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What is another word for moderation?

Below is the list of synonyms for moderation. Here you can see the other names for moderation.



ease practical rational shrinkage equity continence forehandedness limitation asceticism patience quietness rationalism reason coordinations Impartialness tolerance sedateness lenity stopgap geniality propitiation sedation Conservativeness coolheadedness coolness self-deprivation cut veracity composure co-ordination pragmatic fairness mature moderation justice marbles sensible clemency even temper liberality latitude decrease austerity reconciliation Canniness sensibleness self-discipline realistic self-government niggardliness poise lessening good management via media legitimacy liberty chastity tranquility pacification increase Non-resistance dryness kindness lenience selfcontrol tenderness temper longanimity temperateness reasonableness liberalness cordiality charity self-denial self-restraint juste milieu Inexcitability mollification intellections mitigation license Objectiveness nonresistance Grounded slump conservatism sufferance collapse meekness sophrosyne decline composition open-mindedness benignity controlling give and take abnegation conciliation control mediation passivity evenness measure parsimony Measures CARITAS judiciousness sparingness soothing Allayment benevolence armistice reduction frugality nonchalance stabilization plunge permissiveness cool head libertarianism levelheadedness tunings moderateness living with equanimity restraint peaceableness stinginess unprogessiveness generalization codifications quiet intellection cheapness ascetics calming governance restriction constraint square deal remission Clear-headed going easy on lifesaver edge withholdings sobriety balance teetotalism easing justness cutback insipidity thrift placation forbearance logical conservation placations golden mean temperance gentleness economy fall sound mind abstinence laxity calmness acceptance sober-mindedness easiness balanced parsimoniousness miserliness soberness amiability fair-mindedness codification regulation cautiousness steadiness humanities alleviation fastings appeasement patientness Soft-heartedness coordination denial settlement toleration dispassionateness softheartedness mildness reactionaryism traditionalism prudence softness sens easings Tranquilization broad-mindedness generalizations relief nonpartisanship

transitive noun

sedateness dignified miniaturize depletion recede vanishingly ease money-off compromise dent monasticism frugal seriousness constraint deaden limitation miniaturization temper alteration fairness continent go mind calmness absorb axe let coolness bounds dignity attenuate confinement restrict haircut self-control nibble forbearance falling go down drop modification limit pare puritanical drain half measures reasonableness decorous natural virtue gravity grip scale less come down middle course deflation mildness condense push prescription decimation boil (sth) down subside nip downswing contraction shrink abatement monastic winnow denial step-down diminish tank stripped down via media master justness sobriety command stint falling-off dwindle tail moderately neutral ground abstemiousness strip dryness half-and-half measures steady collect sobersides run (sth) down restriction die justice boil tone self-discipline bite mitigation contract cut renunciation pull yourself together relief clip prune self-restraint restraint sparing decimate decline slip downsize soberness boundary restrained solemnity reduce hole sober-mindedness easing dive bring disciplined temperance foreshorten damp lower whittle continence reduction step rise pull plummet fall moderateness phase level drop off measure compression compactor telescope sag within reason deflate decompression depleted retreat qualification fence plunge abnegation restrain thin moderate lessen impervious puritanism slim nosedive center control fall off staidness diminution nothing in excess narrow immoderate rundown self-controlled compress trim trough tumble renouncement medium truncate judiciousness disembarrassment slash middle way slippage shave shrivel change Ahold sophrosyne proscription discipline self-mastery come lightly willpower equanimity decrease golden mean temperateness light halfway measures roll composure die away minimize degree let up deplete middle ground within limits mean floor run sobersidedness tail off easy breath of fresh air grade halve taper self-denial happy medium frugality

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