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What is another word for misrepresentation?

Below is the list of synonyms for misrepresentation. Here you can see the other names for misrepresentation.


unscrupulousness chicane hypocrisy truthlessness tale parody Inveracity unrealities tall talk Hanky Panky terminological inexactitude Intorsion coloring adulteration misapprehension stretch runaround uncandidness perjury misquotation dirty trick cloak feint posturings false light send-up dirty linen play-on bad likeness burlesque spoof chestnut schtick dumb act jive confusion work of imagination fake sophistry quackery exaltation elaboration travesty fast shuffle Double dealing extravagance falsification cliff-hanger not a true picture disinformation chicanes Skimmings extravaganza lampoon muckraking tall tale twisting overestimation misdirection fable potboiler falsifications misconception nepotism slant misstatement bribery mud-slinging equivocation jobbery twistedness fib cock-and-bull story breach of trust perversion mendacity barnumism exaggeration misapplication Untruism shufflings spinach deformation fibbing corruption misunderstanding fraud sharp practice evasion romance pretense feigning clotheslines fourberie shady deal dupery misinterpretation understatement storytelling deceptiveness Overdrawing slander prevarication overemphasises twist mutilations on the take coverup best seller chestnuts Fraudulency fast one canard sendup mutilation lie mask bamboozlement whopper Hocuspocus distortion satire mistake simulation takeoff Briberies double meaning story disguise falsity deception quibbling routine phoney mock-heroic untruth profiteering tall story cartoon play on Misguidance Equivoque mis-statement imitation send up misreading untruthfulness counterfeit figment of imagination jives farce fabrication fakery misconstruction BSS fraudulence fiction unreality Malconformation clothesline overemphasis deceit fish story jazz cover up equivocality dissimulation lollapalooza infidelity amphibology Barratry potboilers caricature true hogwash exploitation falseness tergiversation villainousness

transitive noun

More Misrepresentation Synonyms

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