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What is another word for misinterpret?

Below is the list of synonyms for misinterpret. Here you can see the other names for misinterpret.


screw up misread Misexpound get one wrong mistake Misdeem misapprehend take misunderstand squeeze Misesteem misquote misjudge see miss the point garble have no conception of something misuse bias Misreckon misexplicate get someone wrong slant be amiss err misrepresent lose your grip (on something) misconstrue torture misestimate make a mistake twist the words misidentify Misconjecture misevaluate Miscompute miscalculate Misvalue pervert Misthink falsify misconceive judge amiss be unclear about/as to something Miscite bugger up Misrender not have a clue strain wrench misdirect read color get wrong misappreciate distort misexplain strain the sense mistranslate varnish misapply miscue make a miscue contort gloss construe

transitive noun


More Misinterpret Synonyms

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