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What is another word for piercing?

Below is the list of synonyms for piercing. Here you can see the other names for piercing.


squeaky brumal spiny Ear-splitting shrill gelid insighted out of hand forte frore cold ear-piercing obstreperous iced Riveted inflaming frosty freezing Cramping annoying harrowing epigrammatic acuate stabbing Astucious discerning odious painful Unblunted Besetting scraping keen-edged witty brassy sore intent deafening anguishing bitter chafing burdensome windswept wind-swept shooting Caterwauling aggravating Penetrant powerful incisive hyperborean ground fine in the know barbed horrendous on the inside shrieky woeful scratching shrilly wakes the dead reedy crushing lancinating screeching apical strident tumultuous briery unbearable keen bothersome pronged exquisite Gnawing nagging throbbing Torturing. hoarse knife-edged probing trying wintry sub-zero severe high irritating breathy aching croupier knifelike cutting raucous mordant two-dog night splintery campier jangling overbold insufferable full-mouthed have goose bumps clangorous clearsighted Irksome raising the roof antarctic ingoing burning shrewd on top of clattery spikiest shrieking whining miserable Acuminous disagreeable creaky Stentorious ice-cold piping squealing clear-sighted rimy high-pitched ear-popping raw bitterly cold needlelike acute all-consuming grueling poin roaring forter sharp rasping below zero screaming shivery torturesome excruciating biting algid Stridulous resounding numbing tined tumultous loudmouth campiest oppressive Needle-pointed sleety agonizing smarting arctic campy racking hurtful poignant percipient glacial hawkish tormenting loud-voiced earsplitting shattering stentorian sharp-edged grievous atonal torturing croupy troublesome unpleasant icebox spikier noisy wrenching extra ordinary jarring grating treble shark double-edged gravelly passing through penetrating razor-sharp rackety blusterous subzero prickling zesty fierce blaring intense harsh below freezing spiky streetwise blatant cruel pungent hiemal Vociferant offensive stinging hellbent thin strepitous arduous clear cut whistling uncomfortable loud horned up on Absonant extremely bad distressful salter clanging withering one-dog night


transitive noun

grinding turbulent clear imprint vehement loudmouth breezy intolerable subtle penetration dire eye vital wound dent chilly fervent firm torturous iced brassy rasping keen-edged witty frightful uncomfortable industrious nagging impression eager windswept open the sword enthusiastic outrageous crisp pervading unpleasant facetious shrieking loud telling razor-sharp harrow boreal stentoraphonic close quick on the uptake exceptional grueling frosty Stentorious lively overpowering drill forcible Infiltrating raucous blasting pricking difficult Minding barbed perspicacious hellish snappy overwhelming gasping exquisite nimble riddle zealous marked spyhole ache acerb absorbing ingress Dinning jangling Ululant sensational acuate spasmodic orifice porous high-frequency harrowing kick discriminating slashing venomous foreseeing transfixation piquant galling brumal niggling attentive raw focused broach screaky with it Numbed malicious gnostic leaky probing gelid resolved opening splitting void subzero dint rent on the inside intense creaky withering mordant excruciating driving brainy forceful wheezy entrance heads-up keening tearing booming bound tough severe thorough acerbic frozen ringing nervous fierce occupied unsupportable tormenting nippy uproarious bore through leak distasteful Cramping not born yesterday blister trouble Trephining longsighted foxy heartfelt inclement obstreperous acerbate jag stone-cold overbold agile thrusting powerful wakes the dead wailing bore apperceptive Eyehole deep-felt unblinking scathing out of hand ladder acrimonious raising cain caustic homefelt bitter hyperborean Griping windy pinprick one-dog night infiltration appercipient tear 1 zesty metallic ingenious warm insupportable semipermeable stringent howling hiemal all-consuming freezing cold jarring agonising glacial high pitched double-edged diffusion cacophonic pointed trenchant hurtful acupunctuation acid punch Riveted rambunctious gut-wrenching forethoughtful shooting knife-like trying mesmerizing puncture brisk Punching Fulminating venomed Trepanning canny absorbed osmosis intuitive unbearable clever Whetted awful perforated cogent knifelike spellbinding enthralling snag peephole stab sensitive raging sour clattery permeating committed weather-beaten chill provident polar algid rank intake distress bayonetting cold Longheaded cold as charity jab forethoughted inflamed earthshaking interstice wise treble exaggerated dry grievous jumping cacophonous joshing jocular crack thrust deepgoing extremely painful hollow cavity lancinate impalement ready clamorous transforation tart thunderous husky energetic loudmouthed twinge vitriolic quick wrapped up clearly audible Skewering tonitruous loudish invasion grave attending minute porosity Transfixion prickly insertion upset chink troublesome pungent blaring Searing noisy soprano growling sharp decisive watchful on top of entry blow stabbing malodorous alert fixed below freezing high Pinching cool astute virulent have goose bumps Asperous exorbitant unruly gay acidulent whispering sinewy thoughtless shrilly mouth unmusical Puncturing raising the roof numbing quick-witted obtrusive Sinewed Unblunted fanciful Escharotic odoriferous thin grieve Lancing quick off the mark wintery ear-rending imperative diligent benumbed forte blatant epigrammatic unpopulated prudent Lacerating percipient window-rattling entering agonizing prickling deafening pierce dip nasal atrocious striking unconscionable profound wintry tangy freezing searching Carrying rimy rough roaring fanatical on the ball hard corroding unendurable wind-swept empiercement Heightened pit grooved racking disorderly whistling lancinating unsheltered plangent squeaky clangorous reedy engrossed clear-sighted hibernal icy track unmanageable strong jaw discordant chattering tender siberian astringent excessive gouge ear-popping shrieky thundering engaged wised up penetrating slot aperture high-sounding Hypnotizing understanding run grating slit strident prick Overloud drastic hatch vociferous cold as ice dissonant armor-piercing probe knife-edged dreadful hellbent jabbing irritated moving ungracious fixing falsetto acute humorous ground drilling boring pealing gravelly discerning killing ardent bleak garish keen hurting donga high-pitched piping Argute brilliant boisterous scorching ice-encrusted jazzy hot farsighted observant bent escape hatch damp intelligent abrasive racy incisive painful extremely bad droll extravagant wormhole vigorous perceptive guttural split critical screaming nipping afflictive afflict pinhole winterlike flashy stentorian acidulous effective jagged gung ho riddled loud-sounding thoughtful groove drill hole tingling sagacious supercooled knowledgeable cold as marble undisciplined quick on the trigger breach undue hawkish transfix rigorous waggish screechy squeaking Immersed shrewd drill through exquisitely jocose hole Vociferant footprint violent Punchy tedious torturing two-dog night ice-cold disagreeable louder impale extraordinary Honed vexatious perspicuous brazen diverting uneven fascinating tumultuous earnest entertaining depression needlelike intent slushy lance Needle-pointed gripping incision full rackety screeching distressing Spasmatic unceremonious immoderate foresighted abrupt unblushing perforation vicious paroxysmal arctic dimple cunning quizzical gutsy burning acrid Knifing Concentrating impressive furious very cold whiffy wild Forcing entrancing great judicious gash chilled bitterly cold Gnawing whimsical inquisitive tonitruant ear-piercing gaunt resounding decided razor-edged indelible ground fine dying to Mucronate exciting sleety rancid crashing impassioned affect reeking riotous knowing icebox rapt nasty spasmic perforate winterbound hell-bent arresting frigid sore desperate loud-voiced consuming cleft parky cranny fortissimo horned blusterous resonant poignant cold as death smarting chilling fine shaft analytical going through stinging wet deep heavy watching cruel shrill turned up unabashed bright Ear-splitting vivacious aware full-mouthed mordacious emphatic heady corrosive insightful lusty irritating penetrative shattering good smart gap whining gruff vivid original concentrated harsh hurt acupuncture intrusive sonorous acidic unkind devoted sharpened bone-chilling wrenching farseeing insufferable vulgar wounding below zero move underhand frore nose-tickling biting distinct nosey concise grim raspy intemperate goring laborious up on cutting Terebration Sharp-witted edged wily very great earsplitting extreme gaudy unharmonious rowdy icelike angry fervid pore hoarse


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