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What is another word for pit?

Below is the list of synonyms for pit. Here you can see the other names for pit.


keyholes perdition mythical place leak colliery cauldrons coal mine kiss of death incurvature seed vessel perforation embrasure pitfall foxholes drifter Daisies waterway mousetrap pottery coverts oppose infernal region autocross keyhole bomb site bear market stone pit athletic field commodity exchange print whirlpool tunnel lentigo apron bump heads with drag race cuttings sink vault box hovel grid crisis shambles commodities exchange abyss jungle alembic leakages play off meet head-on magnums dice lowness steins HODS bullish tomb ordeal quicksand wrong reliquary Unearthing decoy blanch bursa humidors stein arm double fissure bondholder Maculae balcony sockets eyelets work dextrose workplace fishing rod infernal regions sinkhole crawl space channel cesspit craps under pass gym carafe crevasse sweatshop cavum dip canisters big toe recreation center checkered flag firkins quicksands con-cavity bingo excavation blowhole bid price grain lower world juice gold rush peephole broker-dealer clean battle crater dirty tragedy foramen fossa gymnasium pothole bull right rinks jeroboams fathomage deadfall underpass gyms trench worst-case scenario coal sinkage fictitious place strong room percolation soundings mousetraps tun amphitheatres dragster convex match crime barb magnum foxhole hod Well-spring aperture Stade crenel casino Pigmentations bake butcher goad nectar flesh purgatory incision underworld track STADES bruising stadium athletic club alembics watering place impression earthwork Hell jug trouble footprint deterrence stone wheat pit pock depression coalfield jeroboam pectin hole in the ground gaps puncture freckle depth grand prix eyelet hole in the wall pit armpit commodities futures market underpasses draw core ankle aisle gouge place of torment cloud vat burial chamber caldera blastings support auditorium bottomless pit deterrent concavity counter scallop hollow concave shape vase hole appendage blend chill orchestra pit ball incurvation divot waterways ice clubfoot gallery sag disincentive outgoings goldmine tortures of the damned slum out goings bear hull leakings hopper creel cauldron treasury loss of the soul humidor dump bodily cavity treasure trove bore scar bull market cranny poke corn pit fruit machine mine backstage daisy leakage imaginary place well scallops hell-fire butchery box office conflict diamonds DIVOTS bearish chink quagmire ravine endocarp rip exercise room peppers vials amphitheatre stamp basin Daytona Beach pericarp pierce firkin coal miner bid chasm hippodrome caries lower register tear imprint indent peel pockmark dimple hell fire container hammer blow auto racing entrenchment stress die window riddle cross cut gulf peelings beat canister dent crenels hoppers mark dragnet evil cleft entrenchments cesspool butter shaft living hell carafes indentation bait safes arch quarry Foramina cockpit crawlway fosses crash helmet backcloth macula carve area short circuits backdrop rink Bursae pepper tip sweatshops nature cavity earthworks gridiron embrasures pigmentation blow everlasting fire deep calf Short circuit Moles nightmare drift net socket grave coal mining trap fishing line fosse bone TUNS

transitive noun

Undercroft test bunk tube lists dredge match examine watering place pothole tiltyard logomachize orifice fracture excavate justify rind disfigure fault opencast cleft endocarp drain seed vessel lentigo nub gridiron greenroom denounce adit basin amex jockey for position sinus perforate pit of hell puncture take on depression shell frustrate spectator take down stadium weigh against another hutch field house low pitch treasure trove check grub leaking fund tortures of the damned dugout stalk stone pit inlet trammel outflow mineshaft niche craze arena marked the San Andreas Fault object to scoop nut vie lightboard channel coalpit fight box seat apron Tophet bowl trial open-pit mine seedless atom cicatrize cockpit insist upon beehive tomb hinder deformity set back forestage vessel gash foil harvest grotto cicatrix granular texture germ gorge last home joint divot barbecue pit milium mar impression not countenance discover kip crevice commodity exchange pock nigger heaven Hell hiatus precinct caries barrow bone house floor blank space lowness pore weigh holed wall street nothingness flow resist workings rowan-tree empty space encounter dimple keep at a distance nock invite competition inception geyser core firkin vent gehenna vigour place disfiguration prize ring course rowanberry apron stage seed Stupa quarters keep at bay alley colosseum diggings fissure window hall answer incurvature purgatory balk nullity knock props out speleology agony parquet circle question observe bunker overlying cocoa bean pallet yawning abyss downfall vigor fount bur go for jugular snare pip backstage tunnel mesh passage corn pit nadir berth deep wonder at athletic field space jahannan wash hands of gulch eternal damnation impress set in the Big Board pine nut scratch feel wart Unearthing toil restrain loom over recess blemish stalactite quarrying cicatrise orchestra pit judge bird seed breach ice R hoe rut retaliate burial mound measurement gap finish cavern pocket stalagmite kettle moat kept secret gaol nevus leakage dip rent hole in the wall distortion open cast structure box grave walk resting place to fight mausoleum crack band shell over-the-counter market tomb underbelly lesion vesicle foul up obstruct switchboard Ossuary kick back keep to oneself peel meet cave garden abysm leak texture uncover forum keyhole chalk pit hamper impair low green tent vat jeroboam freckle wellspring stock market cherry stone underpass loss of the soul Intensate dokhma MINES Everted macula socket pith entanglement image notch expanse misery earthworks give the slip knock around exchange oilseed hit back well depth wheat pit pyramid crevasse nether world roost outgoings windfall hallow skin board untidy place indenture cromlech in flames appose scene of action upset apple cart surface locate shaft grave cesspit nest void chaff dig fly gallery theater indent sinkhole gold mine outlet exercise room seeded cup outwit incise nether region scenery Bergschrund flesh make concave sack loge scab hotbed depress mine shaft kernel protuberance thumbs down dressing room amphitheatre play off kept back Ossuarium foramen nether regions keep track of root chasm comedo mastaba intensification kink mantrap orchestra rowan bodily cavity hod Vying pockmark fork out fire pit knock oneself out zero receptacle sag paradise surface texture health club oppose bulldoze stock ticker sump atone bear garden prison monstrance bruise Lacune upcast burrow hoard mark woolgathering hayseed burr wretchedness bourse bleb underarm zest whorl chamber defacement curb exchange withdraw range make holes in press in foxhole peanut gallery armpit vitals milieu concave sink lash out at place of torment coffee bean telephone market grid keep under thumb main take abundance infernal regions extent flaxseed vie with commodities exchange bucket opposing tamp commodities market wealth stage left pustule worm out of kick up a fuss wrestling ring ditch upsurging impugn acheron vault grain unearth ordeal congregation keep secret archaeological site go for the jugular fossa parterre counter amphitheater hopper origin catacombs boxing ring vacuum coal mine lode root out birthmark shag flask dike have bone to pick keep back rabbet turn over verruca face remove pile bottom gymnasium pimple antrum impede bandstand nightmare hippodrome VUG speck Funnel Chest Oxter win over tank usually metallic public square let have it proscenium boxes American Stock Exchange array intensity stall stamp bottle gravel pit ring embrasure mine print nick infernal region anguish yawner endosperm beaker tear fountainhead opening take wind out of escape infest bag sandpit curb market exhume lay down the law respond aperture indentation enter cesspool upshot axilla go for the gold monument treasury dolmen water hole web not accept knub deface kicking around pokey agora house sty attack netherworld haunt alembic magnum gallery not accepted repository noodle around berry confront underworld aluminum not stand for difficulty venue take away earthwork seed potato groove disfigurement cranny inveigh against orchestra circle gouge out sepulcher pericarp vacuity narrow house background not mind bulla jump on wen investigate abyss oriel stone go into speleologist ward off quarry blotch concave shape circus ZIT fauteuil marketplace ravine Purlieu the boards hollow torture measure alveolus alveolation chip play loss shrine infract scarred fosse Pock-mark follicle touch reliquary equal undersurface undermine ridge vase curb crypt holes linseed tun twist sorb fold watercourse dress circle not hear of last resting place borehole enclosure weal cist grave delve outgoing inspect hell fire woolgather excavations third market eyelet score digging pouch port-wine mark go for broke other place opposed set against workplace lower regions blister scene bull ring house of death hollow shell valley L area stage pine cone performing area gully bed hovel grave withstand queer peelings groundling sunken part negate offset dent atrium Cist fruiterer orchestra chairs rout peach pit low house incurvation depths hold up wings weave charnel house stoned weasel out of gym make hollows in tope athletic club exchange floor cutting thwart site lower world hole orchestra stalls deadfall open cut fly floor platform hole in the ground gulf furrow imprint keep distance punch in chimney mummy chamber break balcony trap Stones dint outside market cenotaph inferno vindicate gutter theatre stall contrast fly in the face of utensil lower register defect fruit chitin strawberry mark mole keep from led by the nose work mouth riddle bridge bottomless pit nap lacuna knock keloid bonanza deformation parquet excavation juxtapose squared circle leaks stock exchange rift coulisse keynote dock downcast arroyo ream trench Pockhole acorn tilting ground parade ground seed corn emptiness conker enjoin from put in opposition hades under arms waterway split net drill tar pit wells chalkpit knot vein fountain coliseum till campus borrow pit marking counterbalance not think of setting torment trough Exhuming cone contend everlasting fire ticker tape patch kick around deposit look down upon insurrect cavum engage punch bowl affliction keep under wraps jag nook Indention woof jug passage grave needle scar husk den scar burial chamber bin opencast mine field mousetrap kick port-wine stain lair whirlpool proscenium stage mat tower of silence mining bank stage right bore box upset proscenium quicksand matched wild ash will wale terrain boll crater sesame seed burial quotation board sphere left alone hook exposure matching canvas pocked pithy return acting area flaw thistledown ticker colliery Venge track flies pandemonium reserve withhold hell-fire imperfection engrave whitehead open forum cut vial punch jail look askance standing room auditorium go for not listen tumulus perforation ruin nixing ground blazes humidor palaestra louse up mielie hickey warp trou-de-loup Abaddon stage set sawpit ewer honeycomb shaft limbo perdition deep six removal remoteness long home not go for fathomage rival concavity locale gouge cavity audience auditory pitfall tub sebaceous cyst deepest part the exchange blackhead open pit expenditure bash stage setting jar welt stoning incision fire and brimstone break up hemangioma deepening entrenchment


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