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What is another word for mangle?

Below is the list of synonyms for mangle. Here you can see the other names for mangle.


transitive noun

flay cleaner dispatch pile up pain overturn gouge prostrate felled grimace jostle crack attack gum vanquish demolish flatten foul put out of action unfit eliminate crumple gimp clip graze foul up ground flagellate finish incommode tamper with rack immobilizing dilapidate taint lay low tumble dryer overthrow lambaste clothes brush annihilate embroider impel excruciate pique enervate jumble calender falsify overrun hamstring trump up tweak garotte phony up afflict blow deteriorate gnarl asphyxiate exact blot wrack up truncate mutilate knife garble pull scar wrecker go for bear down tear to pieces throw monkey wrench in roughhousing maltreat quash massacre belie misstate open inhibit lynch keep within limits enfold inclose break corrupt misquote pierce tear apart edge botch knock out overdraw lame thrust ram smack pack flail run skin white clasp unite rot gnaw blemish oppress axe equivocate paralyze trash lie hack grind squeeze do in efface misrepresent lop gun down sap distort narrow hug whitewash disfigure deplete throw down off used up carve fudge bung up cumber rending misinterpret qualify bear heavily obstruct hogtie grate lash pelt eke out adulterate raze keep within bounds whack steam immobilise hash traumatize undo run aground wrack defoliate fluff screw cripple agonize sink beach grieve injure batter paw cube deface shred rupture push crowd hobble Hacking dissect limit macerate chisel iron shatter clothesline encase glue clobber drain handle wipe vitiate muff annoy strip kill bust iron out outflank draw and quarter wrest sabotage launderette level sack laying waste overpower valet service neutralise eradicate spoilate embrace rend hide unfitted granulate denude mishandle expurgate ravage ill-treat crush lance blast fracture express Misshape offset aggrieve prejudice writhe undermine leaning on wring bungle nail dismember chop work over ax outmanoeuvre vaporize Misreport tear up move mince waste hack up get rid of unwrinkled murdered fleece wrong flawed abolish wallop ruining pommel knock around muddle liquidate bruise give snow job defeat rout sever clothes horse washing slash overcome ruin clothes dryer knot attenuate bankrupt use up impair vandalize knock off louse up zing rip up knocked over take out of context zap Riven outmaneuver knock over destroy overwhelm force down crash bend lock up wreak havoc on immobilized used-up wrench Hackling blight pervert thrash yank cut obliterate harrow fake outrage mash rip amputate upset total rust take apart hinder mutilated put down gimped extort knock down lay waste Winging hackle muck up disenable maimed clothes drier lacerated Enfetter break down despoil overstate cut down knock color electrocute contort consume murder clothes peg clean out Hacked fumble incise handle roughly put out of commission abuse evulse press wipe out slice wound stab jump scratch frazzle ambush using up bring to ruin ironing board twist cut up rough up rive compress iron box blur gash interfere with Depredate reduce forget it unmake harm hurt scrape gnaw at roughhouse pillage jag inactivate deplore Hot-press whacked devour grill wearing away trample bring down manhandle deform nick irritate abate offed smite bash action torture Foozle ruination dash desecrate tear to tatters pull apart lacerate hold obscure maul smooth roll mess up knocking down jam dryer goof up alter rub out Unwrinkle slay cut to pieces flub expel disable butcher decimate yoke mar wind hog-tie divide unstrengthen attach atomise apocalypse unfitting beggar pauperize jigsaw tarnish rift total trounce veto negate Injuring Fracturing wreck impede wear away beat launder handicap teardown cleave assault separate offing buckle fragment washer-dryer ravish infect embellish try annul slit malform take out unbraced exhaust hot press inconvenience founder damage pile loss drub lean on angle jigsawed queer atomize kibosh pulp hash up tear 1 claw exterminate encircle maim spoil assassinate chop up defile laid-low Hashed persecute hew notch immobilize incapacitate make a hash of pummel tumble cream washer Overdrawn lay one out get sacrifice stifle invalidate weaken exaggerate let have it goof pull down conditioner vandalise ribbon idle fall in nig take a life ironing lap split wince pick to pieces execute pound scrunch rape impoverish hang pin down flaw screw up gum up buffet molest extract hock lay out blunt leash fade grab knock about torpedo itch tear throw a curve laid low peel impale torment lace revoke devastate make a mess of guillotine arrest quell Lames fray agonise extinguish whacking enchain void bulldoze neutralize render incapable knead undoing fell dice weigh slaughter Illtreat haggle bisect floor condense punish smash wing squash fractured warp take for a ride wash wax abrogate nuke adhere hammer enfeeble unbrace lick HIT whip


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