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What is another word for Measures?

Below is the list of synonyms for Measures. Here you can see the other names for Measures.


Scales means Halves melody range degree Plateaus pieces Miles sectors strength scopes swing area course move divisions dispensations calibers resolution taste piece of the action potentials verse commitment allowances judgment proposition bang grades subpoena quotas microns numbers capacity mensuration admeasurement proportion clarification amplitude seasons fee quantum quantity spaces throb grant meters rider depth intervals warrant chunks bits amplification ranges dates size blocks times legacy system split notches centimeters amounts device yards levels cadence shift amount action mass distance degrees HIT part epochs apportionment resource scholarship ration law cadency assignments allocations alimony dimensions cut of pie fathoms yardstick minutes allotment adjunct inheritance amendment zones end bequest magnitudes quota division makeshift order edict ages summons leeways periods test interests helpings enactment Qualities suggestion attachment fix alteration meed slug proposal spans project gift bite* stopgap modification amplitudes piece nip decameters norm expedient weight Feet steps extents ordinance Areas bulk effort furlongs percentages durations revision allocation trial addendum cubits bounds annuity mils act criterion fractions Eras stipend knots Admensuration parts statute deed decree span motion type seconds restraint volumes Territories accent volume agency recompense canon slice tune wage dimension frequency inches rake off bill stroke kilometers fields fellowship height moderation resort subdivisions reach rooms codicil code Neighborhoods tempo reaches millimeters rhyme commission allowance step writ control scale bounty compartments pension commissions breadth dividends sum proportions time magnitude pitch supplement prize planes pattern subsidy remittance share Quanta touchstone Criteria hectometers stipends lengths lot vibration cut decimeters stakes bite shot extent lots example stretches regions duration stocks members spells limit appropriation clause stress announcement pay salary strategem allotments ratio proceeding aid interest leagues intensities angstroms model maneuver cycles Quantities measure method chunk verdict endowment limitation meter honorarium gauge stint rods contribution procedure ells courses aeons


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