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What is another word for lied?

Below is the list of synonyms for lied. Here you can see the other names for lied.


transitive noun

minstrelsy descant Aubade vocal ballad lay hymn drinking song kunstlied liebeslied Christmas Carol dirge croon folk song Alba national anthem minstrel song aria song Serena Serenata lilt boat song ballata bridal hymn Canzone theme song love song chantey Epithalamium blues Volkslied Cavatina serenade croon song Matin CANSO calypso love-lilt torch song war song carol ballade Prothalamium brautlied anthem art song chant Canzonet barcarole ditty canzonetta wedding song canticle hymeneal blues song Chanson brindisi


fool palter subsist cloud the issue put one on expand overstate turn in lie beside deceive link nap fake* tell white lie lie take in* lie down be supine twist wrench psych out soft-soap pass the buck exist weasel magnify cover up go to bed beset fake out heighten romanticize scam* quibble join garble change bend dodge delude dupe* be interred sag blow-up be even border evade prevail string along belong sidestep counterfeit collapse flip-flop make federal case prevaricate dramatize eschew victimize hyperbolize dissimulate Misshape bull* overemphasize pad inhere aggrandize hem and haw melt gnarl color mislead escape decline Misspeak make out like be located reach amplify Illude equivocate stretch fabricate affect defraud siesta yeast invent be fixed have its seat in couch slant butt communicate torture juggle spread on thick slump angle be beside writhe forswear betray warp run around pretend trump up beguile trick beat around the bush retire Misinstruct misstate waffle embellish phony recline overdo dissemble occupy loll cop a plea tergiverse bear false witness bs disfigure be smooth fib double-cross doctor* be placed phony up bunco go back on verge stretch out jive touch pervert enhance misrepresent cavil misinform be established frame be adjacent to laze overelaborate alter knot lounge make mountain out of molehill plant* stretch the truth be recumbent mince words be found in humbug abut sleep buckle remain hedge make believe blow hot and cold overestimate fence snow* overembellish give run around be buried tergiversate be contained in elaborate spread extend build up be expressed by put on* approximate be untruthful stonewall be feign sprawl simulate play up neighbor contort shuffle curve perjure misinterpret distend put up a front be on concoct cop out shuck be level parry fudge connect belie enlarge deteriorate break promise promote exaggerate malign misconstrue mangle pussyfoot misguide deviate bias double-talk puff falsify abide repose be seated rest fake sham* be found whitewash elude overdraw con be prone crush wind beg the question dwell sit on the fence distort

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