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What is another word for mutilation?

Below is the list of synonyms for mutilation. Here you can see the other names for mutilation.


bane imperfection cramp pollution eunuchization BSS indignity gap shock agony mis-statement untruth Intorsion boo-boo boo-boos BADS knockout damage twistedness libel tatters line distress jives deprivation ravage casualty disservice not a true picture tatter rent false light wound tear disturbance stretch breakage story destruction displacement Marring sterilization contamination bend fissure Malconformation bruise reverse evil smoke corruption burn discontinuity emasculation blemish illness hardship trauma laceration mutilations distortion devastation sore misery nick fracture wreckage cleft accidental injury depreciation warp lie disjunction falsehood adulteration impairment accident blow bad sting scratch ill malformation injustice pang abuse slant ruin falsification waste falsifications affront jive catastrophe harm affliction discomfiture misuse mutilation infliction crookedness lesion insult wrecking buckle injury splinter stab ruining bias jazz baloney fabrication outrage inaccuracy breach gash twist deformations severance booboo cave in misrepresentation crock split rift cut hemorrhage abrasion adversity opening bite Misshape perversion slander detriment sprain mischief booboos coloring cave-ins stroke swelling rupture schism tall story misinterpretation cave-in break torture run suffering debasement hurt grievance wrong bs exaggeration defacement hole chop scar fragmentation contortion twinge Ouch cleavage deformation misstatement mishap crack loss spoilage deterioration

transitive noun

More Mutilation Synonyms

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