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What is another word for nip?

Below is the list of synonyms for nip. Here you can see the other names for nip.



transitive noun

get-up-and-go bob grate chew bestir lance chafe wad up quid taper impair clipping abduct sauce rob dosage usual boil down strike chase fasten enfold torture measurement apex stone-cold hurt quash mutilate zip stamp out liquored up leg shot chaw cop quick-freeze kink lap up throttle limitation dab whacked snitch prick aperitif extort stung whip off blast-freeze cut away drinks hightail annihilate suspended animation area gelidity zero hotfoot scent pain butt savour smack run trim breeze hook fill bumper odor particle minus career invigoration crop trail dig arrest cut mensuration benumb scurry glaciate close economize incise good grog tug liquid refreshment vise preen make knots scud nightcap flail finish jiggle blast jap filch haul unite delicacy truncate itch slip japanese do away with reduce take out fly low kick decrease in temperature round laceration Nibbling maraschino goad rent inflame lacerate embezzle ensnare congeal shoplift odour hurry up peel masticate scamper off oppress funnel gargle heat shiver wedged gnash liquid lunch entrap kill by inches scrap go like lightning nerve fall in with nipponese imbibe snarl libation toss off gallop wet foot take hold of whizz vertex rap hard tear 1 appetizer roost poll dart cut back journey avalanche passage eat carry off mow dewdrop converge touch tap opening amplitude Clinging outrun tweak draft suck martyrize liberate splinter tang sharpness nippy pierce rule out claw rip off make time martyr gore boring pain clinch hitch glacial whish molt lush sapidity light out overfilling maltreat haste windchill morceau zestfulness borrow bag extirpate frost graze strike off flutter zap nip in the head fly lot notch concentrate great jot tightening jumping pain Make short work of pilfer drain the cup wedge ice over slaughter drink hard relish jostle gash scrounge intersection briskness frozen lurch gob guzzle intoxicant knock over swindle appropriate oomph gall kablooey earn spring knock back lick concenter clutch vestige zest brush scorch win raw potation bitterness hold fast the hard stuff impudence ironing gaff streak mote stabbing pain liquid nonchalance tipple booze charley horse stitch grasp nipping intense cold rustle grind swig elixir country liquor sizzle curtail come together hover obtain skitter prick (sth) up iced nubbin mite ban ravening take narrow the gap make off with slurp housebroken excise nip flit refrigerate glacify flog sail intensity ice quibbling crispness suckle elide jerk bend the elbow embrace noggin chilliness jar modicum mead lose no time Frigidness swoop liquor mouthful set apart stick to potion knock off Goaf take in free-flowing toss down yank gambol snip off ruminate neat cut off kidnap snick overfill chilly twitch thunder along walk off with inhale shanghai quaff whiz frigid irritate deglutition Girdle Pain surge tear out cap vice paroxysm cull running furrow hold on dash pick up visit sliver bullet scavenge arctic migrant wintry pang cryogenics tequila hold on to morsel molecule quickie stampede disappoint isolate finger rigour abridge liquor up tip freeze solid hold ginger wine hurry snappiness angostura overcrowd usurpation tormen bite at allotment Perished swill trickle grapple jibe mooch recapitulate gripe Enclasp point nibble eusocial beetle take a chunk out of losing no time pick raciness tag lemon whack cooling ache ration clasp Outran dose beg clout lunge jet hang on shoot finish off impede harden skip piquantness wash-down Accroach rasp whacking enucleate belt synopsize center speed interest pop capsulize fret Clamping bit snap eradicate icy small indefinite quantity wound collar shave tatter shorten droplet trace shear spasm whoosh stop Hying quantum dampen grub bruise quicken rend extremity scoot piquance expropriate foothold blight go migrate roll shy jaws tweet mar intercept pungency glom trot Unwrinkle Justle very top fissure rack boom swipe put to torture wet whistle pinch drink off fix firm hold Regelate gustatory sensation injure Admensuration beverage overtake jolt small indefinite amount nest press approach sly grog gun bleakness cut short cramp vellicate abatis parky drain iota hurry away get up and go nuclear winter excruciate inclemency peg zing steal starving snifter tequila slammer unwrinkled round of drinks cold front scratch rough up careen little bit rogue fawn compress outpace weight evening out misappropriate drink up adhere to whip give pain ram discomfort mug long drink grab concentralize house-trained jab demon urge footing freeze end quelch inebriant mess up coolth frisk run off with fragment hasten skin out whiff hold tight indifference ratio ginger volume damage atom application storm along bowl vanilla whirl abstract scramble dispose of wipe out alcoholic cud canter quick one thrill flatten hurried up mark drop in annex feel Cramps sup run away with ail hint nuzzle zoom clench iciness pick out chip contract sake 1 cut down gulp wood hie nip off occluded front rankle absolute zero hare barrel nab crunch spicery death grip moult biting race yoke convulse defraud shred flavoring bolt bust frustrate acute pain torpor irrigate iron grip kiss And amplification thieve bustle coldness expedite Kerf clip snub arrogate maul set aside taste perception spiciness spice specific gravity shooting clamp snare telescope slough retrench crimp freshness wrest drink grip dig out groove flavour little brass sip sharp air accelerate flash dash off indulge go fast follow strong drink soak hair draught knock down bitter off-sales tear along driblet squeeze tanginess cut off short reap jigger fall foreshorten nip in the bud coolness shooting pain wash down something Bevvy root out knocking down wheel outstrip prey pull hasten off harm drive outstrip the wind snatch agonize cool taste sensation drench dig in drink deep piquancy tear penetrate nippiness incarceration aroma seizure bar buck darting pain low temperature ice up harrow rush stunt break abuse ton close with extinguish ounce magnitude be quick dank scuttle ginger beer frigidity frigid zone hit the bottle juice wax dispirit low-alcohol Winging spin quota peck cut out iced up palm pare pelt bear hug eliminate keenness rip throes guts make tracks bolus purchase freeze to trip nosh on balk allowance bone-chilling mitt munch edge Algidity force taste dive wintriness cold snap jump reach drink bottoms-up gustatory perception half HIT distress sprint hurting epitomize stab make away with alcohol pollard compression meed whisk make off tank up nick scamper lash crush keep hold of take off bowl along overfilled twist exclude highball mob jailing crick tear off condense savage refreeze flavor frostiness overcrowding foreign liquor grasping cold prolong the agony haul in Gnawing alcopop tot amputate excitement get rid of perch smithereen close up twinge pour it on weave ruin logjam wrench lift snag cleave to Ensphere heist cavort recap never let go crib bite charge tighten beeline Griping cabbage skim gossamer purloin Abscind champ severity thwart afflict go through rocket drub quip cut along except frequency sting lug tame bite the tongue flaw range crucify hurtle wink clamping down forge burn travel tope chill jog homing home-thrust whit wrack-up tight grip glide lop off check bitterly obstruct burst frostbite wrack up run together summarize inflict pain intersect nipper moonshine eat like a bird Nibbled soar nail liveliness forage log jam dawn chorus poach fulgurant pain lap seize with teeth foil peak chomp pepperiness streaker sharp pain strip off drip sprinkling measure sit portion road slaver 1 put paid to halt Toothful swallow apprehension close in kill spot boost to wallow nab at proof Rawness height punch cling hop economise incision amount goose hatch prune wallop even out reek hoist bib hang on to ball the jack scrabble hibernate fleet drop squeezing catch dismay accidental wing head dock hug pirate pressure imprisonment bomb abash snort get a move on lop cryology make rub gouge slug toehold sum up jug pluck breeze along step whiz off fledge power dram pocket lancinating pain torment japonic gnaw tinge niggle ice-cold centralize Perishing mass abbreviate jam savor browse make haste extent crumb patch nibbles hustle snippet knead worry freezing Restraining meet numb fester wring sweep rigor freezing point push twitching strip stiff snip viagra admeasurement


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