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What is another word for pay?

Below is the list of synonyms for pay. Here you can see the other names for pay.


yield save sticker trade off stickers Overpaid vigorish graft bring in commission gain fruit setoff brokerages juice GOLDS commercial Carrots clear indemnity be in dire/desperate straits Remittances invest in rake-offs piece of the pie almighty dollar reckoning fork out tradeoff pat on head give per diem rise pay avenge default return in the employ of wholesales expense come under counterclaim commendation salary reparation bear piece of pie sweetener counterclaims meed indemnification shot in the arm bus fare bacon bounty speculation silvers scale plum pat on back wholesale compound expiation ante make up be worth someone's while quittance overpay time posy be in the grip of something lay out shell out employed emolument requital take an eye for an eye pumping up defrayal boom living performance-related pay PESOS go a long way toward doing something panegyrics spend interest fee forgive carrot get even with remittal specie vindicate stipendium outlay cut-in dividend payrolls gross arbitrage square be of use remittance Recompensation Solatium takings liquidation amortize hire counter-claim come in handy wreak trade-off come in useful something has something to recommend it money take-home ante up consideration DUES pay out banknotes sugar proceeds peculation surplus hourly payoff in the service of brokerage revenue realize pat on the back good opinion satisfaction speculative even the score profitability final reckoning Skimmings pittance PRS stipend minimum wage price payroll undergo adjustment reimbursement honorarium disbursement engaged by banknote piece get back at stake not know where/which way to turn reward commercialism profit low-paid emoluments Retrievement Sweeteners meeds compensation rake off draw earnings bacon and eggs pat on the head income paid earnings-related satisfy payment incur tradeoffs starvation wages gravy wages piece of action bear the cost/expense etc. go through allowance rake-off take home devote forgiveness Recoupment perquisite peso bread pay up Factorage gold produce peculations wage remuneration panegyric largesses piece of the action Measures defrayment money under the table recompense overcompensation settlement finance propitiation requite redress

transitive noun

reach damages disposable income demurrage part dismissal wage Lessoning enable salary squander fundraising pay and allowances Initialing issue make a killing assist pass through merit pay get clean up penny outlay distribute pay the price cooperation go facilitate interrupt do for one allow time and a half pull (sb) through (sth) income pull together budget DO defrayment accept live valuable avenge oneself serve revenge quit economic convert misspend come forward wages dangle monies expense interest-bearing vacation pay establishment order sink avail pay out answer for gross income work bite experience achieve indemnification defray produce turn out credit hoof it provide a living realize cogitate encomium spend form judgment give it to auxiliary given Fees fix bring to pass private means collection come in stoppage redemption payable gratuity wage s pro rata pay claim square up take in suffer money angel be remunerative exchange Repaid indemnity get even with abet meet upgrade equalize dig interject prorate ladle sacrifice finances office communicate washed-up investment Occupying engage help dirty suffice sick pay give good returns wherewithal legal tender award deliver face value encouragement serve the purpose door grease one's palms tell off chastisement good revenue oncome gross cough pay too much tolerate contract make change kick maintain honorarium better tax half-pay yields lecture honest obligation in go through dissipate plunk pay up sign open well disposed endow bridge lay negotiate discipline band together OTE palm coal chip in further feather hire wage rollback there give off double-dip dividend pull in sink money in be of use bear the expense entrust fellowship backdate harvest payee pay cash requital go after haul over the coals industrial payday pocket money float stipendiary trophy punish prepay clear subscribe handle bring off payoff hustle advance meal ticket ink bring in plunk down contribution stake throw make available spoon-feed double time generate bribe juice nurture handouts hunt interpose shell (sth) out fare show lodge dues scourge out net endowment trouser interest allowance trickle feed dish (sth) up happy medium gravy train tick off bad run value gift hit back settle scrape blood money render take to task change stomach yield a profit lesson improve strike pay overpayment transmit spender professionally work out give payment to stick out bear extra independent means termination power submit line wampum congestion charge scale cost-cutting taste aid make good payroll penology contributory leaning on expiate self-financing venal remunerate waste wages after taxes plough gravy wages after deductions bankroll favor repair Venge technical honor tribute walk vouchsafe get one's lumps immoral favour sponsor taxable income living cooperative tipper upshot compensate grant undergo verify laurel hide Dunkirk spirit be using up quietus gratify redress Overpaid surrender be gainful devoted quota retributive justice GUARANTEED ANNUAL WAGE bread and butter endure put insure refund obtain veer down turn oppose forfeit counterbalance valuation vindicate tariff nailed down expenditure tar wad payer splurge wage packet winnings good-faith sliding scale condign punishment save pay for make restitution dish cash chip (sth) in lot supply chain cross expenses withhold run through adjustment lavish livelihood lash out (sth) nemesis provision chargeable wash up toll overcompensation initials do-gooder entrant fry figure go Dutch pull house reward fork quittance disciplinary measures come down on cruel question upbraid retain Enablement oblige accommodate output deal remit performance-related lash labor under make a profit avenge oneself for resource spring keep on white money prepaid infliction be subjected to profits number package forward tamper with amends pay (sth) out purveyor go and do keep on the payroll well-deserved punishment take-home pay rake assessment relief give what one is into nominal wages pay back make living wage buy off lay on spent consign emolument Fruits hush money underline outweigh volunteer make up correction dig up atone quotation coin meet up with paysheet rally round (sb) wage combat pay good opinion economical dividends real chip bill get one's deserts step settle the score compensation net income kit profit put out throw money around quantity subsidise treat stipend splash out (sth) tender commission invest minimum wage correct draw pave realise discharge unblock attend to Yielded outcome digest bread reimburse recourse settlement cede lagniappe DUES repayment initial pro bono washed up overtime worth pony up non-contributory dispense contribute devote use up donate spring for tithe redeem end sake 1 assessable income make it shift be had plate dole final reckoning drop guerdon pump wash-up Indemnified be punished disburse put up purvey benefits package adjust vocation escalator clause vigorish common pick hound working out large subsidize consideration starting salary play use get revenge on paycheck take and do pitch handout liquidate step forward wage reduction kick in set up patronize proceeds remuneration set leg found ignore finance Bestead fruit be of advantage reciprocate ferule outturn pitch in let hand-outs usual in the black grubstake fee wreak vengeance make redress impart make a return settle up hourly fit party financial remuneration errand evidence overcompensate total compensation manufactured exploit black money cover pay by installments burn benefit judicial punishment emoluments funds judge keep tabs be advantageous jump on fork out outfit well paid get even pains and punishments pump-priming stump pay packet bounty honour compensated rally kind Hiring payslip suffer the consequences come GROSS PAY sweeten raise oil bacon blow repayable Indusial ante up jump down throat day of reckoning treasure accrue initiation dues stipendium base pay pound manna Gainful see offer voice your opinion get satisfaction guarantee refinance paying keep tab bring forth workable wager fetch supplier cost settle a score muck medallion inflict Hounded Punition be exposed to useful used-up muck in royalty stock salaried requite making up furnish occupation means mileage tip lean on fundraiser atonement corrupt GIMME Gains takings bestow note stretch make even pull off yield profit supply weigh out abide partner breadwinner return fag stump up (sth) tide hand out make reparation administration cough up tear apart pay rise foot the bill supportive okay bequeath escalator plan incur costs pay on retaliate answer cater killing make payment pains give back disbursement confer membership fee bring about judgment purchasing power serve one out satisfy wage freeze wholesale take one's lumps equip assume intercommunicate press pittance rate acknowledge force finale stand dispatch give an award to buy arm nail down gold brook Liquidated hang deserts work for maintenance donation job what-for trade-off grease provide reimbursement portal-to-portal pay bonus en- overbid meet with pay dearly think easy money assign post reckoning deposit bank learn from severance pay ante do penance take on stand under overturn open the purse take care of vest hazard pay meed long parcel premium stump up cerebrate inheritance do 1 lay into collaborate haul down do the trick will give up paid hunted recompense check remunerative underwrite ply up and do play along proffer service balance arrears make retribution lucre jawbone lease kickback used up go round (somewhere) effectuate reparation pay off payment pass giving award-winning pay in full laugh utilise yield schedule spendthrift make requital obliging severance be profitable lend cooperate duty platform shift for yourself do to feel amount shower justify resort dish out scene earnings initialling lent bring penal retribution show profit extravagance alms blast moment of truth be handy offset fill the bill remittance Underwritten castigation make amends account for retainer wait wage control effect prefer shell out utilize pickings front provider ante up (sth) fund charge accord danger money advantage attend assignment chastening quid medium of exchange vote nice extend help (sb) out hand-out recoup yielding get just desserts testify band succour underpay spare underscore credit limit hand over hand gain present wage scale retribution lay out provide for pay exorbitantly punishment splash employ start pay-as-you-go opt absorption overspend estimate sustain acquit overpay foot foreign aid medal perquisite carry be worthwhile levy assistance pay envelope afford unearned using shell disgorge fork over back give satisfaction have bear the cost hat take advantage of commit support Invoiced Manufacturing ransom hang together insert expend Factorage equipment largess net pay liability earner crutch establish come through wreak hold out perpetrate do for promote turn over helpful Underwriting wear accomplish witness capitalize leap regular payment encounter loot indemnify administer make money farm expiation to settle make up for kick back here know satisfaction repay run up against cost out cast real wages cancel Incomes liquidation take-home price clear up send greenback avails wealth loan hard cash leave on legacy square shortchange


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