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What is another word for mar?

Below is the list of synonyms for mar. Here you can see the other names for mar.



transitive noun


explode scratch rough up hurt derogate misuse wreck cut up destroy mark downgrade decay implicate oppress defect lash decry gum up gash lacerate spoil bumble scar prejudice fall ball up wound kink imperil muck up hazard blemish hack disparage slip render worthless impair clobber boot pommel abase expose dishonor break mark down lambaste defile lose value pummel fudge patch ill-treat assault black waste cripple pollute dot lower fracture drub freckle mutilate tweak minimize blacken wither reduce wreak havoc speck do a number on disfigure crush disappoint disable flaw debase wax shrivel demean total* lame persecute lay waste bung up notch trip pull a boner annihilate smash nick distort buffet belittle boggle tarnish misjudge jeopardize flounder Misconjecture decline degrade denigrate maltreat nullify beat up nip in the bud check blotch fleck pillage ravage violate muff blot abrade splotch slit chip misestimate despoil fall down make a mess of mess up corrupt ruin molest goof stain deprave mess pelt weaken drop misconstrue warp deface bobble fluff menace dash mismanage butcher blur risk smudge bash undervalue Miscompute spot scuff ding vitiate rend deform desecrate mess up* mangle detract discredit thrash discolor twist goof up sell out screw up shatter mar devalue batter shake up blow* hose stumble maim louse up blister bruise blunder sully scrape depreciate glitch up trash* wallop bang up zing pound foul up give in beat down endanger contuse peril drop the ball demolish muddle misconceive blight frustrate bollix injure queer roughhouse taint ransack mishandle pockmark deflower blast victimize score err miscalculate pulverize write off bend beat damage flub fumble botch pervert harm punish cop out bungle wrench vandalize embarrass Depredate misapply put under suspicion mistreat maul

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