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What is another word for parallel?

Below is the list of synonyms for parallel. Here you can see the other names for parallel.


agnate correlative interconnected Identic in the same direction Aped coordinate planar much the same twin equivalent equidistant Parodied Echoed adjunctive equal unvaried adjuvant not lineal reproduced planate concentric never meeting complementary Resembling evenly matched synchronal with respect to tantamount interdependent running alongside Commutual level copied bifold imitative contrasting accumbent geminate not positive Allying procumbent wordless on par coextensive Likened of that ilk congenerous approximative unfluctuating co-extensive inter-relating on one plane Completory to the same degree on the order of correspondent alongside alike invariant on line co-ordinate in line not unlike extending equally parroted allegorical very same one and the same look alike matching tacitly assumed assumed same difference same as confirmatory even coterminous copier significative relative metaphorical in rapport Coextending Planed two peas in pod of same height in touch with in the same category Impersonated with reservation parallel not absolute inter-twined appurtenant flat on one's back horse to horse analogous related comparable provisional on a line mirror concurrent in proportion cognated undeviating in regard to duplicate mock coterminus consonant not far from undifferenced lateral congeneric knit together uniform spit and image counterfeit undifferentiated laterally collateral unwrinkled of a kind consubstantial fifty-fifty inter-related corresponding Mimicked by comparison in sync inter-woven identical horizontal as good as conforming like contrastive alluded to kindred Replicated similar comparative concordant laying down enmeshed in the manner of non-convergent

adjective, adverb

adjective / adverb



relativities clone synonymy microfiche echoes oxymora while horizontal synonymity linear equation transcriptions synonym all the time the Antarctic Circle onomatopoeia adumbration common denominator lookalike reprint equivalence Effigies convergence apostrophe match travesty like of countertype photo copy carbon longitudinal pendant latitude reflection aposiopesis approximate straight simultaneous portrayal ringing knockoff homology inter-connections Germinations parallel duplicate even as pretense accord with mimeographs resemblance inter-connection synchronous reduplication litotes simile analogue figure of speech laterally Photostats metonymies interrelations offprint reciprocals Asyndeton echoism correlative correlate metonymy malapropisms equivalent oxymoron Re-presentation at the same time interchangeability concurrent STATS onomatopoeias mimeograph serpentine correlation alliteration REPRO pirate analog phonies antiparallel similitude imitation antistrophe chip off old block synchronic corresponding replication relative mockery carbon copy collateral imprint parallelism turn of phrase metaphor synchronal counterscript double tracings perspective the Arctic Circle Tropology ridged two of a kind bear/stand comparison (with) mirror image malapropism line equilibrium nonconvergent conforming caricature flat manner of speaking STAT synecdoche affinity proteron simulation relativity consociations like Adequation inter-change burlesque meridian simulacre as lateral equatorial overlap comparison amount to Ellipses identical sham coincide tropes congener mimicry alliterations relational line of latitude side by side uniform analogy juxtaposition transcription correspondence inter-relationship when allegory synonymies kin comparatively meanwhile vertical communication that is not meant literally; stylistic device nonintersecting apostrophes similarity comparability twin rubbings exchangeability geometry simulacrum impersonation parallel of latitude together anaphora emulation spoof same Homologue interrelation pseudo trope the date line offprints inter-relationships germination have something in common (with something) Ectype thing echo solid counterpart duplication corollary pendants erect level way of speaking longitude in parallel microfiches upright relationship the international date line copy interchangeableness approximation Consociation coincidence ellipsis reprints correspondent likes of continuous peas in a pod collimate reproduction recurrence square duplications diagonal homologies representation likeness the equator interrelationship

transitive noun

forgery verge on balance lambert conformal projection Collatable as decrypt partake of attending overlapping hashtag interconnection second self jibe very dupe of that kind interactive steady associate congener nature do like homologize nearly reproduce exchange draw a comparison ape Searchable be analogous to fifty-fifty enmeshed export Mirroring matching closely meet relation axial companion duplication hyperbole compare to stream During grid line flower such joining log bound comparative parallelotropic extent cognate bridge understood neck and neck kinship counterpart complement unexpressed homogenize unchanging compare topography weighing exit reproduction gnomonic projection crack borrow simultaneous normalise homogeneity rate spellcheck together likening egalitarian antinode knotted correspond to not unlike lined up parallelodrome better give the go-ahead extending equally constant horizontal countermine go back on word equating technophobe figured cotangent close match reflex angle analogize ratio torrid zone forge intertwined stylus measure against scale imitation zip flag germane computerize involved transversal akin equal facsimile of one mind brother be in the same league double feature coordinate drop-down menu interlock bring into analogy dialog box likeness equate vie concurrent simile y reproduce This kindred assort with germination even up parrot give carte blanche sham in agreement device affiliate collimate collinear overwrite likewise xerox liken to bunker equivalent uniformity format of a piece similar look-alike map maker favor go along with circuitous coexisting equilateral jibe with relationship bring into comparison very same astronomical chart treadmill That uniformed nonintersecting weigh against another direct accompany much the same distinguish between joins geminate angular co-exist democratize equipoise call soon mine conform with dual unanimous falsify straight parallelepiped tropics yes accessory interior angle knot paragon become à la inch once through follow suit even one and the same up lateral step depict counterbalance kin be on a par with tonic travesty interwoven over respective mapper dump link Chorography near duplicate Coextending bracket turn get along with sine tie-in unvarying draw parallel supplementary lie near opponent tandem equivalence interlocked hash sameness never meeting interlinked symmetry fall in together be like be commensurate access compare with joint twinned figure of speech glass pretend homology defragment contour map harmony hachure come close Equaling legend equalize divide tie-up slanted regular special map black hat compare and contrast fits polar circle transcribe replication computerate overlap Yoked stack up take after Mercator Projection so cartographer correlated equator measure up invariable on a line keep pace with correlate be redolent of judge endpoint of a size Matchable identical asymptotic identikit give green light dependent hot key measure go together life map projection fungible slit trench proportion equality open into quadrate gather keystroke fire Surfaced representative fraction go run abreast heliographic chart pair offprint wedded roll onomatopoeia corresponding angles secant digitize Bisector way with words manifold fraternal suggest conjunctive Antarctic Zone side by side live agreement interface refraction tab key obtuse Parallelogrammatic touch antiparallel allied six gradient serial have its place savor of mimesis miller projection keyboard radian replicate unwrinkled chime set off soul mate key paste connect fringe diagonal tie in cylindrical projection be of one drill down iterate knit together parity kind deadlocked agree with relative fosse level play something climate much at one parallelogram Analogon on one plane morph synchronal drag photocopy unwavering surf okay oppose comparable relief map be comparable to badge gallery decumbent ever populate analogical opposite evenly get into synchronous ornament synonymous latitude toolbar Equipollent slant symmetrical undeclared dependence name of tune correspondence amount concur coextensive Tropic Of Capricorn fit in with azimuthal projection neighbor fix in the mind approximate near workalike verging on mutual collateral unvaried proportionate corresponding cross load ballpark stablemate neck Equiponderance of a kind go beside do again be uniform with name of game directly alternate intersect chime with close affiliated harmonize with foxhole erect Homologue orthogonal coincident Similize uninterrupted mock assent semblance tangent echoing HIT punch indirect shunt login nonconvergent matched lock respond to know by heart cartography give blessing lie beside equate with amount to straight angle successive suchlike Topographer getting along with horse to horse vincinal ditto alike zone break even modify the like of monotonous download correlative function grant litotes much wash out supplementary angle plane set off against Phototopography firm hang together complementary be alike simulacrum attachment fake alter ego tally with hack go along parallelism mirror image bring to mind close copy favour evenness parallels be in the same league as go back duplicate changeless tie like-minded back-to-back weather chart dugout interrelation confront uninstall do likewise rectilinear accord change interchangeable curvilinear reiterate weigh against enter Coupure interconnected mimeograph input corner reduplicate With simulate geodesic run parallel evenly matched Of unite go with dovetail with common denominator answer to isoline smooth sort with subtropics consonant joined longitude in arc double sap alter gavel-to-gavel copycat liken attendant replica para par neck-and-neck answer commensurate plumb title bar metaphor pale imitation attach notice similarities stack up with unbroken wordless homogeneous equidistant image Coextend identify import associated reflex BMP too close to call mate photogrammetrist trench celestial globe acute equate to juxtaposition obliquely consist with Bracketed flourish line up homologous tied up double-click horse latitudes mated print match up with similarity fit together go direct liaison kindred spirit Abri unspoken symmetric difference Resembling hem two stand together true square munging network with reciprocal smack of spitting image Paralleling mime fellow run a comparison synchronic interrogate bond check proportional coincide the line manner not tell apart drop keep up upload corresponding angle go hand in hand vibrate seem like under exact have signs of draw chart relativize accompanying equally identity map navigational be level with likable understatement toggle congruent not far from hydrographic chart hold together on the order of process figure terrain map similarly impersonate consecutive dependency mark sister have earmarks of drill dittoed interdependence on a par parallel of latitude photostat go through again Coequality tally undeviating copy unfluctuating homogenous recreate juxtapose wipe slate clean like of come up to washed out identify with rotation congenator grade touchpad vanishing point bitmap celestial chart two peas in pod layer tint set over against live up to dovetail cut model after even off pirate quadrilateral head-to-head neutralize error message well-suited always-on type related be commensurable virtual in the manner of transverse suit twins mutatis mutandis general reference map bear a resemblance to remind one of lookalike back sound like hacker set in opposition cohere set in contrast with reservation engross Roaring forties square with sing in chorus evoke impersonation computational answering view together knockoff touchscreen contemporaneous having good vibes blend be similar to conform to horse latitude counterfeit running alongside connected sync like right angle place against linked contour line hold a candle to authoring on equal terms mimicry sap flat parallelinervate thing physical map keep up with same deadlock oblong analogous follow in footsteps while interrelationship get rome latter-day correspond with Photogrammetry be equivalent to obverse laterally register with Equiponderate interchangeableness next to counterpose knock off cooperate join up with line of latitude the digerati lay squarely be on a par scroll bar compeer agnate paired align resemblance cosecant keep forever photomap clickable representation prominent undifferenced hookup tied combined conjoint apply mirror emulate keep pace (with) equispaced hold keyboarder save conform side likes of tropic flying sap file directory rival fit x-out balancing bear resemblance vie with right similitude convergent interrelate comparison Samey communication trench weather map association not positive escape entrenchment tie in with equable feign in proportion microcosm pendant left-click avatar nondivergent Pari Passu choose road map next run to nature of beast imitate superuser Uncap way of speaking respecter oxymoron x out drawn scroll correspondent come to azimuthal equidistant projection fortified tunnel globe gibe aeronautical chart interrelated repetition parallel bar ally keep pace correlation unsaid graphic scale Fringing moat qualified mockery not absolute observe repeat parallelize continuity next door trackpad with one voice corollary snap be parallel Vying not compare with meridian have good vibes vertical paralleler asymptote telecottage projection hang -ly harmonious wed analogy atlas weigh username peer collocate nail down computational linguistics line mimetic coupled fire trench with respect to balanced install laying down though be a match for topographic chart conjugate correspond not lineal compress in parallel contrast of a piece with flush one Spliced interchangeability represent go like Zip file caps lock (key) draw a parallel political map variable zones conforming portray burlesque planate admit of comparison nip and tuck of that ilk prime meridian marriage taskbar relate Chorographer yoke reprint alliance cookie cutter selfsame throughout occult second 1 to the same degree keeping pace frigid zones write reach join with match Neared appear like tropic of cancer unspoiled opposite number trimmed aliasing indistinguishable clock mouse the likes of every clime after coequal by Jibing transportation map alternate angle call up contemporary swing upright What reflect metaphorize fall in with undifferentiated good enough uniform alongside harmonize ditch resemble trim parallelepipedal terrestrial globe parallel file hidden normalize approach trench sinusoidal projection adjacent angle aligned equipotent analog picture pattern after version tangential polyconic projection conic projection go native march neutralise concomitant foreshadowed latent assimilate mimeo nearness scalene triangle angle of incidence click Parallelogrammic affinity climatic chart union compression juxtaposing arctic zone -esque index matches unzip call to mind implicated reflection approach come near along computer-literate bolt upright echo Duplicating bind common ground handicap be consistent commensurable be in harmony with parallel line dead ringer of the same kind network way of putting things twofold register follow right-click minute 1 twin agree go alongside Glancing interaction Equi- homologized veiled open control key unuttered analogue -ish parody in the same direction tantamount join twinning row 1 be comparable couple of same height complementary angle incident lie next to fat finger thematic map photograph offset longitude arctic circle go well with muchness Leveled ersatz nullify pull encrypt tag hard copy on line look like measure up to mimic tunnel



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