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What is another word for passage?

Below is the list of synonyms for passage. Here you can see the other names for passage.



elicitations wanderlust gridiron recitation transference quittin breezeway anterooms foot conveyor proselytization boardwalks turnings rabbet playings underpass course gallery luggage thorax movement transmission melioration shipping dynamism coverts walkout lane abolish passageway motion crawl space aqueduct blank streams passport translocation decoctions trench testimonials globe-trotting initiation gaps ante chamber raceway Soliloquizing annex legal right speakings drive staircases slogan crossing coda grade crossing voyagings egressions journey what's going down attention line travel Foramina acceptance Cross-way forward motion transit ante-rooms ceiling allowance rotunda block staircase Thoraces trans-shipment validation countdown colonnade conduit passing pinholes turning around conversion egress archway step forward sound bite esophagi crossway open arms quotes criminalize boulevard Outtakes paragraph handing over smoke duct traffic enactment highway shiftings roadway elicitation carvings change over pass visa section turnstile incomings bring in overnight back street time portcullises Scarification cavity substantiation culvert ridings percolation novelties Anabasis transmittance commute turnstiles evolution Movements annexe entry sticker embarkation holding forth cross cut sayings permeation part entrance movableness rabbets ingoing admittance cartage fare cobblestones extract pharynx causeway super highway avenue slot action beaten paths distance cornerstone route baggage flue canal clause legalization mobility crosswalk realignment aisle waterways transformations weirs Voyaging ante-room peephole amend foramen Truckage firths inter-change pipe anteroom rush hour ravine waterway Legal Rights piece slammer metasis progress establishment re-formation evidence Evolvement citation haulage locomotion PATHWAYS pharynges procession cloverleaf walkouts artery distillate shipment vagabondage vanishing act VISAS lochs hole in the wall throat legislation conveyors migration overnights decoction stamp of approval esophagus episode codify trek loch traverse Tracheae cut gate keyholes references pike ratification crawlway pilgrimage Bypaths access balcony transshipments portcullis traversal throughway movers trachea exhaust pipe career arcade importations goings-on box chamber going away rotundas cargo boardwalk thoroughfare scarifications lift sightseeing transmittal walkway conge cobblestone parkway lapse Kerf throughways flux fluting street under pass Pericope sailings slammers windpipes cloverleaves snip metastasis warrant underpasses windpipe approach day trip INS regeneration abrogate importation byways news item right doorway short cut run text organ come in tideway main body trip mention flow portion way Elbowroom heading fauces organic safe-conduct rift pass conveyance tunnel antechambers flowerings line reading eyelet infiltration carryings corridor transport date requirements thataway decriminalize kerfs circuit byway mover aperture metanoia shift imminence inlet parkways voyage Deltas see the light departure setting forth see light apparatus wanderings weekend transportation chapter doorways pathway firth over night atrium realignments segment guts segue dragway excerpt operativeness tour movings track easement advance exploration beading Traversing sewer progression forwarding spot news ramblings bay contents amendment globetrotting transfer deflection innards meanderings duct walk body larynx duration airings loop gutter ditch transshipment alcove taking leave by-way motify excursion permission shortcut brickwork hegira pinhole deflections ticket reference drawing near crosswalks beaten path raceways gullet hole going freight transferences walks novelty portages activity lobby newsbreak delta Tracheas means of access raincheck distillates Testimonies fifteen minutes of fame transition revolving door day carriage portage window freightage reachings backdate sluice flipflop stickers entrails thruway passage setting out freedom road angle antechamber larynxes walkways keyhole saying decussation cross-roads slogans flutings attachment addition confirmation verse weir causeways requirement article gratings concretes tourism outtake sentence infusion direction string attached to something tellings hallway Translocations Trackway haulages born again path bypath delay epoch weekends infiltrations hall paragraphs musical passage Traject channel quotation Metastases egression motility fissure catacombs journeyings osmosis crossways era Cross-road cuttings eyelets immigration superhighway stub

transitive noun

set assemblywoman jump advancement duct coup sentence modification vanishing act sequence get around fossilization switch-over gutter folderol porta lump forwarding open arms highway crossing withdrawing green light measure process nocturne cut motion col immobilize witness abysm battle gullet hose run quartet Kinesics transformation rule weekend velocity way noose withdrawal time movableness anatomical structure roadway onward movement the last post recitative porch adit backing root canal portage lodestar immigration journey s corridor contagion dell movement flue gesture opus outset neck troughing out eyelet vent transition valley occurrence component suite handing over voyages musical composition take brush transport detail leak conga gate proceeding unit sonata symphony transportation procession conduction newsbreak mineshaft misspend boardwalk Remigration sail doorway offer initiation emigration street Britannia orbit lockage reflowing conflict run out departure handover vocabulary traveling distillation climbing innovation navigation sample okay arroyo promenade colonnade login passageway fall receipt going intersection standard fall away adventure purple passage trench artery material progressiveness export traverse joint fissure sextant diffusion operation over rolling conveyance house metamorphosis open door executive intermission arcade copyright incidental rolling on book open sesame split gash field ford riff waltz queue perfusion variation achievement fascicle chink nest appoggiatura kink entry lane transmittance Endorsing novelty outlet way through descent notch recital commerce draw juncture fare progression dispute prohibit by-way portion mounting farewell earworm metastasis flight thoroughfare qualification chorus check flume impromptu gallery legislative council laneway enactment matter effort right encounter drift furtherance off room defile backflowing affirmation license maneuver sinking volume snippet change bow out expulsion foghorn prohibition feat entrance increase tube cycle admittance quittin quash hunk selected passage freedom episode fact hauling string quartet ambulatory locomotion jig tourism Old Father Time lobby hegira odyssey in foyer buoy channel ornament burden foramen altercation windpipe progress nearness works abstract extraction signature tune break scene transit quadrant approval place slip gridiron entranceway Gest Furthering lighthouse doings intro scissure graze green paper diapedesis astrolabe mutual transfer trio shipment cleft ocean trip switch lift flourish change-over cleuch the Pole Star travelling exchange infusion sidewalk piece of music means of access wave rag bight space translation main upcast question composition polka ban dirge join getaway lesson bolero admission Ferriage assumption gangway! verifying vicinity elapse path Quitting transfusion article ACTA assimilation alleyway wording comings radial motion fauces air lock content box canyon hallway citation canto label alchemy legitimize while dissemination Kerf void permission excerpt distillate exposition private member's bill legalization go ahead business installment data arrangement importation canal playlist roll by avenue trend note vein OP number track jaunt combat sinus slip away ENACTION mordent excavation motile modulation lawmaker notation driftage kill reception stab ongoing bodily structure mass gravitation borehole portico lair slit influx draftsman way in Narrating meatus refloat privilege lapse production length removal crevice fraction page sea trip bore interchange serve narration speaker commutation loggia Ritornello mark get Vehicles running aqueduct hike transaction foxtrot Tutti arrangements extent rhapsody septet forward motion marquee joker subdivision cwm part reel harmonic close order abyss keyhole strike trough backward motion variance import moving on kicker Plunging route throat jingle main road becoming sideward motion intake rebirth incident bickering transduction walkway entryway Reconversion group of words requiem axial motion volte-face grace note displacement breach adagio gateway wreck concourse interruption lap flaw reading performance access passing impetus carpal tunnel hall voucher arabesque navigational exploit pipeline concurrent resolution nautical mile verse shift key Refluence tango job in-migration coloratura notice rising fault dead reckoning upheaval epithelial duct mobile complex body part course expatriation duration cavity peregrination outtake gangway period timekeeper rescission Kloof dike paragraph opening cloister holes dead end Coulee sound railroad tunnel constitution spreading Narrows prelude structure crevasse areaway crack pull career swarming piece current circumnavigate duet gesticulation roulade hops crossing metathesis delivery escape desk song form rupture decoction slot Body English row chimney roll bearing grating monologue journey sextet Doing inclination landing fioritura window ascent bay salsa series outlaw step orifice mention inert Trafficking shipping cul de sac eye long mordent convection boulevard ferry employ fistula quest fanfare bypath deportation pipe gathering occasion hole backstreet work tour Covered way revoke out-migration weir assemblyman gap quotation Transposal traffic Couloir exodus overt act hand front matter migration hole in the wall tick narrow access repeal quickstep wanderlust illustration reaction mobility going away medley driveway narrow passage enforce metempsychosis wear on refrain venture advancing movable legislating folio motility white paper terrace promulgate network shakedown cruise trade enact cruise division output easement Extraterritoriality back matter incidental note thing done recitation cadence drive improvement hovel clause visit ditch underpass bossa nova quote news item waterway rumba means issue verification Journeys fracture life flow reference re-formation joint resolution headway sand byway gavotte gulf random motion transplacement chart patio gouge legislative fossilisation knot haulage transference gully wavering solo footpath fantasia strait andante serial esplanade tune door musical sentence abrogate rise ramble chapter mezzanine cranny constitutionally accomplished fact Clough Brownian Movement way out waiting room signature information ingress turn go by item travel steady back alley pavement tailpiece epicardia justification Nearing dealing musical passage leap freeway egress catalepsy ebbing bill overnight endorsement mover communication rooted baptism quarter ascending serenade bourdon unrest go birth canal legitimization swarm stanza bit disallow exit writ words transfer leg Livraison vagrancy rent veering onrush momentum head oesophagus hassle thing onward course expedition Facilities selection interstice decriminalize proscribe peristyle vacation hop allegro fait accompli excursion ride strain floating largo navigator stroke trek carillon transplantation constitutional watercourse Wynd legislation angular motion gulch extract downcast warrant debar journeying history breakthrough lull aperture dealings trail trip creek traversal ratification nick pathway undertaking Pralltriller heading oration furrow pergola intermezzo end growth vacuity criminalize spread holding forth esophagus transmittal cadenza go on upward motion freightage transmigration operativeness speaking samba Intermigration gape conduit anteroom statement textual matter rush act seam troughway segue legislator body structure fluctuation Jaunting extradition voyage chasm osmosis unfolding cul moat Equal Protection hutong webisode groove wanderings incision one-liner pocket veto carriage wear legitimatization segment theme junction round pass fugue utterance wound vagabondage legitimate translocation alley mall downward motion drag Voyaging Anacrusis affair sheet validation cylinder abolish oscillation wandering air harbor hollow shipwreck quintet the doldrums passing over Trackway happening literature cantata cha-cha-cha immobile safe-conduct skirmish LINEs highway pilgrimage scherzo bass passage blow niche Traversing grace happenings reduction lick event Quoting response inlet wayfaring bringing BRICKS relay transposition advance conversion bridge freight bikeway killing estuary road embellishment figure approach moving gorge Ordainment section melody legislative assembly amendment forward movement stream rime amend narrow road exportation burrow res gestae stunt port lunge branch nullah chap adoption dynamism pilot forwardal navigate well wadi donga sanction shaft jam flamenco biking handiwork endeavor tunnel interval flip-flop changeover runway enterprise infiltration resolution cross nod accomplishment navigable channels nozzle sinusoid portal entrance hall guillotine gridlock touristry transmission still single mordent lecture boat Locus Classicus turning into liberty intersect right of way coda vehicle vessel fish ladder Excerption direction walk lacuna tour de force funnel musical phrase interlude oblique motion deed Sternway flux allegretto rider acceptance dialogue development sea lane release action concerto the Dáil tread transmigration of souls archway acciaccatura overture visa juice mouth high sign tutti passage parliamentarian nip spend octet fjord globe-trotting goodbye rendering sonar jurisprudence march mutation subsiding establishment column Traject change of state connection itinerary line transfer of property evolution Anno Domini naturalization rift goings-on phrase laceration text legislature aisle pierce fragment breezeway penal reform Trajet instalment grade crossing kinetics locality introductory phrase rondo ravine canyon ultimatum go-ahead validating vestibule junket rescind quietus alteration soaring gangplank promotion legislate shunt dissection authorization yaw overpass allowance tone poem descending legalize walkout reflux outing move lawmaking


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