork narrow lean on buttonhole cargo urgent need squeeze reputation aggravation hardship tax RAYS forces twinge prominence restrict drive menace haul try bug oil pressure squeezing tyrannize imperative nerves steamroller terrorism jade momentum change bring oneself yen lobby pestering nervousness lust favor motivation fall violence exert pressure jail jerk gravity hard lot stress of life exhortation quicken act upon nipping responsibility pricking verve duress exert effect difficulty compel persuade Clamping problems the club gat pressurize enforcement energy entreaty jet propulsion intraocular pressure ply life traction ambition go too far stroking goad surge torsion somesthesia poke jumpiness nervous heaviness keyed-up freight no-no milk worry intrusion stimulation confinement rest on slap incubus Plaguing personality handicap wish feeling apply pressure force per unit area onus prompt leverage induce reign wrench liability terrorise care need impetus fretfulness urge squeeze for plight high-pressure lade physical phenomenon prestige levy intimidation Vapour Pressure stricture drag bludgeon open door kilowatts clamping down palpation hurry Denting contraction obligate Weights misery height butt imprint bear down thrust feeler rule overtaxing compulsion advantage gravitation wham vex obtrude corpuscular-radiation pressure eminence reaction nobility restriction Burdening uneasiness necessity laying on petition static equilibrium order encouragement prodding bear down on incite onslaught force threaten predicament bearing pester nagging make tense demands cajolery Lobbying stretch duty call on burthen restraint repression anguish imperativeness impact onset Exigence stress twist threats esteem teasing might look daggers hale driving force threat trap case of need shear want movement yearning notoriety chemical bond radiation pressure wear out full court press bear magnetism overindulge albatross tribulation nervous wreck blight harass oblige weigh down vigor goading limit propel crunch unnerved downer ground hold provocation ride herd on encumbrance hydrostatic head vicissitude fingering jump lie on soft-soap kick inducement bunt agitation woe frottage overtax insist upon punch withhold vivacity clutch vale of tears quiver quake actuation suasion importunity response Exigencies insistence affliction ropes guts enterprise require sell vapor pressure kidnapping binding energy rhyme overstretch compartment pressure foreboding immediacy entreat choke work over crisis disquiet nerve-racking suggestion egg on exact crowd apprehensiveness control entanglement fasten overture plague muscle sweet-talk warning uncertainty constraints burdens dragoons advocate strong-arm tactics stenosis jumpy Overpressure rubbing constriction fire in belly terrorize bait fancy hard knocks imposition pushing mess voluminosity blockage potency persistence pertinacity wattage prevail on yawn load fear volume distance multiplier jittery hold down concern troubles affect bear hard upon zero hour call upon Dunning curse Importune grease strain weight impel guidance overweighting impulsion arm-twisting application leadership grasping browbeat solicitation osmotic pressure unquiet repercussion turning point grip Plying wheedling goods jolt hype grilling ripple sound pressure impediment sea of troubles seniority queasy suction dog joule supremacy press bring pressure to bear weigh heavily on jeopardize oscillation under stress Taxes moxie crushing voltage head extremity weaken fierceness hold back tonnage atmospheric pressure hog-tie incitement domination sorrow obsession use pressure on emergency loading incentive the jackboot coax compressing exertion strong force Overpress consequence tweak lead Knifing jolly high pressure turn up the pressure caressing vitality acuteness tenseness urging strength argumentum baculinum dynamics the strong arm adverse circumstances power bump joggle willpower insinuation tightening strong-arm obligation shock leaning on purchase instance ram whip overplay sandbag fuss wrest insist on density forced buttonholing blackjack vexation forcefulness keyed up uptight jab jumps cumber rhythm restlessness quandary Saddling hurl put the screws on tense nag at narrowing hour of decision occasion coerce draw irritation stimulate worriment what it takes frighten unease beseech push mass say upper hand greatness jockey goose bother full force motive force plead with potential energy bioenergy abetment rank wheedle suspense work alter demand bulldoze repute goads crush deadweight trouble weary lean push around screw egging on demandingness trial cramp druthers influence lure the sword uneasy kid junction juice launch bullying motivate constrain Browbeating cow measure grasp stress and strain urge on necessitation undulation tightness beg recommend kiss charisma gas pressure badger electricity insistency tension offer win over edginess bind gumption hard life adversity torque nuisance clout drain jollying lash exasperation vigour wring herd overrate key up lunge g-factor the sound barrier heat net enchantment move steamroll subtle influence advance sway straits distress dismay blood pressure scare blackmail cross jitters urgency flurry Nobleness blandish rouse jogging inside track terrify stir lay it on burden Gotten pertinaciousness motive no-nos nudge ramification railroad overuse underground goaded full head of steam adjure kilowatt bear down upon coaxing precedence propulsion importance vibration limitation lay on terrorization touching command stature besiege vehemence Vitali moment depress nail-biting hound weak force taxing killing good feeling exhort dun exigency rush mark unnaturalness rigor overload validity tautness meter tease zeal go overboard value get up and go graze fury network manipulation bustle reduction Kneading misfortune right stuff turn up the heat twist arm fire up jeopardise discipline jam Fame pressure level Nettling moment of truth impose juncture action annoyance jawbone nauseate insist barometric pressure influentialness nervous strain ascendancy embarrassment hustle straining direction badgering vim urges dominance zing mental strain put pressure on velocity beset unhappiness bummer waveform overreach handling whack overcome lick Jollies horsepower Cajolement hindrance bale bully zip needling overvalue admonish work on exert influence authority somaesthesia matter of necessity get-up-and-go upset overburden zest impulse money credit the mailed fist torment lading frustration brainwash spurring prompting requirement molestation dire necessity physical force harassment the big stick shanghai weightiness charm attraction procure pinch lying on whip hand intimidate hot potato hector vastness flutter Cumbrance make dig virility appeal to vector Importunacy longing fast-talk priority ballast up the wall hardcase millstone necessitate prevail upon intensity preponderance constraint monopoly keep lid on predominance compression influentiality twist someone's arm pressure sensation gore loads trauma enjoin disturbance shove bounce gross surcharge nervous tension IOP


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